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Wednesday, 11 November 2015 14:38

Norsk Titanium Expands Executive Team

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Norsk Titanium AS (NTi), a global leader in manufacturing aerospace-grade titanium components using their patented Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) process, announced the appointments of three seasoned aviation and defense industry executives to round out its world-class commercial team in response to robust aerospace demand.

Steve Carrington joins NTi as Vice President, Sales, Tony Prezioso as Vice President, Contracts, and Nicholas Mayer as Vice President, Product Development. Alongside recently appointed Vice President, Marketing, Chip Yates, the Sales and Marketing, Product Strategy and Contracts team led by Chet Fuller, NTi Chief Commercial Officer, will drive the expansion of company’s sales, product development and marketing activity.

“We have been inundated with titanium structural part drawings and quotation requests from our large aircraft OEM clients,” commented NTi Chief Commercial Officer Chet Fuller. “In response, we are aggressively growing our commercial organization to extend current supply contracts, drive new aerospace deals, and ensure we match our human resources to the escalating needs of our customers.”

Steve Carrington joins NTi from L-3 Communications, where he was Vice President, Business Development. In his career, Mr. Carrington has held executive and managerial positions for companies in high tech military components, systems, and applications for the U.S. defense and international defense markets, including Cincinnati Electronics and General Electric Aviation.

Tony Prezioso built his career at Bombardier Aerospace, where most recently he was Director Contracts, in addition to holding a number of progressive technical positions with the company.  He is a senior executive with a strong track record of leading successful contract negotiations for the sale of aircraft and management of aircraft contracts worldwide.

Nicholas Mayer has held leadership positions with Northrop Grumman, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Lockheed Martin, and Seabury Global Aerospace & Defense prior to joining NTi. He has extensive experience in the aerospace and defense industries, standing up new organizations and significant programs with an emphasis on technology and systems development.

“We are excited to have Steve, Tony and Nick join us to accelerate our company’s growth by bringing extensive experience through their successful aerospace careers and their expertise in building relationships with businesses across industries,” said NTi CEO Warren Boley. “They will be instrumental in our push to fundamentally change the aerospace titanium industry.”

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Norsk Titanium AS (NTi), a manufacturer of titanium components for industrial applications, announced the appointment of Christopher E. Kubasik as Chairman of the NTi Board of Directors. Kubasik is expected to formally assume chairmanship in January 2016. John Andersen, Jr., who has been serving as the Executive Chairman of NTi since November 2014, will remain on the Board.

“We are very pleased that such an experienced industry leader as Chris will chair the NTi Board as our company enters a new, ground-breaking chapter in its history with the establishment of a U.S.-based manufacturing facility,” said John Andersen, Jr. “Since Chris joined the Board in June 2013, he has made many contributions to NTi through his extensive professional network and in-depth knowledge of the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industries. We look forward to his continued leadership."

Christopher E. Kubasik heads New York-based Seabury Advisory Group as President & Chief Executive Officer. Seabury is a leading professional services firm serving the Aviation, Aerospace & Defense industries. Kubasik previously was President & Chief Operating Officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

"I look forward to my new position as we advance our quest to deliver a revolutionary disruptive technology across the globe,” commented Christopher E. Kubasik. "The titanium component manufacturing market is undergoing rapid growth, and I am delighted to continue to take NTi to the next level as we begin to deliver significant benefits to the global A&D sectors through affordable titanium components at the highest quality levels.”

In addition to Christopher E. Kubasik and John Andersen, Jr., the NTi Board of Directors includes Bart van Aalst (Forty2 Capital Limited), Jan Magnussen (Scatec), Shan Ashary (Limestone Capital), Tim Lintott (independent legal advisor), and Warren Boley Jr. (NTi President & Chief Executive Officer).

Norsk Titanium AS (NTi) has revolutionized the industry with its proprietary Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) technology that transforms titanium wire into complex components that are up to 70 – 80 percent complete. The 3D printing process involved reduces time from CAD drawings to manufacturing of finished titanium components by up to 90% and the cost by up to 70% compared to incumbent processes.

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Norsk Titanium AS (NTi), a Norway-based manufacturer of titanium components for industrial applications, announced the appointment of Warren M. Boley, Jr. as President & Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Boley will lead NTi as it seeks to establish the world’s first industrial scale Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) manufacturing facility in the U.S. Former Chief Executive Officer Jon André Løkke will remain with the company in the interim to assist with the leadership transition.

Mr. Boley will continue to serve on NTi’s Board of Directors while overseeing the transformation of the company’s manufacturing process to deliver Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications. Mr. Boley has an extensive background in A&D, including his past position as President of Aerojet Rocketdyne serving DOD, NASA and commercial space markets, as well as his executive roles at Pratt & Whitney.

“I am very excited to be part of NTi’s executive team who are driving the next industrial revolution by bringing a game-changing technology in manufacturing titanium components to the U.S. and the A&D markets worldwide,” said NTi President & Chief Executive Officer Warren M. Boley, Jr. “I look forward to leading our efforts moving forward, which will build on NTi’s commitment to innovation and increasing affordability and speed of production for components required by the A&D sectors.”

The transition of NTi’s manufacturing to the U.S. is part of the company’s long-term strategy to commercialize the application of its proprietary DMD technology. NTi is currently undergoing required approvals for the new facility, which will be supported by the Norsk Titanium Technology Center based in Eggemoen, outside Hønefoss, Norway.

“We are very pleased to have Warren join our leadership, and we are confident he will take NTi to even greater success,” commented Executive Chairman of NTi’s Board of Directors John Andersen, Jr. “We are grateful to Jon André Løkke for assembling an outstanding team and building a strong foundation for our company’s next stage of growth and expansion, which will propel us to become the world’s leader in titanium components manufacturing and advanced 3D printing technologies.”

Christopher E. Kubasik, Vice Chairman of NTi’s Board of Directors and President & Chief Executive Officer of New York-based Seabury Advisory Group, added, “The DMD technology is a clear solution to the A&D industry’s desire for more affordable products. Warren is uniquely positioned to support NTi’s expansion into the U.S. and to deliver our technology to the world’s A&D markets.”

Christopher Bohlmann was also appointed to Senior Vice President, Operations. Mr. Bohlmann will lead the establishment of a long-term production site in the U.S., which is expected to put into aerospace production NTi’s Federal Aviation Administration approved technology. He will report to the newly appointed President & Chief Executive Officer Warren M. Boley.

“The opportunity to join NTi and to be able to immediately change the paradigm on manufacturing titanium components is exciting,” noted NTi Senior Vice President, Operations, Christopher Bohlmann. “I’m looking forward to working with our team to deliver this incredible revolutionary technology to the Aerospace & Defense markets worldwide.”

NTi recently announced its plans to establish the world’s first industrial scale Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) manufacturing facility in the U.S. The transition of the company’s manufacturing operations to the U.S. is part of its long-term strategy to commercialize the application of 3D Printing technology for titanium components. NTi is currently undergoing required approvals for the new facility, which will be supported by the Norsk Titanium Technology Center based in Eggemoen, outside Hønefoss, Norway.

NTi President & Chief Executive Officer Warren M. Boley, Jr. commented, "I am delighted to have Chris join NTi and contribute his significant industry experience and knowledge to form a foundation for our future success. We are fortunate to have his leadership become part of our talented team and play a key role in attracting new talent to join us in the future."

Mr. Bohlmann joins NTi after serving as Director of Operations at Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions Savannah Forgings Operations. Previously he held executive positions with Firth Rixson, where he oversaw greenfield investments and operations within the Firth Rixson Rings Division sites in the U.S. and China.

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