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The National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center (NNMC) announces the release of the Multi Proto Lab, a brand new concept in rapid prototyping. The MPL is capable of 3D Printing, precision milling, drop-on-demand printing, extrusion deposition, plus much more—all in one machine.

The benefits from performing all these processes in one machine are many, including lower up-front cost, faster prototyping, amazing precision, lower prototype production costs, plus much more.

The Multi Proto Lab is also capable of producing fully-operational, multiple-material parts in one single machine.

Rapid prototyping technology is allowing inventors and engineers to visualize and even test new concepts in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Yet even with these advances, rapid prototyping can be expensive and time-intensive for prototype operators.

Traditional rapid prototyping often involves moving the prototype piece from one prototyping machine to another. In some cases, the prototype is developed over days in several different machines. Each of these machines can be very costly.

"What makes the Multi Proto Lab different from conventional rapid prototyping is that it can perform many different prototyping processes in one machine", said Calvin Close, NNMC’s media spokesperson for the Multi Proto Lab.

The patent-pending Multi Proto Lab is a multi-module machine. Each module, or attachment, performs a unique process, such as 3D printing, Drop-on-Demand printing, laser curing and many others. The MPL picks up a module (such as the 3D Dual Additive Printing Head) and performs that process on the prototype part. Once that process is completed, the Multi Proto Lab then picks up another head (such as Drop-on-Demand Printing Head) and performs that process on the same prototype piece.

This process can be repeated with an unlimited number of different modules until a completely functioning part is produced. The number of modules and their individual processes are limited only by the imagination and need of the user.

The Multi Proto Lab opens rapid prototyping to far more organizations because of its lower up-front and operating costs.

Currently, the Multi Proto Lab comes in two models, the compact MPL-1000 and the larger MPL-2000.

The main differences between the models are the maximum prototype size the machines are capable of producing, and the number of modules that the platforms can hold.

For either machine, you can increase the capabilities of the machine by manually changing out modules.

More than five years and over $1 million has been spent on developing the Multi Proto Lab.

For more information, visit: www.RapidPrototypingMachine.com

The Multi Proto Lab is a multi-tool, multi-function rapid prototyping machine that can perform 3D ABS printing, high-precision milling, extrusion deposition, nano-scale drop-on-demand, conformal polymer layer dispensing, plus much more. <p><a href="http://media.uqast.com/uqastprod/.mov"><img src="http://http//uqastprod.s3.amazonaws.com/author_media/2113/5530_Slide1Cropped.jpg" alt="Multi Proto Lab - Rapid Prototyping Machine" height="360" width="640" /></a></p>

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