Nikon Metrology demonstrates complete laser scanner portfolio at Control 2011

CONTROL 2011 in Stuttgart – Nikon Metrology announces new digital laser scanner systems to its range of next-generation of metrology scanners, featuring attractive pricing, top performance and stripe width up to 200 millimeter. These scanners allow customers to put in place a process where they first digitize parts and subsequently run inspection on the acquired digital data. The vast automation and flexibility benefits offered by this Digital Inspection Process help manufacturing companies reduce time to market and cut development costs.

A scanner for every application

In the digital ModelMaker range of handheld laser scanners, Nikon Metrology announces the MMDx200 next to the existing MMDx100 and MMDx50 models. Compared to these scanners, the MMDx200 with its 200-millimeter laser stripe doubles or even quadruples the surface space captured in a certain time frame. It is a handheld scanning productivity multiplier combining highest scanning speed and accuracy. Also new are the attractively priced MMCx80/160 scanners that share the same mechanics, also including Enhanced Sensor Performance, advanced reflection filter and practical plate qualification. Both scanners are designed for effortless handheld scanning of hard-to-scan surfaces.

Digitizing parts and analyzing point clouds faster

With its next-generation series of LC line scanners, Nikon Metrology offers higher scan accuracy and productivity. The LC60Dx, the reference in CMM laser scanning released in 2010, is now also supported on MCAII articulated arms. This is an ideal dual-use solution for customers owning both a CMM and an articulated arm. To meet the demand for entry-level scanners, Nikon Metrology offers the LC50Cx that shares the same revolutionary digital scanner technology. It incorporates Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3) to digitize hard-to-scan shiny or reflecting objects or surfaces with varying colours. In addition, the scanner’s advanced reflection filter avoids capturing scattered reflection points.

The scan result is a highly accurate, fine-pitch point cloud of the freeform surface of the scanned part shape. Focus Inspection 9.3 successfully handles a nearly infinite number of measuring points on a Windows 64-bit operating system. It introduces tighter feature detection integration and easier GD&T tolerances assignments. Regarding gap and step measurements, Focus improved the robustness of caliper positioning. The updated Focus software is able to exchange information with the latest versions of leading CAD software packages, and interacts with more CMM/scanner combinations then ever before.

The extensive offering allows users to pick the 3D laser scanner that precisely matches the metrology requirements of the inspection or reverse engineering application at hand. Customers can opt for manual or automated laser scanning and trade off productivity versus accuracy in the selected budget category to speed up their measurement process and gain more detailed geometry information.

Worthwhile visiting the Nikon Metrology booth

At the CONTROL trade fair for quality assurance, Nikon Metrology will also demonstrate the milestone multi-sensor HN-6060 system. It addresses the market need for fast, high accuracy 3D inspection of complex shapes by combining innovative non-contact optical technology with highest precision measurement hardware. The HN-6060 is ideal for inspecting machined (toothed) rotating parts, composites and smaller stamped or cut sheet metal components as well as plastic and metal devices made using (injection) molding or additive technologies.

On the Nikon Metrology booth, CONTROL visitors can check out new powerful CAMIO7 and CMM-Manager 3.0 metrology software releases, both offering a new user interface. Also on display is the new innovative ShuttlePix microscope, a portable digital microscope developed for observation, inspection, measurement and recording of onsite samples. In the large scale application area, Nikon Metrology demonstrates Adaptive Robot Control (ARC), iSpace measurements and Laser Radar. On the other side of the scale spectrum visitors can gain insight in the inside with X-ray/CT system, or observe samples with complete offering of vision or microscope systems.

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