NewTek LightWave 3D® Receives Prestigious Computer Graphics World Silver Edge Award

NewTek, a worldwide leader of 3D animation and portable live production systems, today announced that LightWave™ 10.1 has received a Computer Graphics World magazine Silver Edge Award for industry-changing technology exhibited at NAB 2011, in Las Vegas.

Designed to recognize products that offer the best of show at leading industry conferences, such as NAB, Computer Graphics World Silver Edge Award-winning products are selected by the magazine's editorial staff, based on criteria such as technological advancements and the excitement and buzz the products generate at a trade show.

"NewTek really nailed it with LightWave 10's stereo 3D features and Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR)," said Karen Moltenbrey, chief editor, Computer Graphics World. "With 10.1, it only gets better."

From the Computer Graphics World Silver Edge Award announcement:
NewTek's LightWave 10.1 is packed with impressive technology and capabilities. Among the most attractive features are the stereo functions, offering access to all major stereo camera rigs-parallel, toe-in, and off-axis. It also offers interactive OpenGL off-axis adjustment of the right and left camera planes, click-and-drag convergence point adjustment in the viewport, and the ability to disable the anaglyph representation of the stereo camera in OpenGL. Additionally, the interocular and convergence point can both be animated dynamically over time to track stereo changes within a shot. Another great feature continues to be the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) for directly interacting and adjusting lights, textures, volumetrics, and more within the viewport.

"Of the thousands of products on display at NAB, it's exciting to have LightWave 10.1 recognized as game-changing technology by one of the most influential magazines in the computer graphics industry," said Rob Powers, vice president of 3D software development, NewTek. "We are inspired and motivated by this award for LightWave 10.1 and are as committed as ever to keep 'nailing it' for our customers."

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