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Zarlink Semiconductor (TSX: ZL) today introduced a new application development kit that helps customers speed the design and evaluation of wireless telemetry systems linking implanted medical devices and home monitoring and programming equipment.

"Customers are designing our wireless radio technology into approved applications, including pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators, and a widening range of new devices such as cardiac monitors and neuromodulation systems," said Steve Swift, senior vice president and general manager of Zarlink's Medical Products Group. "Our new application development kit offers customers a complete hardware and software solution to speed the development of ultra low-power, highly reliable and standards compliant medical communication systems built on Zarlink's proven medical wireless expertise."

The ZLE70102 ADK supports full speed data test, link statistics and power monitoring of end-to-end medical communications telemetry systems enabled by the ZL70102 (Medical Implant Communication Service) radio platform. The application development kit allows customers to evaluate wireless performance in a range of environments and adjust algorithms to reduce overall power consumption.

Designed into wirelessly enabled pacemakers, Zarlink's radio chip routinely transmits patient health and device performance data to a home base station. Data is then forwarded to a physician's office. During surgery to implant medical devices, the extended wireless operating range of the ZL70102 MICS radio solution allows programming equipment to be located outside the sterile operating field.

The ZL70102 MICS radio delivers advanced performance to help conserve battery life for wirelessly enabled implanted medical devices. In full operation, the ZL70102 radio chip consumes just 5 mA (milliamps) of supply current. Over a typical seven year operating life of an implanted medical device, the ZL70102 device will consume the same amount of energy required to power a 40-watt light bulb for just 10 seconds.

The ZLE70102 ADK includes all hardware and firmware required to enable rapid evaluation, prototyping and development of end-to-end medical communications telemetry systems using the ZL70102 MICS transceiver.  For a complete description of the ZLE70102 ADK, visit

About Zarlink Semiconductor
Zarlink Semiconductor delivers world-leading, mixed-signal chip technologies for a broad range of communication and medical applications. The Company's core capabilities include network timing solutions that manage time-sensitive communication applications over wireless and wired networks, line circuits supporting high-quality voice services over cable and broadband connections, and ultra low-power radios enabling new wireless medical devices and therapies. Serving the world's largest original equipment manufacturers, Zarlink's highly integrated chip solutions help customers simplify design, lower costs and reach market quickly. For more information, visit

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