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Venture Plastics, Inc. --- a full-service, ISO/TS-16949 certified custom thermoplastic injection molder with processing facilities in Newton Falls, Ohio and El Paso, Texas --- continues to invest for growth. During the past several years, the company has focused extensive efforts on achieving an ever-increasing level of sustainability.

According to Venture Plastics' Executive Vice President Gary Flattum : "It used to be that sustainability was seen, in part, as simply something that was necessary to comply with environmental standards and regulations. Progressive molders have realized that sustainability has a direct relationship, not only to good stewardship of the earth, but to manufacturing efficiencies. The short message here is that good environmental practices are good business practices that positively contribute to a healthy world --- and a healthy bottom line."

Sustainability efforts at Venture Plastics begin with knowledge. The company has committed to an educational initiative in which every employee is thoroughly guided to an understanding of the company's environmental policy. The intent of this process is to raise awareness and make employees more likely to be proactive in suggesting ways of conserving resources. Between the two molding facilities of Venture Plastics, it is estimated that heightened employee involvement in company wide sustainability efforts has resulted in 10% reduction in consumption of electricity 5% elimination of other waste material, all during the past 12 months. A new project is being targeted for an 80% reduction of water in 2012.

One of Venture Plastics most successful sustainability initiatives was a comprehensive upgrading of the lighting systems at its Newton Falls plant. This single effort reduced electric costs a dramatic 60%. Additionally, the company installed REX TCS radiant heater bands on its Cincinnati Roboshot molding system. These bands focus heat directly onto the machine barrel and contain it there, resulting in the ability to heat the barrel faster with less expended energy --- in this instance an 81% reduction in energy consumption.

Additionally, Venture Plastics has focused new production technology to reduce overall energy cost. The company recently invested approximately$600,000 in new injection molding machines for its facilities in Newton Falls. Specifically: a 2009 Arburg 570A All Drive 220 ton electric servo horizontal molding machine --- a 2009 Arburg 520A All Drive 165 ton machine with Mulitlift robot and a 2010 Arburg 220 all electric machine in 2010 with a full servo robot. The systems feature servo-electrically driven axes which enable simultaneous machine movements and the resulting benefit of short cycle times. The efficient servo-electric drives and the toggle-type clamping unit contribute significantly to limiting energy consumption.

Gary Flattum concludes: "Sustainability, by definition, is the capacity to endure. In the business sense, our efforts have given us the capacity to improve and better ourselves while also bettering the environment around us."

Since its founding, 40 years ago, Venture Plastics has grown dramatically and today provides manufacturing services that include injection molding and structural foam molding, over-molding, insert molding, and gas-assist molding --- all backed by engineering and design support and project management. Value-added processes include a wide variety of assembly, painting and decorating, and packaging expertise. Between its two facilities Venture Plastics offers a wide range of injection molding machines (55 ton to 725 ton), giving it the capability of serving a diversified customer base that includes, but is not limited to, the major markets of industrial/consumer, major appliance, truck/agriculture, automotive, fuel delivery, and communications.

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