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Entrepreneurial inventors and can-do manufacturers will have the opportunity to meet, swap ideas and join forces in what's being dubbed the new "manufacturing revolution" at the Inaugural Manufacturing EXPO: Putting a Face on Manufacturing, Feb. 14 and 15, 2012, at The Galleria in Downtown Cleveland.

The first-of-its-kind event will bring inventors face-to-face with about 175 exhibitors representing just about every aspect of manufacturing. More than 3,000 attendees from across the United States and Canada are expected. Eight regionally and nationally renowned speakers will share their manufacturing-specific insights, including information on the potential impact of the new America Invents Act.

At The EXPO, inventors will find themselves in an elite category with some of the region's and the world's most significant manufacturers, according to Mary Kaye Denning, founder and president of The Manufacturing Mart, creators of The EXPO. "Where else but at this EXPO can you display your invention next to the latest ideas brought forth by NASA?" Denning asks.

The EXPO will feature a designated pavilion for North American inventors called "Design: Protect: Package: Ship." Booth prices are $550 and allow for up to two inventors per booth. Inventors will also have the opportunity to enter the Export Experiment, which is open to inventors with new and exciting ideas.

Hotel accommodations can be made at the Hampton Inn in Downtown Cleveland for $79 per night. The EXPO is sponsored by Penton Media, The City of Cleveland, StudioTh!nk and The Galleria at Erieview.

For more information or to register, visit:

The inaugural Manufacturing EXPO, Putting a Face on Manufacturing, is prepared to change the way manufacturers, design engineers and purchasing agents view production and product selection. On February 14-15, 2012, more than 3,000 industry-related professionals from Canada and the United States are expected to gather at The Galleria in Downtown Cleveland to gain insights and build important relationships the old-fashioned way: through in-person contact.

More than 175 exhibitors will be showing off their know-how at The Manufacturing EXPO, and some of the most established names in manufacturing will be sharing valuable information with attendees. At the same time, this is designed to be an intimate, easily accessible event, one in which manufacturers, design engineers and others experts in the industry can realize first-hand how impressive and vital manufacturing continues to be in North America.

"The Manufacturing EXPO will harken back to the days of the International Expositions," says Mary Kaye Denning, president and founder of The Manufacturing Mart. "Attendees will be able to stroll the aisles and meet with the faces behind some of the world's most impressive products. Likewise, exhibitors will have the opportunity to see up-close what others in the industry are doing. This is a chance for everyone in the manufacturing arena to realize how proud they should be of what they are producing for North America and the world."

Among the exhibitors already signed on for The Manufacturing EXPO is Beverage Machine & Fabricators, a provider of custom metal-working services for the medical, food processing, construction, heavy machinery, steel, energy, military defense and waste disposal industries. Beverage Machine & Fabricators has a 100-year history and is a fourth-generation family business in Cleveland. The company boasts a 35,000-square-foot workshop, a 25-ton lifting capacity and highly skilled craftsmen.

Another exhibitor at The Manufacturing EXPO is Atlantic Tool & Die. This global manufacturer of precision metal stampings, welding and value-added assemblies has facilities in Alabama, Ohio and Texas, as well as in China, Costa Rica and Mexico. Atlantic Tool & Die's international presence illustrates the breadth of manufacturing opportunities available to manufacturers with the know-how to exceed expectations.

In addition to a growing list of exhibitors, The Manufacturing EXPO will lend a voice to industry experts who understand current trends and ongoing challenges in the marketplace:

Mr. Roger Kilmer, Director of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of the National Institute of Standards & Technology

Ms. Birgit Matthiesen, Special Advisor to the President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

Mr. Grady Cope, Chairman, National Tooling and Machining Association

Mr. John Kastelic, President, Cleveland Intellectual Property Law Association; VP/Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Eaton Corp.

The Manufacturing EXPO is being sponsored by Penton Media, along with the City of Cleveland, StudioTh!nk and The Galleria at Erieview.

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According to a recent article in The Washington Post, the pay for manufacturing jobs in the Midwest has hit a low point, just as the demand for U.S.-made components and products is growing at an impressive pace.

How can the Midwest solidify its place in the manufacturing global marketplace and recognize its employees as the most important aspect of the production process?

Mary Kaye Denning, president and founder of The Manufacturing Mart in Downtown Cleveland, says Starbucks has the answer.

"The Starbucks approach," as Denning calls it, follows a simple but highly effective three-step program toward success:

1) Process. Starbucks refers to its employees as "partners." While that may not mean that a barista will earn the same amount of money as the CEO, it does suggest that each employee is an integral element of the overall product.

2) People. Incentives, growth opportunities and recognition encourage Starbucks employees to show up every day, do their absolute best and be proud of the product they help create. "People work at Starbucks because they have a sense of belonging," Denning says. "They take pride in what they produce because of measurable performance standards and clear job descriptions with a defined corporate ladder structure."

3) Profit. By creating a positive work environment and offering benefits and profit-sharing opportunities, Starbucks enjoys a low turnover rate. "In addition to their hourly rate and benefits, employees have the opportunity to share the profits of the company as long as they have performed to the standards outlined by employment," Denning explains.

Denning believes that manufacturing companies and trade shops can and should adopt this approach. It doesn't matter if the product is coffee or automobile components: The Starbucks' plan for success strives for quality and rewards individual achievement.

Working with The Manufacturing Mart, manufacturers and job shops can devise a similar plan for their own companies. The key is to start at the top, Denning says, by helping owners and managers to recognize the importance of individuals at every level of the process. Instilling that same sense of pride in workers -- through incentives, benefits and profit-sharing opportunities -- creates a place where people want to work, do their best and be a part of a great organization. Denning and The Manufacturing Mart team of experts provide the tools necessary for manufacturing and job shop companies who want to be their absolute best.

Denning will expound on the Starbucks approach to success as a guest speaker for the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) Marketing and Sales Conference, which will be held August 24 and 25 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel and Conference Center. Denning's instructional track, "Rust Belt Manufacturing and Starbucks," will look at how this approach toward individual and overall success can help factory and job shop owners position their companies for growth and profitability.

For more information on the PMA Marketing and Sales Conference, visit:

The Manufacturing Mart is located in Downtown Cleveland, an all-American city complete with award-winning five-star chefs, a world-class orchestra, fine art institutions, world-class museums, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and affordable accommodations. The Manufacturing Mart's street-level exhibition is only a short walk from the premier (soon-to-open) world-class Medical Mart and breathtaking sunsets on Lake Erie.

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With only two issues under its belt, Capital of Know-How magazine is making a name for itself in the world of manufacturing. Positive responses have come from Cleveland-based companies and industry experts from as far away as Canada and China. With timely and informative content and expert analyses, Capital of Know-How is a unique and much-needed publication for the manufacturing industry.

The goal of the monthly online publication, according to Mary Kaye Denning, publisher of the magazine and founder and president of The Manufacturing Mart, is to inform as well as engage. "We want our readers to learn from the articles we publish and the experts we cite," Denning says. "We also want readers to contact us with their own stories, successes and challenges."

Capital of Know-How's recently released editorial calendar for the balance of 2011 aims to get readers involved by piquing their interest in pertinent topics such as sustainability, best practices, workforce development and supply chain innovation. Regular monthly columns will cover manufacturing and design, marketing and company profiles.

The magazine's editor, Diane DiPiero, says that readers should consider the editorial calendar an opportunity to suggest article ideas and company spotlights. "In order for us to have our finger on the pulse of the manufacturing industry, we need to listen to our readers and encourage interaction," DiPiero says.

The Manufacturing Mart is located in Downtown Cleveland, an all-American city complete with award-winning five-star chefs, a world-class orchestra, fine art institutions, world-class museums, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and affordable accommodations. The Manufacturing Mart's street-level exhibition is only a short walk from the premier (soon-to-open) world-class Medical Mart and breathtaking sunsets on Lake Erie.

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Manufacturing is still a hot business in Northeast Ohio and across the Rust Belt. As with any industry, though, new innovations require a shifting focus on production, skill sets and customer outreach.

This means that job shops and machine shops must be prepared to recognize timely trends, ready their team and present themselves as the most competent supplier for purchasers. OEMs, for their part, must build relationships with flexible, time-responsive and delivery-focused suppliers who can guarantee their product in order to secure the OEM's reputation in the marketplace.

Relationship-building is vital for job shops and OEMs, and yet, at times it may seem as though an invisible wall separates the two entities. A conduit to unite both supplier and OEM can bridge any communication gaps and set both parties on a parallel course for success.

The Manufacturing Mart, located in Cleveland, serves as that uniting and driving force between job shops and OEMs. Armed with a keen sense of know-how when it comes to marketing, business-building and networking, The Manufacturing Mart has the strategy tools that machine shops and OEMs need to compete in today's marketplace.

"The Manufacturing Mart provides order-generating services that grow business by establishing a job shop or OEM as the expert in a particular field or trade skill," explains Mary Kaye Denning, president and founder of The Manufacturing Mart. "We deliver this through high-impact marketing built on sustainable, world-class business practices."

These business practices include the following:

* Expertise demand-creation. "We communicate your public value-add through strategic planning and targeted public relations," Denning says. "The Manufacturing Mart participates in manufacturing trade shows around the country, hosts networking events at The Mart and publishes social media news that reinforces you as an expert and a loyal solutions-provider. Simultaneously, an on-site concierge matches exhibitors with new business opportunities, creating demand for your sales team and your core competency."

* Targeted lead generation. The Mart identifies business opportunity by matching a company's capability to increase qualified traffic to your business thus expanding the probability of your submitting a winning proposal.

* New market development. "By spotlighting your manufacturing capability and competency, we introduce you to new markets that can utilize your know-how  for competitive advantage," Denning explains.

* A physical space in which to display, network and invent. The Manufacturing Mart, established in 2010, is a marketplace where manufacturers come to trade their know-how. The Manufacturing Mart hosts a permanent exhibition of world-class manufacturers and inventors. Additional services include a la carte marketing support, public relations and website building services.

* New product development. With an on-site engineer and 3D tools for design and prototyping, The Mart helps the entrepreneur-inventor turn ideas into manufacture-able product ready for handoff to entrepreneurs and original equipment manufacturers.

The Manufacturing Mart is located in Downtown Cleveland, an all-American city complete with award-winning five-star chefs, a world-class orchestra, fine art institutions, world-class museums, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and affordable accommodations. The Manufacturing Mart's street-level exhibition is only a short walk from the premier (soon-to-open) world-class Medical Mart and breathtaking sunsets on Lake Erie.

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The Manufacturing Mart issues an open call to American innovators and entrepreneurs to enter its new product competition, "The Export Experiment." The contest answers President Obama's State of the Union challenge to pursue business innovation and job growth as "our generation's Sputnik moment."

A panel of manufacturing and capital experts will judge the entries on commercial value, ease of market entry, and complexities associated with export. Deadline for submissions is April 30, 2011; the application is online at

Capital of Know-How™, the parent company of The Manufacturing Mart™, will recognize each of the top three prize winners with an innovation grant valued at $5,000.  Read Official Rules online.

Since opening its doors on December 1, 2010 in the Galleria at Erieview in downtown Cleveland, The Manufacturing Mart has been approached daily by successful scientists, engineers, surgeons, lawyers, fitness instructors and former NASA employees looking for manufacturing resources and relationships that will enable them to turn their new ideas into commercial successes, developed and manufactured in the U.S. By connecting the ideas with highly skilled, flexible domestic manufacturers, The Manufacturing Mart makes it feasible for independent inventors to manufacture their ideas in the same factories that built the American dream.

"We believe inventors lose their energy and optimistic outlook without the help of process and manufacturing experts who can turn big dreams into business growth reality. Doing business in the industrial zone between Cleveland and Pittsburgh allows me as a mechanical engineer to work in America's manufacturing playground. From here, I can confidently source virtually every product known to man," says Lindsey Frick, a partner at The Manufacturing Mart.

The Manufacturing Mart's goal is to transform the independent inventor into the designer for America's component manufacturers through smart partnerships and engineering. With new products, especially those designed for the export market, American job shop manufacturers will create jobs and help reduce deficits in foreign trade and the federal budget.

About The Manufacturing Mart

The Manufacturing Mart, headquartered in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is a marketplace for all manufacturing services -- design, production, and capital. Unlike any other industrial tradeshow, The Manufacturing Mart distinguishes manufacturing and inventing as evolving lifestyle services.

Neither the component manufacturer nor the inventor has all the resources to bring ideas to market. The Manufacturing Mart, a much-needed intermediary, helps investors greatly reduce the risk of venturing, save time and money, and improve the chance of success. America benefits when professionally matched and managed efforts turn out the next-and-new products for export.

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