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International strategic business consulting firm F.O.C.U.S. (TM) Resources, Inc. is hosting the educational webinar “Technovation Entrepreneur 101” on Wednesday, May 11 to help entrepreneurs gain insight into starting, growing, and running a successful business.

The webinar introduces START SMART (TM), GROW STRONG (TM), and RUN WELL (TM) modules from the Technovation Entrepreneur (TM) program for taking ideas, research, and innovations from concept to the marketplace. The webinar runs from Noon – 1 p.m. Eastern and is free; online registration is required at

“It’s exciting that the Research Triangle and communities throughout the U.S. are turning their efforts to support new businesses and startup programs. Investment in these efforts by the government and private investment groups is an important first step,” F.O.C.U.S. Resources President Lea Strickland, MBA/CMA/CFM/CBM/GMC, said, adding, “Technovation Entrepreneur is a valuable resource for these types of initiatives since it is focused on providing new and existing entrepreneurs a baseline of understanding of business mechanics and planning to maximize their return on the investment they make in time and money in these types of programs.”

According to Strickland, what many of programs have overlooked is practical, actionable information on business. Too many programs are limited place obstacles for entry and participation in the programs either due to capacity constraints or other limitations on who they choose for participation, leaving thousands of innovative entrepreneurs out in the cold. When it comes to generating results from these programs, content, delivery, and effective coordination of resources is needed.

“Through the years I’ve watched hundreds of entrepreneurs enter into various government and pseudo-government run programs knowing next to nothing about commercializing their ideas and walk out months later no further along than when they started,” she said.

The “Technovation Entrepreneur 101” webinar gets participants started day one. The program provides an overview of the issues, opportunities and decisions that provide context to starting a business. The full program addresses issues such as understanding the process, decisions and requirements of starting a successful business; building the foundation for commercial success through funding strategies, team selection, marketing, business development, and product design; and managing revenues, burn rates, financial numbers, and the nuts and bolts of operations that can make or break the business.

Strickland will host the “Technovation Entrepreneur 101” webinar, having led similar online and in-person seminars, sharing her more than 20 years of experience in operational leadership in Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies. In an average year, Strickland leads 40 workshops and webinars in 30 states, Canada, and Mexico on business strategy topics. She has written over 600 articles and op-ed pieces on topics related to effectively starting and growing a business and is the author of four books including "Out of the Cubicle and Into Business" and "One Great Idea!" in addition to serving as a contributing columnist to high-profile national media publications and FOX Business.

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