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ATI Stellram introduces a new chevron-style milling cutter, the Stellram®
5230VS12, designed specifically for machining titanium and other difficult to machine
materials, such as nickel-based alloys ands cobalt-based alloys.

In comparison studies, the Stellram 5230VS12 cutter achieved metal removal rates up to
two times greater than comparable cutters on the market. This is vital in aerospace
applications where part design often calls for up to 80% metal removal.

The 5230VS12 chevron cutter positions multiple inserts along the cutting edge of each
helical flute. This advanced design of the insert placement provides smooth, progressive
penetration and cutting action for extended tool life, lower power consumption and up to a
30% improvement in surface finish.

Cutters range from 2.5 inches to 4.0 inches in diameter, with four to six flutes. Depending
on flute length, from 6 to 14 inserts can be positioned along each flute. Individual coolant
jets to each insert provide constant chip evacuation and temperature stability in the cutting
zone. Two insert grades are available for the Stellram 5230VS12:

1. Grade X500 is a member of ATI Stellram’s high performance premium X-Grade™
Technology family of carbide inserts designed for the toughest applications in
Nickel-based alloys, Cobalt-based alloys, Titanium and Titanium-based alloys.

2. Grade SP6519 offers the combination of a tough substrate with the latest
generation of TiAlN super nano coating. This versatile grade is equally suited for
both High Temperature Alloys and Stainless Steels.

The Stellram 5230VS12 cutter represents a combination of advanced tool design and high
technology insert grades, resulting in a tool capable of substantially increased productivity
and surface finish quality.

For more details on the high productivity Stellram® 5230VS12 chevron cutter, visit or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Media contact:
April Jackson
ATI Stellram
T: 615 641 4206
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