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INUS Technology, Inc., has announced the next major release of its CAD-intelligent inspection software, Rapidform XOV3. With this release, Rapidform XOV becomes a full-fledged contact inspection platform, with support for every major portable CMM device on the market. The completely new LiveInspect system, unique to Rapidform XOV, offers an automatic measurement guide that makes inspecting parts with a probe easy. After defining dimensions and tolerances on a nominal model, the software guides the operator how to measure a part and then generates a report automatically.

In addition to the new probing capabilities of LiveInspect, Rapidform XOV3 has been extensively updated to offer near real-time inspection results. Calculations are up to 10x faster than before, making the process of aligning, deviation analysis and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) much faster and easier. In real world tests, the process of setting up inspection routines from dense point clouds takes less than half the time in this new release.

It also remains the most CAD friendly inspection software that can open native files from SolidWorks, PTC Creo (Pro/E), Siemens NX, CATIA V4/V5.

“We have significantly improved the user experience in Rapidform XOV3,” noted Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology. “We have optimized our existing calculation engine from top to bottom, making XOV a true pleasure to use. In addition, the new streamlined probing capability in LiveInspect has already been receiving rave reviews from our customers. Right down to the minor details, it is our mission to creatively innovate and unlock the power of 3D scanning for everyone.”

New technologies in Rapidform XOV3 minimize errors, save time and make inspection more flexible, maintaining its reputation as the safer, easier inspection software. XOV is also the only native point cloud software with in-depth GD&T support for every callout in the ASME Y14.5 standard. With this new release, XOV offers several new features to improve productivity and accuracy in the inspection process.

Highlights of the 50+ enhancements include:

  • LiveInspect, Rapidform’s new probing interface for more streamlined, pain-free inspection processes
  • Performance improvements resulting in huge times savings with calculations that are now up to 10x faster
  • Real-time preview of scan pair geometry by simple mouse-over for instant verification
  • Improved Reporting using customizable templates to share inspection results faster, more easily and automatically

Carl Singelais, Quality Engineering Specialist, is very excited about Rapidform XOV3. He remarked, “I got to see the beta version of the new XOV at CMSC in July. AWESOME! I can’t wait to get it on my Arm. I love how intelligent and intuitive it is.”

The latest version of XOV is available in English, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Russian and Polish.

For more information, visit: www.rapidform.com/products/xov/xov3

See how you can inspect parts safer and more easily with the FARO Edge Arm and the new Rapidform XOV3. This informative webinar will explain how you can use the Edge’s touch probe and laser scanner to measure parts with XOV’s brand new LiveInspect technology. See how companies are already speeding first article inspections from 4 weeks to 4 days using this innovative technology.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Plan inspections with the easiest, fastest GD&T setup in the industry
  • Skip the tedious and error-prone process of defining reference geometry -- measure directly to a CAD model
  • Run the FARO Edge’s probe and laser scanner directly from Rapidform XOV
  • Quickly measure parts in an intuitive, straightforward way
  • Generate great looking inspection reports with just a few clicks

July 10, 2012
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EDT

For more information or to register, visit: www.faro.com/content.aspx?ct=uk&content=news&item=4101&tab=1

INUS Technology, Inc., is excited to announce that the latest release of Rapidform XOR3 SP1 is directly compatible with Autodesk Inventor mechanical design software. Rapidform was the first 3D scanning software to feature direct interfaces to CAD software, enabling users to scan any object, generate parametric, feature-based models in Rapidform, and then transfer the complete model to their CAD application. These models include a complete history tree, which can then be transferred into Inventor as a native model. Rapidform XOR also has a direct interface for AutoCAD software and supports other Autodesk 3D CAD software via industry standard file formats.

With the release of Rapidform XOR3 SP1, users can open reverse engineered models as native geometry in Inventor 2010 – 2013 and AutoCAD 2007 – 2013. To be certified, the product must meet certain guidelines and demonstrate a high level of quality as well as compatibility with Autodesk Inventor. Certification is given only after the product has been tested and approved.

“Rapidform XOR enables Autodesk Inventor software users to import parametric CAD models directly, speeding up productivity,” says Jim Quanci, Director of the Autodesk Developer Network. “Rapidform’s support in the Autodesk Certified Application Program demonstrates the company’s commitment to a higher level of integration between our two industry leading products.”

Rapidform XOR’s unique CAD interoperability technology for direct 3D scan-to-CAD compatibility is named LiveTransfer. With LiveTransfer technology, Rapidform XOR communicates directly with compatible CAD products to transfer the model step-by-step with a complete feature tree intact, resulting in a native CAD model that is fully editable. LiveTransfer interfaces are included at no cost in every license of Rapidform XOR3 SP1 being released in spring 2012.

Cleber Bombem of RGB Services in Sao Paulo, Brazil, remarked that “We were very happy with this great news! Many people in Brazil use Inventor, and certainly this new version of Rapidform XOR will be very useful for anyone who wants to 3D scan and create parametric Inventor models!”

Rapidform is the only software that combines 3D scan data processing with sketching and solid modeling capabilities, not just surface extraction. This makes it easy to create high quality, ready to manufacture real CAD models, not just “CAD-ready” surfaces. Indeed, Rapidform XOR is the fastest path from 3D scans to CAD.

For more information about Inventor LiveTransfer and other new features coming in Rapidform XOR3 SP1, visit: www.rapidform.com/new

INUS Technology, announced that the next major release of its flagship reverse engineering software, Rapidform XOR, will begin shipping to customers today. Rapidform XOR is the only software that combines 3D scan data processing and parametric solid modeling to give users the ability to create intelligent CAD models from point clouds and polygon meshes. It is also the only 3D scanning software that creates native CAD models from scan data for SolidWorks, PTC Creo (Pro/E), Siemens NX, CATIA V4/V5, AutoCAD, and new for 2012, Autodesk Inventor.

“Developing Rapidform from the user’s point of view, we have focused on three main themes: Automation, Performance and Superior User Experience,” explains Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology. “Simplification through automation makes it easier than ever to create feature-based CAD models from 3D scans. This new version of Rapidform XOR can cut the time needed to reverse engineer a scanned part by as much as half.”

New technologies in Rapidform XOR3 SP1 save more time in creating parametric solids from 3D scans, maintaining its reputation as the fastest path to CAD. Unlike other reverse engineering software, XOR makes real CAD features with parent-child relationships and design intent parameters. 3D models created in XOR are higher quality, easier to transfer into CAD, and are more easily edited than surface-based models.

With this new release, XOR offers several new features to increase automation and efficiencies in the reverse engineering process.

New features in Rapidform XOR3 SP1 include:

  • Quick Modeling, a new way to create parametric feature based models using advanced technology that identifies and creates extrusions, revolutions, lofts, sweeps and pipes automatically

  • Autodesk Inventor LiveTransfer to save native models in Inventor with complete feature trees

  • Improved Auto Sketch to make accurate sketches easier and at least 50% faster

  • CAD to Scan Alignment providing significant time savings on modeling arbitrary patterns

Surfacing has also been improved in the upcoming release. Available in both Rapidform XOR and XOS, improved Auto Surfacing provides the convenience of automation with the control of manual surfacing. A new layout editing interface makes it easier to edit patch layout before completing the surfacing process, saving time and rework effort. Rapidform XOS3 SP1 will be available in May 2012.

The latest versions of XOR and XOS are available in English, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Russian.

For detailed information, overview videos and online training about these new features, visit: www.rapidform.com/new

Rapidform Inc., is pleased to announce the Rapidform Success Conference on April 2-5, 2012 in Denver. The annual training conference theme this year is Success Made Simple Using Rapidform 3D Scanning Software.

This is the “must attend” annual training event of the year for Rapidform customers and partners that are serious about 3D scanning for reverse engineering and inspection. More than just a typical user conference, Rapidform Success brings together the leaders in 3D scanning technology for 4 intense days of hands-on training, latest technology and industry trends, best practices, and networking with fellow Rapidform users, partners and 3D scanning experts.

Attendees at the 2012 conference will:

  • Improve their skills in reverse engineering and/or inspection to increase productivity
  • Train in class sizes of 15 or less, suited to each skill level: from beginner to advanced
  • Hear from others how they are using 3D scanning to add value in their business
  • See the latest capabilities of Rapidform software
  • Try out more than a dozen 3D scanners from leading vendors
  • Network with others in the 3D scanning industry
  • Get certified in each of the Rapidform products that they receive training
  • Hit the slopes! Be treated to an optional ski day in the Colorado Rockies

“The Rapidform Success conference truly lives up to its name,” said 2011 Rapidform Success Conference attendee Tim Goldstein, A2Z Corp. “After messing around with reverse engineering for 3 years on my own, attending the conference has given me the techniques and, more importantly, a realistic understanding of the process and results. Best investment I have made in my quest for a scan to CAD process I can use in my company.”

Super early-bird savings of $400 is available until January 15th, and early-bird savings of $200 is available until March 1st. Registration is open to anyone using or interested in 3D scanning.

For more information or to register, visit: www.rapidform.com/events/success-2012

INUS Technology, world leader in 3D scanning software, is pleased to announce today the latest release of its turn-key Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3D scanning application development. The updated version of Rapidform.dll™ enables developers to rapidly deploy industry-proven point, mesh and surfacing functions into their own software products with minimal effort.

“This new release of Rapidform.dll adds many great features found in Rapidform XOR and XOS,” said Michelle Baek, Rapidform.dll Business Development Manager. “We are committed to arming 3D application developers with powerful tools that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing software, to reduce their development time so they can focus on providing world-class 3D scanning solutions.”

The latest version of Rapidform.dll focuses on making mesh operations easier and more powerful. The SDK now includes Rapidform’s advanced rewrap, adaptive remeshing and curvature flow improvement algorithms, making mesh optimization easier than ever. INUS Technology has spent more than a decade creating and refining point cloud and mesh processing tools to deliver great results from any type of 3D scanner. With Rapidform.dll, third party developers can take advantage of this expertise and integrate the technology into their own apps.

New features in the SDK include:
# Mesh topology improvement tools
# Mesh editing capabilities, such as mesh Boolean operations and mesh cutting
# Advanced triangle normal repair (to fix common issues with mesh direction)
# User interface APIs for large point cloud and mesh display and selection tools

In addition to the extensive point cloud, mesh and NURBS surface capabilities found in Rapidform.dll, there is also a set of APIs for dental and prosthodontic design from 3D scan data. Developers can create customized dental CAD programs that enable prosthesis design specific to each patient. Great fit, natural appearance and improved aesthetics are all enabled by Rapidform.dll Dental. Ms. Baek remarked that “Rapidform.dll Dental is a superset of the standard SDK that makes developing custom applications for coping, pontic, crown, bridge and custom abutment design fast and easy.”

Learn more and request an evaluation version of the SDK at: www.rapidform.com/products/rapidform-dll. Additional technical information is available at the new Rapidform.dll Customer Service site: dllsupport.rapidform.com. This site has been improved with a community forum, which allows users to interact with Rapidform.dll developers and access rich development resources including sample code.

Rapidform.dll will be offered for a limited time for academic and commercial use at a discounted price along with other benefits from 1 Oct – 30 Nov, 2011.

INUS Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that a recent U.S. Air Force-funded study evaluating CAD and reverse engineering software concluded that Rapidform XOR stands alone in its ability to create parametric solid models from 3D scan data. The study was conducted by Dr. Kuang-Hua Chang of the University of Oklahoma and published in the journal CAD and Applications. This study offers an unbiased, expert opinion that confirms Rapidform XOR is the only viable choice for creating parametric CAD models from 3D scans.

INUS Technology invented the concept of creating parametric CAD models directly from 3D scans with the release of Rapidform XOR in 2006, and XOR remains the product of choice for those serious about fast and accurate reverse engineering of physical parts. The U.S. Air Force frequently needs to regenerate designs of decades-old parts, and so commissioned the University of Oklahoma to study both 3D scanning software and hardware to determine the best available technology. INUS Technology had no knowledge of the study or its outcome until it was published in CAD and Applications.

Dr. Chang and his students surveyed the landscape of software available for converting 3D scans into parametric solid models usable in CAD, evaluated and then tested the front runners using practical examples. “We used five different examples in two rounds of testing,” said Dr. Chang. “The first round was surface modeling, and in the second round, we focused on parametric solid building.”

“We found that Rapidform is the only viable option that is able to support parametric modeling and transferring the solid model to CAD systems,” Dr. Chang continued. “When we say ‘viable option’, it’s based on two things. One is the time and effort, the other is the accuracy.” According to Chang, other software “was able to generate a parametric solid model, but it took a long time and the solid model created was not very accurate.”

“It’s very rewarding to see an unbiased study recognizing the value of Rapidform XOR compared to other 3D scanning software,” noted Calvin Hur, INUS Technology’s CEO. “Thousands of customers have already recognized that Rapidform XOR is the best choice for reverse engineering, but this is the first objective study that confirms which software is best-in-class. We encourage anyone considering 3D scanning technology to read this paper to make a well-educated decision on their reverse engineering software solution.”

The entire paper, including technical details of each tested software, is available for free download at: www.rapidform.com/reverse-engineering-study

INUS Technology, Inc. will show the brand new release of its flagship quality inspection software, Rapidform XOV, at the EuroMold exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany December 1-4, 2010. EuroMold is the first public event where the new version's features will be displayed. The updates to Rapidform XOV2 SP2 make inspecting parts with a 3D scanner faster and easier, and bolster the software's industry-leading CAD interoperability and automation capabilities.

The Rapidform booth at EuroMold is in Hall 8.0, Stand F11. The entire Rapidform product line will be on display, including:

* Rapidform XOR, the only software that combines 3D scan data processing with a CAD solid modeling kernel to offer real reverse engineering
* Rapidform XOV, with brand new features for faster inspection and verification of parts from a 3D scanner
* Rapidform XOS, offering automated 3D scan data optimization and NURBS surface generation for non-CAD applications

Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology, remarked "Our customers know that Rapidform is synonymous with progress and innovation, and we're keeping our reputation alive with the new developments in Rapidform XOV. We're excited to show these new updates, as well as our popular XOR and XOS software, to visitors at Euromold 2010. Our number one goal is to unlock the power of 3D scanning for everyone." Visitors are encouraged to stop by the booth to learn more about 3D scanning, reverse engineering and inspection.

Register for the Euromold exhibition at www.euromold.com and learn more about Rapidform at www.rapidform.com.

About INUS Technology, Inc.
INUS Technology develops the world's most advanced 3D scan data processing software. The company's software solutions are the most widely installed products for reverse engineering, 3D imaging and inspection using 3D scan data around the globe. Rapidform makes 3D scanning an extremely powerful tool for a variety of applications and is used in fields such as manufacturing, R&D, quality inspection, medical research and civil engineering. Leading companies including Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Panasonic, Oakley, Samsung, Sony, Lufthansa, Alcoa, and Benteler use Rapidform's advanced technology to innovate throughout their research, design, manufacturing and quality control processes. For more information, please visit www.rapidform.com.

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