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PROSTEP Announces 3D PDF Pro™ v2.2

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PROSTEP's 3D PDF enhancement software, 3D PDF Pro™ Plugin for Adobe® Acrobat® Pro, is now available in version 2.2. This plugin enables readers outside the CAD world to go beyond static imagery and visualize project plans and other simulations in 3D within a PDF document.

Version 2.2 introduces a new search tool users may now include in their 3D PDF templates. This enables the reader to search the Model Tree and Part Attribute information to quickly navigate through the assembly model. Version 2.2 also simplifies development and/or updates to the 3D PDF document since the 3D PDF Pro™ plugin now automatically links the template description fields and action buttons to the current 3D content.

Additionally, an email application is no longer required to request a 30 day free trial license of 3D PDF Pro™. In order to use the 3D PDF Pro™ plugin you must have Adobe® Acrobat® XI Pro or Pro DC installed as the base product.

The PROSTEP Group has a current headcount of more than 250 in Germany and the USA. In addition to its headquarters in Darmstadt, PROSTEP also maintains branch offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart, and Wolfsburg, as well as in Birmingham, Michigan (USA).

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Monday, 16 March 2015 16:33

PROSTEP Debuts 3D PDF Pro 2.0

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PROSTEP's 3D PDF Pro 2.0, a new desktop plugin solution for Adobe® Acrobat® Pro, is now available.  The release of 3D PDF Pro 2.0 includes several new and exciting features which help to enrich 3D PDF documents.  These features bring static imagery to life by efficiently repurposing 3D CAD engineering data into interactive PDFs.

The capabilities of 3D PDF Pro have proven time and again to exceed customer expectations by reducing engineering overhead, loss of scrap, rework, and supplier response time.

3D PDF Pro now provides more tools to create easy-to-follow instruction manuals and generate animations on the fly. With the enhancements of 2.0, users can easily highlight a specific scope for an assembly and intuitively adjust part information without an external source. Additionally, 3D PDF Pro 2.0 offers added tools to search and filter large lists of assemblies or Model Structure items.

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Monday, 12 November 2012 11:35

Tech Soft 3D Releases 3D PDF Reader for Mobile

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Tech Soft 3D, one of PROSTEP AG's key technology partners, has released the "3D PDF Reader for Mobile", which makes almost all Adobe® Reader® functions available on iPads® and iPhones®.

The mobile app from Tech Soft 3D enables embedded U3D and PRC data to be displayed and even edited in a 3D PDF document on a mobile device for the first time. The 3D models can be rotated, moved and zoomed; PMI can be displayed and edited, animations can be executed and different views selected. It is also possible to measure and slice the 3D models.

"The 3D PDF Reader app is a truly impressive achievement by our key technology partner Tech Soft 3D," says Dr. Bernd Paetzold, CEO of PROSTEP AG. "This means that it is also possible to make comprehensive use of the files generated by PROSTEP's PDF Generator 3D on a mobile device for the first time. Having recently released our OpenDXM GlobalX app for iPhones, the app from Tech Soft 3D is a key component that supports the mobile offensive in our product development strategy."

The app is very easy to use: A 3D PDF document is opened on the mobile device in Adobe Reader Version 10.4 or higher and is displayed on the device in 2D. If the representation contains a U3D or PRC model and the 3D PDF Reader app has been installed, a tap on the model opens the 3D PDF Reader. Gestures allow almost all 3D relevant functions familiar from Adobe Reader to be used.

The 3D PDF Reader app can now be downloaded from the Apple AppStore® for just €4.49. Those who are quick off the mark can even get the app for nothing: the first 100 people to register on the PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D web site, will receive an iTunes gift certificate code from PROSTEP for free.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 09:55

PROSTEP Announces Version 3.0 of PDF Generator 3D

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The new Version 3.0 of PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D offers numerous new features that provide greater efficiency and versatility for everyday work. The consistent use of a 64-bit architecture in the product means that even extremely big CAD assemblies can be converted quickly and reliably. Furthermore, a marked improvement in performance is achieved if multi-core processors are used.

The new version supports a total of 19 different CAD formats and system versions, including the latest software from leading manufacturers such as Siemens PLM Software, Dassault Systèmes and PTC. New versions of key CAD formats have beeen added, including NX 8, CATIA V5 R21 and Creo Parametric 2.0. A complete list can be found on the PDF Generator 3D website.

The range of new features offered by Version 3.0 is neatly rounded off by the improved handling of product manufacturing information (PMI), enhanced conversion options, support for Adobe LiveCycle ES 3 and much more.

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Communicate, comment and control – the new version 2.0 of the server solution PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D provides even more comprehensive functions for utilizing and making engineering data available on the basis of PDF within the borders of a single company and in collaborative scenarios involving external partners. Thanks to the even deeper integration of the PLM connectors, it is now much easier to read out BOMs, other PDM information and related documents automatically and incorporate them in 3D PDF documents. With the new version, PROSTEP AG now also offers its customers the optional modules PDF Generator 3D Reader Extensions and PDF Generator 3D Rights Management, which can be used during generation of the 3D PDFs to define exactly what the recipient may and may not do with the documents.

Five months have passed since PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D was successfully launched onto the market, and it has been extremely well received by customers. In the meantime, the company, which is headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, and specializes in business management services and engineering solutions, has been working hard on the further development of the server solution. In addition to even deeper integration of PLM connectors, PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D also offers more CAD translators that allow native data from the CAD systems NX 7.5, Solid Edge ST3, SolidWorks2010 and 2011 as well as Inventor 2011 and 2012 to be converted and published in the 3D PDF format at the push of a button. One key advantage of the format is that the 3D PDF documents can be visualized with the normal Adobe Reader.

Integration of the PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D Reader Extensions Module in the solution also offers the option of activating a large number of additional functions for using the generated 3D PDF documents in Adobe Reader. The recipient can then, for example, add comments or fill in certain fields on a form. “These additional functions make PDF Generator 3D a powerful tool for all business processes where 3D data not only needs to be visualized but where information also needs to be added such as in the case of requests for quotations“, explained Peter Pfalzgraf, head of the product center for the 3D PDF portfolio at PROSTEP AG.

With the help of the PDF Generator 3D Rights Management Module, the information contained in the 3D PDF documents can also be effectively protected against access by unauthorized persons. The recipient must identify himself or herself at a special server in order to be able to open and read the 3D PDF documents. The special charm of the solution is that access rights can be restricted to a specific period of time and if necessary can be revoked when, for example, a document is no longer valid.

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D Version 2.0 and the additional modules are available immediately. PROSTEP believes that the new version will allow an even greater level of systematic use of the 3D PDF technology for making 3D data available to other departments and in cross-enterprise collaboration scenarios.

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PROSTEP AG has published a White Paper entitled “3D Formats in the Field of Engineering – A Comparison”. It provides an overview and serves as an orientation guide for companies faced with selecting the appropriate neutral 3D format for specific use cases that are frequently encountered in practice.

Neutral 3D formats are indispensible for the distribution and exchange of 3D models in engineering departments and in upstream and downstream departments and divisions when the original system is not available, the distribution of native data is too expensive and a high level of detail is not necessary, or if a company’s intellectual property needs to be protected. The selection of a certain format will determine, for example, the range of possible applications and the follow-up costs involved. Which neutral 3D format is the right one for a company will depend on a number of factors.

PROSTEP is confronted with this issue on a day to day basis and in this White Paper provides help with identifying which 3D format is appropriate for a given use case.

The White Paper is available at:

PROSTEP AG is today unveiling the first version of its own PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D for Adobe® LiveCycle®, which replaces what was previously the Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator 3D ES2 software. The Darmstadt-headquartered company, which specializes in business management services and engineering solutions, licensed the underlying technology from Adobe Software Inc. several months ago and used it as the basis for developing the new 3D PDF solution, which is now available. PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D allows 3D CAD models and other engineering data to be extracted automatically from the respective CAD, PLM or ERP systems and merged in a PDF document so that other departments or outside partners can view and work with them using the standard Adobe Reader®. The new PROSTEP product is now available for global distribution.

PROSTEP is Adobe’s exclusive partner for the development and global marketing of 3D PDF enterprise solutions for the manufacturing industry. It is the only partner worldwide that can integrate other components from the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 platform in these solutions directly, e.g. for digital rights management or for activating additional functionality directly in Adobe Reader. The aim of this strategic collaboration between the two companies is to anchor 3D PDF technology in the machinery and plant engineering industry, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and other branches of the manufacturing industry as the standard for the 3D communication and documentation of product data. PROSTEP is also working closely with the company TechSoft 3D, which develops PDF converters for the leading 3D CAD systems, to improve the quality of the converted model data and increase the possibilities for using this data in downstream departments.

PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D is the only software solution for the server-based conversion of 3D models and PLM metadata into 3D PDF documents worldwide that is fully integrated with the Adobe LiveCycle products. It is based on the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 platform and controls the centralized creation, merging, publication and archiving of engineering data from different sources in an open format that can be viewed and annotated with Adobe Reader. This means that no additional software tools are needed for communicating the data to other departments or to partners outside the company.

The use of 3D PDF technology makes an important contribution to improving and speeding up communication processes and decision-making processes within a company and extended networks of companies, while at the same time appropriate protection mechanisms provide for improved control over mission-critical information.

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