Early Entries To Spark Design Awards Announced

Today Spark announced that the first group of designs have been submitted to the five ongoing Spark competitions. This includes Communication design (graphics and web), Spaces design (architecture and interiors), Product design, Concept design (primarily students) and Mobility design (vehicles and transportation).

"The exuberance of this work is further proof that the economic crisis has not dampened the spirits or creativity of the design community," said Spark Founder, Peter Kuchnicki. " We are seeing everything from soaring, ambitious, mega-scale work, to intimate pieces that address small, heart-felt needs."

Spark reports that current entries represent about one third of the total expected. "August 1 marks the half-way point in our campaign," Spark Strategic Director, Clark Kellogg stated. "Then the deadlines in September and early October kick in and cause a flurry of entries. It makes things interesting around here!"

"The entries can be early-indicators that show what most concerns designers, and what problems they feel need urgent attention and creative solutions," Kuchnicki said.

Here are four trends he pointed out:

  • Many designs address high-density living
  • Thinking-systems are being applied to everything from living spaces to shipping containers
  • New materials are being applied to old solutions and products, revitalizing their functionality
  • There is great concern for safety, survival, emergencies and adapting to severe conditions

"This is a key pattern to watch carefully," Kuchnicki said. "Designers can be the proverbial canary in a coalmine. They are on high alert. Their antenna are up. And they will help us all adapt to the changing conditions we face. These problem-solvers are vital to society."

Jury Criteria

  • Does the design Spark? Break new ground? Is it a new idea? Creation or refinement? Does it communicate well? Are the graphics clear and compelling? Does it pop!

  • Does it improve the quality of life? Contribute to understanding, efficiency, longevity, progress? Does it sustain our Earth’s limited resources?

Call For Entry In Effect

All designers from all disciplines may enter after registration.

For more information, visit: www.sparkawards.com/call-for-entries

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