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Whether it's a flame design on a video game console or a wood grain look for a laptop, sometimes a product or prototype just needs some pizzazz to capture people's attention. Companies like Realize Inc. help companies create such engaging products through custom finishing services that result in unique eye-catching designs.

"We have been looking for ways to make our models look more production-like to meet the demands of some of our clients," said Realize President Todd Reese. "With RealCool, we can accomplish this and so much more. The process allows for an almost endless combination of visually stunning aesthetics that can be applied to nearly any surface."

Realize recently expanded its custom finishing services with the introduction of its RealCool finishing process, which involves applying patterns to three-dimensional rapid prototypes or existing products. RealCool can be used to enhance Stereolithography (SLA) models and cast urethane models, as well as other plastics, metal, wood and glass.

RealCool finishing can allow an ordinary plastic prototype model to be completely transformed into a part that looks like a real production piece. Realize has already had opportunities with many types of existing products such as video game consoles, sports equipment, laptop computers, smartphone cases and much more from clients just wanting a unique and custom appearance on their personal gear. Customers can choose from hundreds of patterns such as carbon fiber, metal, wood and camouflage.

"We've heard a lot of 'Wow!' in response to the projects we've done to date, including a miniature wood-grain table, a camouflaged projectile, a brushed metal bicycle component, and even a few tricked out phone cases for some local school children," Reese said. "We are really excited by the possibilities the RealCool process brings to the table, plus we can provide the customized, low quantity option that is often hard to find."

Founded in 1999, Indiana-based Realize creates customized rapid prototypes of products for clients in numerous industries, including biomedical, aerospace and electronics. Services include Stereolithography, RTV molding and Cast Urethane Models, and Custom Finishing and Painting.

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Company owner Travis Perry is ready to seek funding in dangerous waters after two years of developing his guitar product. On Friday, the Alabama inventor will pitch his ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System to the ravenous business tycoons of ABC's "Shark Tank." Perry developed his product with help from Indiana rapid prototyping company Realize Inc.

Perry has taught guitar lessons to hundreds of students over the past 30 years. ChordBuddy fits on the neck of an acoustic or electric guitar. It is designed to help people learn to play guitar in as little as two months by pushing the colored buttons that correspond with different chords.

"The Realize team was a great partner to have during the development of the ChordBuddy," Perry said. "It was a bonus that they had a couple of guitar players on their staff and that allowed me to communicate my concept and requirements with ease. The series of custom finished rapid prototypes they quickly produced for me really helped accelerate the ChordBuddy's journey to production."

Products often begin as just an image in an innovative mind. In the case of ChordBuddy, it started with Perry's dream to create an easier way to play the guitar -- and his phone call to Realize, Inc.

Realize creates custom rapid prototypes of products for clients in numerous industries. The ChordBuddy project was a little out of the ordinary in that a typical Realize client is a mid-to-large established company, said Realize President Todd Reese.

"When Travis first contacted me, we spoke in depth about this idea he'd had for years. I could sense his passion and we immediately connected," Reese said. "When the conversation ended, it felt as if I had just spoken with an old friend. I knew that Realize would be a great fit for what Travis wanted to accomplish."

Perry called Reese one evening in 2009 and asked if he was familiar with playing guitar. Having played guitar for a decade and with one even propped up at the end of his office desk, Reese proved eager to help Perry create his envisioned product. He connected Perry with Troy Mason, owner of Impulse Product Development, who performed CAD design work for the ChordBuddy. Realize performed Stereolithography and custom finishing and painting services. Multiple versions of the ChordBuddy were produced as Perry evaluated and critiqued different designs leading to the final design.

Now, Perry is ready to pitch to a true shark's den of investors including billionaire Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks; and entrepreneur Daymond John, founder and CEO of the FUBU apparel empire.

So can Perry swim in dangerous waters -- or will he get eaten by the sharks? Find out at 8 p.m. EST this Friday on ABC.

While most of the work at Realize Inc. involves precision reproduction of engineered 3D models, the rapid prototyping company has expanded its services to include custom artistic projects where aesthetics are paramount.

"We're always excited when someone approaches us with a more free-form idea," said Todd Reese, President of Realize Inc. "It's a break from the norm, and gives us a chance to cut loose and let the imagination run."

Based near Indianapolis, Ind., Realize Inc. creates custom rapid prototypes of products for clients in numerous industries, including aerospace, biomedical and electronics. However, clients sometimes request a project that involves more of a creative flair. Reese says that demand for artistic projects at Realize is increasing and that they are now well positioned to take on more of this type of work.

Adam Poots, a creative director, designer and web developer who is creating a role-playing game/board game system, recently selected Realize to fabricate two ornately inscribed miniature books stacked on top of each other.

"It takes a very special combination of love and mastery in order to achieve what Realize Inc. has," Poots said. "The company is a powerhouse of titan class individuals who know how to push their technology to the very edge of its capability."

Realize Finishing Technician Charlie Guernsey has vast experience with artistic oriented projects.

"Ever since I was old enough to hold a paint brush, I have been drawn to all things creative," Guernsey said. "Having the opportunity to help Realize expand into this arena will be very rewarding. I can't wait to showcase my abilities to complement our other services."

Founded in 1999, Realize has grown into one of the largest rapid prototyping companies in the Midwest. Customers use Realize to test product designs before undergoing the cost of full production. Services include Stereolithography, RTV molding and Cast Urethane Models, Industrial Design, Computer Aided Design and Custom Finishing and Painting.

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With the addition of an iPro 8000 SLA Production Printer, Realize Inc. continues to emerge as a leader in the rapid prototyping industry.

"The 8000 gives us more large part capacity," said Todd Reese, President of Realize. "It also allows us to expand our material offerings for large pieces."

Based near Indianapolis, Realize creates customized rapid prototypes of products for clients in numerous industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, health care and education. The company has created prototypes for a vast variety of products -- from gaming figurines to wind tunnel automobile models and intricate machine parts.

Customers use these prototypes for design verification; they can use the custom model created at Realize to determine if their design is valid before incurring the expense of going into full production.

Realize has become a national leader in Stereolithography (SLA), which involves using lasers to selectively and successively cure thin layers of specialized liquid resins -- creating a precise, custom prototype reproduction of the 3D modeled design. The company's new iPro 8000 is a state-of-the-art SLA machine that increases the company's production capacity, including the ability to react more quickly to aggressive delivery requests.

Realize now has a total of 11 Stereolithography machines in its SLA lab, each affectionately named after a supermodel. These machines include seven Viper SLA systems, two SLA-5000 Systems, the iPro 8000 and an iPro 9000. While the iPro and SLA-5000 systems handle larger parts, the smaller Viper systems can reproduce small parts with extremely fine detail, and are capable of a high resolution mode that can reproduce even finer detail.

"We have the latest technology," said Tonya Reese, Chief Financial Officer of Realize. "That's something that sets us apart from many of our competitors."

Founded in 1999, Realize, respected as a premier rapid prototyping company, is one of the industry's largest companies in the Midwest. Other Realize services include Industrial Design, Computer Aided Design, Rubber Molding & Urethane Casting (RTV), and Custom Finishing and Painting.

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