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Precision Medical Products, Inc. (PMP) is injecting a new component into its substantial body of capabilities. “With the addition of the ENGEL vertical injection press, we can now offer our customers new manufacturing opportunities under the PMP roof with the same level of reliability and peace of mind they’ve come to expect,” says Stephen Beversluis, director of QA/RA and business development.

“We selected ENGEL as our partner for this expansion on the basis of its construction, performance, energy savings and control flexibility,” Beversluis adds. “We are currently the only single source manufacturer in the region with this unique equipment.”

The ENGEL 65-ton vertical injection molding machine brings the total to 14 presses under PMP’s roof, including 5- to 65-ton vertical and 20- to 180-ton horizontal units. The new press provides for:

* 16 cavity needle hub overmolding
* High volume production, either automatic or manual
* Rotary table process removes operator downtime, and allows simultaneous insert loading and molding over two stations
* All electric injection unit for highest precision, superior repeatability, and lowest energy consumption
* Molding capability in a certified Class 7 ISO clean room
* Operational flexibility for complex applications

“ENGEL and Precision Medical worked diligently to specify a highly flexible machine, to meet both current requirements and provide for future business,” states John Pirro, ENGEL account manager. “The hybrid ENGEL e-insert machine was chosen as it offered the compatibility for existing molds with the benefits of shorter cycle times, faster injection speeds and energy savings of the electric injection unit.”

During a recent site visit Scott Rosander, ENGEL processing engineer, notes: "Our latest CC200 controller allows PMP to create custom sequences for their insert molding applications. The Quality Data Programs monitor and record multiple process variables necessary for PMP’s molding requirements. This data is saved on a central server for easy company wide access."

“PMP constantly invests in new technologies to better meet our customers’ applications and evolving challenges,” notes Beversluis. “With more capabilities in-house, we can improve efficiencies through a shorter supply chain.”

With over 50 years experience, Precision Medical Products, Inc., is the proven choice for leading pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers worldwide for manufacturing, assembly and contract packaging of medical devices incorporating a variety of metalworking and plastic injection molding technologies, laser engraving, ultrasonic welding, subassembly of electronics and temperature controlled calibration. PMP manufactures devices and needles for cardiovascular, orthopedic, dental, drug delivery, ophthalmology and general hospital use. PMP also houses the most OEM manufacturing technology under one roof, including ISO: 13485 certified clean rooms.

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