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Services offered by PartSnap include 3D printing, laser scanning and urethane casting. PartSnap uses Objet PolyJet (TM) technology to produce 3D plastic models suitable for testing, design validation, or for producing artistic, architectural or medical models. PartSnap offers 3D laser scanning as a means of transferring legacy designs into modern 3D CAD data. Urethane casting can be used to produce multiple models of a design prior to investing in costly, permanent tooling.

PartSnap was founded partly in response to the severe lack of accessibility to rapid prototyping technology for small businesses and individual innovators. As believers in the power of innovation as a driving force in the economy, PartSnap strives to make their services accessible and affordable.

The benefits and applications of 3D printing are without bounds. PartSnap is ready to partner with local businesses and innovators to provide design validation, reverse engineering and high precision 3D models. PartSnap is proud to make these services available locally in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.

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