OPM Acquires Optical Inspection Technology Rights from CCAT

Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has acquired the rights to modify and advance the Structured Light Scanning (SLS) system developed by Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT). The technology was designed by CCAT under a U.S. Air Force research contract to produce 100% optical measurement of highly complex, light-weight, efficient structures.

OPM is at the forefront of creating such complex structures via additive manufacturing in both biomedical and industrial markets. The opportunity to enhance a technology and further customize it to the needs of a rapidly emerging technology like additive manufacturing will allow for greater adoption of Structured Light Scanning and will propel the wide-spread use of additive manufacturing.

Under a joint research and development agreement with CCAT, OPM can now provide an integrated service for their customers. Original parts can be scanned to generate a digital part file, or CAD files can be input directly, to “re-print” replacement parts via additive manufacturing with the firm’s proprietary OXPEKK® (PEKK) polymer. The new parts can then, in turn, be scanned to inspect and validate them for dimensional accuracy. Work that would typically take a team of engineers weeks or months to complete can be accomplished in only a few days. This SLS technology will significantly speed up the acquisition of replacement parts for sustainability of Department of Defense (DoD) systems.

“As a pioneer of additive manufacturing in critical applications, we identified specific needs in the technology value chain; we will work closely with CCAT to develop a custom SLS system to meet these needs,” said Scott DeFelice, OPM President and CEO. “In addition, the creation of relevant software and hardware platforms will create scientific foundations pertinent to both the biomedical and defense industries.”

“We view innovative technologies such as our SLS system to be the core for enhancing additive manufacturing across many diverse industries,” commented Elliot Ginsberg, CCAT President and CEO. “We are especially pleased to be working as a research and development partner with OPM to expand the capabilities of the SLS system in their key markets.”

For more information, visit: www.oxfordpm.com

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