Global Innovation Network Provides Entrepreneurs with New Growth Opportunities

Innovators live at all levels of organizations, and often run companies of their own. These are the brilliant minds that NineSigma taps to solve the biggest, most perplexing challenges in the world. In addition, as more businesses commit to innovation as a growth strategy, new doors are opening for entrepreneurs, inventors and researchers who can provide technologies, solutions, and ideas they need to grow faster.

“Corporations around the world are racing to develop breakthrough new products and gain a competitive advantage. They’re looking for new technologies from the outside to speed the process,” said Andy Zynga, CEO of NineSigma, the leading innovation partner to organizations worldwide. “This drive to innovate is providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to be matched with organizations from other geographic regions or industries who have an immediate need for their solutions, and are willing to pay for them.”

This matchmaking is at the heart of open innovation, which involves “connecting organizations with the world” to accelerate the new solution development. Entrepreneurs are climbing onto the open innovation bandwagon to take advantage of new business development opportunities associated with this increasingly popular strategy. Indeed, a recent NineSigma survey shows that solution providers consider revenue growth to be the number-one benefit of open innovation.

For these innovators, NineSigma offers the chance to join the largest global innovation network of its kind, spanning 135 countries and diverse scientific and technology areas, from biotechnology to food science, and from energy to manufacturing. Solution providers register to be part of the network at no charge, and benefit from access to organizations with an explicit need for their technologies and solutions, and a transparent process that ensures protection of their intellectual property.

For organizations tapping into the rich resource of solution providers, there are rewards as well. NineSigma’s recent survey showed the leading benefits of open innovation to solution seekers are minimizing risk and accelerating time to market. NineSigma provides services to these organizations every step of the way to maximize the potential value of every collaboration - from problem definition, to broadly accessing innovators with relevant expertise, to filtering proposed solutions for quality and fit, to supporting successful negotiations between seekers and providers. The company also provides a broad range of other services to help them develop the people, corporate culture, and infrastructure that will enable a successful innovation strategy.

NineSigma will roll out a new program in the next two months for members of its dynamic innovation community. Solution providers who are interested in becoming part of the company’s global network can learn more at:

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