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Methods 3D, Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of Methods Machine Tools, Inc. announced the addition of the new ProJet® MJP 3600 to its growing line of 3D printers and direct metal 3D printers from 3D Systems.

The ProJet MJP 3600 is designed for professional product prototyping and manufacturing across numerous industries. The MultiJet Printing technology produces high definition parts, outperforming all other jetting printers, in addition to providing a high capacity build volume and exceptionally fast print speeds - up to twice the speed of the previous generation. Its data processing capabilities support files up to 250% larger, enabling enhanced productivity for a wide range of prototyping, casting and end-use part production needs, as well as producing the truest-to-CAD parts of any jetting 3D printing process.

The ProJet MJP 3600 series include models designed for printing detailed wax patterns for jewelry castings, precise patterns for other lost wax foundry casting applications, and dental applications for precise models and casting wax ups. It can also be used for advanced healthcare applications, including drill and cut guides for dental and medical procedures with the ability to print in USP Class VI-capable, bio-compatible materials.  The high resolution of multijet printing means that even fine features come out correctly.  Support structure is comprised of easy to remove, melt-away wax for simple post-processing, eliminating hand scraping, high pressure water jets, caustic chemical baths, or special facility requirements.

The ProJet MJP 3600 provides a large net build volume (xyz) 11.75" (298 mm) x 7.3" (185 mm) x 8" (203 mm), exceptionally fast print speeds and high definition parts. There is a choice of materials and selectable print resolutions. It works with VisiJet materials in UV curable plastic, in a range of colors, translucency, and tensile strengths, as well as castable wax.

Methods 3D has installed the ProJet MJP 3600 within its multiple technology centers across the US to provide product demonstration, training, support, and development of customer solutions on this exceptional production printer incorporating the full range of available materials.

"We're excited to offer the ProJet 3600 that uses MultiJet Printing technologies to print durable precision plastic parts, along with the extensive line of 3D Systems Direct Metal Printers," said Mr. Benjamin Fisk, General Manager, Methods 3D, Inc. "Parts made with MultiJet Printers have a smooth finish, high durability, excellent material properties, and can achieve accuracies rivaling SLA (Stereolithography) for many applications."

In October 2015, Methods Machine Tools announced it entered into a partner agreement with 3D Systems, a provider of the most advanced and comprehensive 3D digital design and fabrication solutions available today, including 3D printers, print materials and cloud-sourced custom parts.

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, has introduced the new Matsuura MAM72-100H five-axis horizontal machining center, the largest in the MAM72 series. The machine's larger work envelope and ability to cut challenging materials makes it ideal for machining large-sized, complex parts that are common in the aerospace and energy industries.

Like all of Matsuura's 5-axis machines, the MAM72-100H provides high quality, high speed simultaneous 5-axis machining. Designed utilizing FEM analysis for maximum rigidity, the MAM72-100H offers a uniquely stable machining platform when compared to machines in its capacity class range. Ideally designed for varied lot machining, the MAM72-100H can process a wide array of materials and offers users advanced, proven unmanned operations.

Designed in response to user requests for a MAM72 with a larger work envelope and even greater processing capacity, the MAM72-100H features x-y-z travels of 41.33" x 36.22" x 37.79", an A-axis table that tilts between -120 and +30, and full 360 c-axis rotation. The A-/ B-axis table, with a direct drive motor, turns at a maximum feed rate of 50 minutes-1 (A-axis; Tilting axis) or 75 minutes-1 (B-axis; rotating axis), ensuring high speed and high precision. The MAM72-100H has the capability to handle a maximum work size of 39.37" deep and 30.31" high, and a maximum weight of 1,719 lbs. Equipped with a high-torque 50 taper spindle, the MAM72-100H is suitable for cutting hard-to-machine alloys, such as titanium and inconel.

The MAM72-100H features the next-generation Matsuura's Intelligent Meister System (MIMS), which monitors the overall production process. MIMS ensures reliable operation, high product quality, simple data management and low power consumption. In addition, the automatic tool changer is equipped with a drum-type tool magazine driven by a servomotor for quick tool indexing, low noise and low vibration. A variety of ATC / APC options are also available.

"The MAM72 series is known for its reliable, high-speed, unattended machining. Now with the MAM72-100H's ability to machine larger parts, it's the ideal solution for aircraft, energy and other industries with larger machining requirements," said Mr. Dave Lucius, VP of Sales at Methods Machine Tools, Inc. "The MAM72-100H will be making its North American debut at imX in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 12-14, 2011."

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has been a leading supplier of precision machine tools, automation and accessories for over 50 years, providing extensive applications engineering support, installation, parts, service, and training through a network of large state-of-the-art technology centers and dealers throughout North America. Methods is the exclusive U.S. importer of Matsuura machines.

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