Kubotek Announces KeyCreator 2012

Kubotek USA, pioneers of direct modeling, announces the immediate availability of KeyCreator 2012. The release of KeyCreator 2012 solidifies KeyCreator as the most complete 3D Direct Modeler available to manufacturing and design professionals everywhere.
The KeyCreator 2012 release includes scores of user driven enhancements. These enhancements are found within many of the functions users use every day, providing not only better control, but even greater visualization, accuracy, performance and CAD file interoperability. In addition to the new improvements, KeyCreator 2012 also boasts continued powerful surfacing and extremely flexible assembly capabilities, as well as sophisticated detailing and drawing creation.
KeyCreator 2012 is the only Direct Modeling CAD software to include a multitude of powerful engineering tools and capabilities in one complete package, including three fully integrated add-on modules. The modules include KeyCreator Machinist integrated 2-3 axis NC milling, KeyCreator Compare CAD validation and comparison, and the brand new KeyCreator Analysis multiphysics simulation software powered by Sefea Technology.
The availability of the KeyCreator Analysis module in KeyCreator 2012 marks the first shipment of this next generation simulation software. The ease of use of the analysis software working in conjunction with the simplicity of direct modeling means everyday users can bring analysis into their design process further upfront, creating more optimized designs.
"KeyCreator is a very versatile tool that would fit the needs of 90% of CAD users out there, and possibly even more now with the new KeyCreator Analysis add-on," says Joseph E Szpak of Szpak Manufacturing. "KeyCreator has long been vital to my business because I can work with nearly any CAD platform and tackle designs with ease. New features in KeyCreator 2012 quickly became invaluable to me, allowing me to do in 5 minutes what would normally take me an hour at the very least." Joe adds, "In the end, however, it all comes down to the tremendous amount of power I have available to me in my day-to-day work, and it just keeps getting better."
Request a free trial of KeyCreator 2012 to see the power, speed and versatility of the industry's most complete direct modeling software.

For more information, visit: www.kubotekusa.com/products/keycreator.html


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