Joining Technologies Lab Day For Laser Additive Manufacturing Research

Joining Technologies, Inc., an innovator in industrial laser applications, announces that Joining Technologies Research Center (JTRC) is now offering Application Laboratory Days (AppLab Day™) for engineers interested in investigating projects that might benefit from laser additive manufacturing.

AppLab Day™ sessions will be held at JTRC’s state-of-the-art laser additive manufacturing research and development facility in East Granby, CT. Guided by JTRC’s laser additive experts, design engineers are able to conduct their own research, using JTRC equipment to create and analyze samples.

Hand in hand with Joining Technologies’ skilled researchers, engineers participating in the AppLab Day™ will learn first-hand how the laser additive process works and see how laser cladding of metal powder alloys can help enhance, repair, or freeform material in aerospace, power generation, valve and OEM-supplied components.

“JTRC’s new AppLab Day™ helps bridge the gap between university-level research and shop floor production laser cladding,” said Tim Biermann, director of research and development for JTRC. “Working with our research experts, design engineers can learn how laser cladding can help improve existing processes, or even create new products and processes.”

After conducting research in the applications laboratory, Joining Technologies can continue to help customers through in-depth research process, to the process evaluation and qualification phase, and finally into full scale production.

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