TITANIUM 2012 Features Titanium Mill Processing and Melting

Titanium Mill Processing and Melting will be one of the many speaker sessions to be presented at TITANIUM 2012, 28th annual conference and exhibition, which will be held Oct. 7-10, 2012 at the Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street NE.

The panel will feature presentations by representatives of three Chinese titanium companies. Bo Ji, Feng Zhu and Guihong Qin of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Special Steel Research and Development Center, Shanghai, China, will discuss "Research of Hot Tandem Rolling Process of TC6 Titanium Alloy Bar." The Baoshan center's research focuses on three kinds of tandem rolling processes and their effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of TC6 titanium alloy bars.

A paper by Wang Chuang, technology master of Baosteel Special Materials Co. Ltd.'s Cold Rolling Plant in Shanghai—titled "Research on the Surface Quality of CP Titanium Coils Treated in Vacuum Furnace"—will examine surface defects, such as black points and blue surface, on commercially pure titanium strip, which often occur after being annealed in a vacuum annealing furnace (VAF). Chuang's presentation will consider corrective measures to eliminate these defects.

Representatives from Yunnan Titanium Industrial Co. Ltd., Yunnan Province, China, will share information on how to improve the quality and production rates of "Pure Titanium Slab Rolling Study and Practice on Twin-Stand Hot Steckel Mills." The presentation will analyze different process features compared with production at continuous hot-strip mills and provide suggestions on how to improve production rates of twin-stand Steckel mills.

A second team of speakers from Yunnan Titanium Industrial Co. will discuss "Argon Protection Annealing Process Study and Application for Titanium Coil." The talk will show how the argon protection bell annealing process can be used to solve surface quality problems typically associated with cold-rolled titanium coil.

Dmytro Kovalchuk, director, JSC NVO Chervona Hvilya, Kiev, Ukraine, will present a paper on "Technological and the economic advantages of electron beam melting of titanium with usage of gas-discharge electron beam guns." According to Kovalchuk, the application of gas-discharge electron beam (EB) guns in electron beam cold-hearth melting (EBCHM) represents an effective way to reduce production costs of titanium ingots/slabs. EBCHM of titanium is an established method for the production of titanium slabs and for scrap recycling. Kovalchuk also will show how gas-discharge EB guns allow for the usage of titanium sponge of low grades for production of ingots/slabs in commercial applications.

TITANIUM 2012 represents an efficient way for delegates to gain timely market intelligence and meet potential partners, customers and vendors. The annual gathering attracts titanium producers, distributors, designers and fabricators from throughout the world. Attendees typically hold executive positions in areas such as management, sales and marketing, product development, production, engineering, purchasing and quality control. Last year TITANIUM 2011, held in San Diego, drew a record attendance of 1,168 guests from 28 countries.

Pre-Registration ends July 16th for TITANIUM 2012.

For more information, visit: www.titanium.org

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