DFMPro for PTC Creo Doubles Design Validation Productivity

Geometric Limited (BSE: 532312, NSE: GEOMETRIC), announced the release of DFMPro® version 3.2 for PTC® Creo® design software with configurable assembly checks for clearance and interference. The injection molding checks now support multiple pull directions for better plastic part design.

Engineers often struggle with validation of assemblies, which takes significant time and effort. Many times, components or parts of the assembly have imported geometries, quilts or surfaces. Global clearance and interference checks, though useful for complex assemblies identification of failing components, are difficult due to too many items. Moreover, it is difficult to derive this with visual inspection.

DFMPro allows building a list of checks and standard clearance values for specific components. It allows users to run checks only on selective components and exclude unwanted areas - for example, interference in threaded areas. DFMPro can display only the components failing the interference or clearance requirements. This significantly reduces the time required for the assembly validation process.

The latest version of DFMPro, DFMPro V 3.2, now provides the ability to select required secondary pull directions. This helps avoid inadvertent undercuts and lowers tooling cost and rework. In addition, to facilitate tooling requirements, users can now control and edit the default mold-face classification using DFMPro.

“Creo Parametric and DFMPro provide a powerful set of tools for users to create innovative and holistic designs addressing the manufacturing and assembly requirements of a global organization. This enables early consideration of tooling requirements and supply chain manufacturing capabilities, thus helping reduce the overall cost and improve time-to-market,” said John Buchowski, VP of MCAD Product Management, PTC.

“DFMPro integrated with Creo offers rapid design validation for components as well as assemblies. Our high tech electronics, medical devices, aerospace, automotive and industrial customers will certainly benefit with this introduction of assembly checks,” said Sameer Kondejkar, Head - Geometry Technology Solutions, Geometric Limited.

For more information, visit: www.dfmpro.com


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