SolidWorks Solution Seminars: Made in America Makes a Comeback!

Safeguard your company by implementing product development strategies that will shorten design time, improve collaboration and win you more business!

Manufacturing is HOT again in America.  We’ve begun to see an increase in stateside manufacturing due to low interest rates, low valuation of the dollar on currency markets and product quality concerns with overseas production.  The high cost of shipping goods to America combined with the aforementioned factors will drive manufacturing levels to new heights.

Is your company ready to manage the resurgence of manufacturing on American soil?
Is your staff equipped with the tools you need to meet product and market demands?

Our technical team is ready to get you up-to-speed on the product design and manufacturing tools you need to excel in today’s marketplace.  Join us for a hands-on SolidWorks Solutions Seminar that will introduce you to best-in-class tools for design, simulation, product data management and technical documentation creation.

SolidWorks Solution Seminars are geared towards exposing non-users of SolidWorks products to the family of tools available, demonstrating how they work together to shorten development times and increase collaboration between departments.

You'll gain hands-on experience using SolidWorks 3D CAD software, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM and 3DVIA Composer together, and experience the interoperability, ease-of-use and power of using all four products in a mock company setting. Attendees will play different roles within a mock company, and be exposed to all four product lines with the chance to test drive each.

We will cover:

  • SolidWorks: Part Design, 2D Documentation & Assembly
  • Simulation: Stress (Strength), Fatigue (Life), Optimization & Sustainability
  • Enterprise PDM: Document and Revision Management, Workflow & Secure Environment
  • 3DVIA Composer: Dynamic Assembly Instruction Documentation, Associativity between Engineering Content & Technical Graphics
  • Rapid Prototyping: Part Creation

Register for the SolidWorks Solution Seminar nearest you and prepare for the shift in manufacturing back to US soil. Our events are always free of charge.

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