ENGEL Victory Spex Boosts Efficiency in Technical Injection Molding

Thanks to its unique tie-bar-less technology, the ENGEL victory spex injection molding machine offers several efficiency advantages at once: lower costs by using large molds with moderate clamping forces, better machine utilization through faster tool change, and more convenient automation through the barrier-free access for robots.  Topped off with ENGEL’s ecodrive, providing energy savings of up to 70% less than a standard hydraulic machine.

The ENGEL victory spex machine features tie-bar-less technology, which stands for unbeatable mold dimensions. The barrier-free mold area can easily accommodate large molds, even with bulky core-pulls, as the generously dimensioned platens can be utilized to their limits and beyond. It is no longer the mold size that dictates the size of injection molding machine necessary, but the required clamping force – a fact that cuts investment and operating costs in addition to reducing the footprint of the manufacturing cell. Exceptionally high molds may even extend down into the machine frame thanks to the extra wide design of the delivery chute.

The tie-bar-less technology allows the quick changing of even tall and bulky molds. Here, the barrier-free access to the mold area is made easier, especially for manual intervention, as production employees no longer have to lean through tie-bars.

Robots also have free access to the mold area: They can enter from the side, thereby reducing the cycle times. This also allows automated processes even in production halls with a low ceiling.

Highest platen parallelism even at higher speeds

The tie-bar-less ENGEL victory spex injection molding machine provides excellent platen parallelism, at rest as well as in motion. On the one hand, this is a result of the 3-point platen guide with double-sided precision guidance and the central clamping unit; on the other hand, the massive frame construction prevents the clamping unit from flexing. The stationary platen's extremely stable mounting to the frame ensures that it does not sway from its vertical position – even for fast movements This robust, low-friction design directly affects the life of the molds – for less wear and tear, and consequently less maintenance.

Servo hydraulics for maximum energy efficiency

Equipped with the energy-saving option ecodrive, the ENGEL victory spex features consumption rates similar to those of fully electric injection molding machines.? Depending on the application, the servo hydraulics reduce the energy consumption by up to 70 percent in comparison to conventional hydraulic injection molding machines.

The ENGEL victory spex line, with clamping forces from 55 to 560, is designed for producing technical parts and offers the best price/performance ratio in this market segment.

For more information, visit: www.engelglobal.com/engel_web/global/en/2352.htm

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