USF Research Park recently held an event that launched Governor Rick Scott's "Let's Get To Work" jobs tour. Scott's statewide tour is to gain insight on modern advances and innovations which can help create jobs and economic growth in Florida. While at USF he met with entrepreneurs, business executives and students to discuss how the state can grow through economic development and business. EMS Inc. was invited by USF to exhibit at this event because of the transforming technologies EMS offers, which also has earned them a solid reputation for improving corporations all over the country. EMS demonstrated the latest technology in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and 3D inspection.

During Scott's visit, he stopped by EMS's booth where Mark Kemper, President & CEO of EMS, was able to give him a quick demonstration on 3D scanning as well as rapid prototyping. Throughout the live demo, Kemper expressed how beneficial and relevant this technology is, not only to the business world, but also in education. Kemper pointed out that a student who is able to indicate that they have had experience with 3D Scanners and 3D Printers sets them far apart from others and obviously better prepares them for their upcoming career.

Kemper made some strong points on how educating youthful minds with relevant technology, such as 3D Scanners and 3D Printers, has a large impact on the future of our economy, especially in the product development industry. Kemper mentioned how imperative it is to educate our future engineers with the latest technologies, not only because it attracts and encourages a larger pool of young minds to become successful engineers, but it also prepares them with the most relevant technologies used in companies today. "As you may know, engineers are in high-demand stateside, so by attracting and developing talented individuals locally, will at the very least lead to two positive outcomes; it will discourage the need to import engineers from other countries as well as decrease the amount of outsourcing that is currently performed", stated Kemper.

Kemper also acknowledged and addressed the fact that not all schools are able to afford a 3D scanner or 3D printer, even with discounted education pricing that EMS offers. He also commented on the harsh realities of grant money and the long process it takes to get a grant approved and then if approved, the time it will take to receive the funds. So Kemper made another strong point that Scott seemed thoroughly impressed by, "In the past we have had schools work with their local companies to order to obtain, for instance, a 3D scanner. The company helps fund the equipment and in return, the students assist with the company's real-world challenges and ultimately improve business performance and now the company has career prospects as well, so in the end everyone benefits".

EMS definitely exemplified and proved how 3D scanning to product design and rapid prototyping can improve the state's businesses and economic development. To learn more about the array of high-end products & services that EMS offers, which include 3D Printers from Z Corp, 3D Scanners from Surphaser, Konica-Minolta and Z Corp, 3D modeling systems by Sensable Technologies, and CAD software from RapidForm, SolidWorks, Geomagics, Spaceclaim, Magics RP and Mimics, go to their website at www.ems-usa.com

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