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Buildatron Systems to present a revolutionary 3D printer, the Buildatron 1, at the World Maker Faire September 17 and 18th at New York Hall of Sciences in New York City, NY.

Today Buildatron Systems announced the international launch of the Buildatron 1 3D printer which will “Build a Revolution” through affordable 3D printing. Their offering represents a new paradigm in 3D personal manufacturing technology and will be exhibited at the World Makerfaire in New York City on September 17th and 18th. Buildatron’s exhibit at the Maker Faire will showcase both the fully assembled Buildatron 1 3D printer based off the with metal and plastic cases as well as the un-assembled Buildatron 1 social network driven DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D printer kit. In addition to highlighting their machine they plan to give demonstrations and to convert the thousands of Maker Faire attendees to the RepRap Community and the rapidly growing capabilities of 3D prototyping and the effects both can have in shaping and changing lives.

Buildatron will be the latest and most exciting addition to the World Maker Faire’s 3D printer village which has grown to include 22 hobbyist and 8 commercial vendors with varying focuses. The Maker Faire is an event created by Make Magazine to "celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset". This year the two-day festival will open in the New York Hall of Sciences in New York (Queens), on September 17 and 18th. Like its more serious counterparts, it is a gathering of geeks, but with the addition of do-it-yourself enthusiasts, back-yard scientists, garage tinkerers, artists and crafts people.

When talking to the 3 Co-Founders and Directors, James Wolff, Dan Liotti, and Zach Hines they had the following to say:

“Our 3D printers are built using high quality parts developed from the fantastic RepRap community, and as a result our products are reasonably priced. Currently we are pricing our two models at $2,000 for the fully assembled and $1,200 for the DIY social assembly edition run through the Build Lab. A key value to our three dimensional prototyping machines is the design and research that went into creating a “clean system” that just works. We delivered a strong enclosure designed for both workshops and home environments, and our 3D printers have been developed to be attractive and functional. Our 3D printers also include our proprietary in-case filament feed systems utilizing 1.75mm PLA or ABS plastic filament. We worked out easy plug-and-play capabilities as well as industry leading customer support via Buildatron’s social network gateway that has been coined as the “Build Lab”. ”

Buildatron seems to embody the direction and needs of the 3D printer and DIY movement. Buildatron’s opening of the 3D printer market to millions at industry shattering prices makes no bones about the impact they will have in the United States and abroad for home inventors and DIY enthusiasts.

“The mission of Buildatron Systems is to Build a Revolution through affordable 3D printers and robotic devices. The democratization of personal manufacturing is now a reality with our three-dimensional part building systems; an unprecedented innovation for society. Our products reduce the time and cost of realizing complex projects while also enabling direct and indirect manufacturing for home inventors, educational institutions, small business, and Buildatron’s community at large.

Buildatron is the new definition of made in America manufacturing. We are dedicated to creating innovative 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and rapid manufacturing solutions that are low cost and easily implemented. We are continuously investing in research and development, and we are broadening our technological capabilities every day. Buildatron is working hard to put you in the drivers seat by developing a new generation of tools unparalleled in history. Our technologies are meeting the challenges of sustainability and the green movement through localized personal manufacturing and the use of recyclable non-toxic eco-friendly plastics and materials.”

Launching in the fall of 2011, the Founders / Directors of Buildatron Systems are James Wolff, Dan Liotti, and Zach Hines. They have converted experience in industry leading emerging manufacturing technologies into Buildatron systems and the Buildatron I 3D Printer. Combined, they have publications in leading magazines and websites, multiple awards from manufacturing leader Materialise, and certifications with Autodesk® and Rhino – McNeel®. Their backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering along with industry leading product design and business management services are foundational to the Buildatron Revolution

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