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Billet Industries, Inc., located in York PA, has added a new Mori-Seiki NH8000 DCGII Horizontal Machining Center for heavy-duty and high-speed cutting.

Mori Seiki's NH8000 uses DCG technology to reduce vibration and increase accuracy in large part machining. The machine's work envelope has a 57.1" diameter and 57.1" height, handling a part weight of 4,409 lbs. Maximum tool length of 31.5" allows boring parts at depths otherwise requiring a 180-degree index.  Designed to achieve maximum pallet loading capacity, maximum work piece swing diameter and strokes, and improved acceleration, this machine meets a wide variety of close tolerance high complexity demands.

With X-Axis travel to 55.1” (1400mm), Y-Axis travel to 47.2” (1200mm), Z-Axis travel to 53.1” (1350 mm), and included options of:

8000 rpm HI-TORQUE spindle for Titanium or other difficult alloys
1000 psi Thru Spindle Coolant
Full 4th Axis Direct Servo Drive Pallets, allowing 100rpm part rotation or .001 degree indexing
Renishaw in Machine Measuring (probing)
Renishaw Tool Measurement;

Billet will utilize the NH8000 to produce parts suitable to Aerospace, Energy, Defense, and other Industries.   Billet is excited to continue to increase and modernize our machining capacity to better service our customers.

Since 1972, Billet Industries has been committed to Quality & Service first. Defined goals position our company to meet the ongoing changes in the contract machining arena.  The latest technological resources continue to move us toward these goals. Teamwork creates a working atmosphere that is satisfying, challenging, and rewarding.  The combination of technology and teamwork results in both internal and external Customer Satisfaction.

Our 28,600 square foot facility houses a complete line of services - from CAD/CAM programming, CNC machining of prototype & production runs, welding, grinding, assembly, inspection, and more.  All of which are controlled by our ISO9001:2008 certified Quality Management System. Our superior service can be evidenced by our loyal customers.  We pride ourselves on being a “value adding” supplier willing to setup procedures for your specific requirements.  We consistently provide on-time delivery and defect-free products.

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