ASME to Co-Chair of STEM Solutions 2012 Leadership Summit

Extending its activity in STEM education and commitment to ensuring a stable future engineering workforce, ASME will serve as co-chair of STEM Solutions 2012: A Leadership Summit.

Set for June 27-29 in Dallas, Texas, STEM Solutions 2012 will bring together educators, policymakers, and corporations to determine the strategies, policies, and collective changes needed to create a competitive STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workforce in the United States.

“STEM Solutions 2012 recognizes the need to find innovative and lasting solutions to the STEM crisis in this nation,” said Victoria A. Rockwell, president of ASME.  “ASME is eager to commit to this collaborative effort.”

ASME is one of 50 co-chairs for the summit, which will include five discussion tracks and participation by leading technology corporations.  Far reaching in scope, the summit will aim to create the basis for a career marketplace that will accurately reflect the employment needs of companies and skill requirements necessary to obtain jobs.

“In many cases, we are seeing a disparity between the skill sets of the graduating engineer, the mid-career engineer, and the needs and expectations of employers,” said Rockwell.  “Solutions to bridge this gap must be identified and implemented.”

STEM Solutions 2012: A Leadership Summit will also set out to develop a communications framework intended to keep educators and policymakers abreast of the technology skills required by employers, as well as encourage dialogue to identify programs that could be successful on a national scale.

ASME sponsors a range of programs in STEM education, including programs focused on innovative ways to bring engineering concepts into the K-12 teaching curricula.  In addition, at Engineers Week 2012 the Society sponsored the DiscoverE Summit, in which thought leaders shared their perspectives on advancing K-12 STEM education and which also showcased teachers and educators who are making a difference in STEM.

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