Alcoa’s Introduces ColorKast™ Die Cast Technology

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) today announced the first commercial success of its ColorKast™ technology in the consumer electronics market. As a result of this innovative technology, Alcoa can produce color anodizable aluminum die cast components with high-end cosmetics. The first use of the ColorKast™ technology appears on Samsung’s new digital camera NX210 and other consumer electronic OEMs are preparing to apply this technology to their products.

ColorKast™ is a breakthrough aluminum die casting technology that allows consumer electronics manufacturers to create cosmetically high-end, lightweight, and cost-effective components for portable electronic devices using proprietary alloy, process, and finishing technologies developed at Alcoa Technical Center. The result is cosmetic 3D products with the rich, metallic “look and feel” of anodized aluminum, and the high productivity and cost advantages of die castings as compared to unibody machining processing or magnesium die casting. In addition, products made from ColorKast™ create a better green solution relative to plastics or composites because aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

The performance and aesthetic requirements of ColorKast™ have been validated with Alcoa’s exclusive manufacturing partner, GK (Global Kwangsung) in South Korea, before being introduced to the market, leading to the success of the first commercialized application at Samsung.

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