Aerospace Propulsion & Advanced Energy Systems Focus of Atlanta Conferences

Energy conversion technology, advanced energy systems, and the future of aerospace propulsion will be among the topics discussed at the Hyatt Regency hotel, Atlanta, Ga., from July 29 – August 1 at the 48th Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit (JPC) and the 10th International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (IECEC).

JPC is jointly organized by AIAA, ASME, SAE International, and ASEE. IECEC is hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and organized by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan, the IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society, the Egyptian Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Both conferences will present a mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions and technical sessions to attendees. The 48th JPC will explore the future of aerospace propulsion systems, including next generation propulsion and power systems for a wide array of commercial and military applications, commercial and government sponsored space launch systems, and satellite and interstellar propulsion. The 10th IECEC will address: energy conversion technology, advanced energy and power systems, devices for terrestrial energy systems, aerospace technology’s role in advanced power systems, and the future of the “Smart Grid” in the United States and abroad.

The conferences will begin with a keynote address by Robert Lightfoot, acting associate administrator, NASA. Additional keynote speakers for JPC will be David Thompson, chief executive officer, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dulles, Va.; David Garrison, managing director, Engine and Component Maintenance, Delta Technical Operations, Atlanta, Ga.; Wesley Harris, Charles Stark Draper Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and associate provost, faculty equity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.; Wayne Roberts, chief test pilot, Lockheed Martin Corporation. Keynote speakers for IECEC are Ronald Sega, vice president for energy and environment, The Ohio State University; William Harrison III, technical advisor, fuels and energy, Air Force Research Laboratory Fellow, U.S. Air Force; and David Parekh, vice president of research, and director, United Technologies Research Center.

Event sponsors are ATK, lead industry sponsor; NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, lead government sponsor; Lockheed Martin Corporation, awards luncheon sponsor; Jacobs Technology, USB memory stick sponsor; Battelle and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, general conference sponsors, and Battery Power Magazine, media supporter.

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