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2016 Moldex3D North America User Conference

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The 2016 Moldex3D North America User Conference will be the largest event in the Americas that brings together our users, collaborators, partners, as well as professionals in the plastic engineering industry who are interested in using Moldex3D’s true virtual 3D simulation technology for their work in the development of innovative plastic products. The event will provide insightful views to overcome today’s product design and manufacturing challenges and nurture new ideas for your next winning products.

In this year’s event, you will

  • Learn New Solutions - Uncover novel advanced molding technologies and new powerful features of Moldex3D’s latest R14 version, and gain valuable insights and revolutionize your productivity.


  • Connect with Colleagues & Experts - Engage in meaningful conversations with industry experts or exchange valuable experience with event attendees.


  • Experience the Best of Moldex3D Analysis - Experience first-hand of the new Moldex3D BLM mesh technology and numerous new simulation capabilities in R14, get practical hands-on software trainings, and learn from informative workshops that increase your work efficiency.


  • Get Inspired - See how challenging plastic design and manufacturing problems are solved in real-world from Moldex3D’s successful case-sharing and innovative solutions that provoke forward-thinking.



April 18th (User Conference)
Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel
21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI, 48375, USA
Phone: (248) 349-4000

April 19th (Workshop & Hands-on Training)
Wayne State University Oakland Center
33737 West Twelve Mile Road
Computer Lab Room 305
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331


For event & marketing inquiries: Ms. Yvonne Liu at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For sales & technical inquires: Mr. Srikar Vallury at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Phone: (248) 946-4570

For more information or to register, visit:

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) announced the release of Moldex3D R14.0. In this new version, significant improvements have been made to empower users to work faster and easier on complex models with increased accuracy and novel simulation capabilities for advanced processing applications.

Moldex3D R14.0 includes a number of important improvements on solvers’ robustness and accuracy. The enhanced solvers not only require less meshing elements, but also exhibit greater tolerance for lower quality elements to conduct successful simulations without compromising accuracy. More importantly, the level of meshing flexibility has also been widely broadened. It opens up ability for users to use different mesh types in a way that allows Moldex3D’s solvers to drive them and give them a high degree of accuracy, which results in a more efficient workflow in the pre-processing stage.

One of the most significant features in Moldex3D R14.0 is the new generation of Designer BLM. Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) is a powerful high-resolution mesh technology for complex and large geometries. The new version takes this powerful BLM mesh technology to an even higher level. The automated mesh generator significantly accelerates the creation of high-quality meshes, allowing users to generate up to 5 inward layers of prismatic meshes to improve boundary layer resolution and the auto repair function drastically reduces manual efforts on fixing mesh defects. This will enable a productive handling for modeling complex parts and greatly reduce meshing time.

In addition, CoreTech System recognizes the importance of continuously advancing Moldex3D’s simulation capabilities in lightweight product designs. On top of the enhanced fiber orientation simulation, new features in Moldex3D R14.0 are also made to assist users design better FRP products. Moldex3D Digimat-RP is an important new feature to demonstrate CoreTech System’s devotion in furthering Moldex3D’s simulation capacity for the development of FRP products. It combines the expertise of Moldex3D’s true 3D analysis on injection molding and Digimat’s specialized technology in advanced material modeling to provide a straight-forward workflow that streamlines the engineering process for FRP part development. “We are very pleased to join forces with CoreTech System to make Digimat-RP available directly from within Moldex3D, offering our common customer bases the ability for concurrent engineering of the molding process and FRP part design for optimal performance,” says Dr. Roger A. Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream engineering and Chief Material Strategist of MSC Software.

Additionally, a new simulation module for Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is another perfect extension of CoreTech System’s commitment to the field of composite product manufacturing. Through Moldex3D’s true 3D simulation, a complex geometric design and intricate, interchangeable material mechanisms in a multi-layer fiber design structure can be truthfully visualized which further helps improve and optimize the RTM process.

Another significant feature in R14.0—Hot Runner Steady (HRS) Analysis is also an innovative tool that directly addresses the troublesome flow balance issue in today’s complex hot runner system designs. Moldex3D’s solver will conduct a HRS Analysis based on the layout of the hot runners and the flow rate of each gate can be attained as a valuable reference for users to understand the flow behavior in order to fully examine and optimize all aspects of their hot runner design. Furthermore, HRS analysis provides 15 times faster computing speed than Filling Analysis with the same level of simulation accuracy. It raises the possibility of including more design changes in the same timeframe and ultimately helps maximize productivity.

Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System (Moldex3D) states, “Our core mission is to assist our customers to keep ahead of the competition in today’s fast-changing business environment and with this goal in mind, we are constantly talking to our customers and listen to their feedback in order to develop useful solutions that really help them design and manufacture high quality plastic parts.” He continued, “The release of Moldex3D R14.0 is the true reflection of this ultimate goal as it includes our answers to numerous customer-driven enhancement requests, innovative simulation capabilities for advanced processes, and multiple improvements on software functionality and solvers’ performance that will truly bring tangible values to our users to compete in their market sector.”

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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) is pleased to announce that Moldex3D Digimat-RP (“Reinforced Plastics”) is now available. Moldex3D Digimat-RP aims to combine the expertise of Moldex3D’s true 3D analysis on injection molding and Digimat’s specialized technology in advanced material modeling in order to provide a straight-forward workflow that streamlines the process of accurate structural nonlinear FEA simulations of reinforced plastic parts.

Digimat-RP is a unique nonlinear multi-scale structural modeling solution for fiber reinforced plastic parts developed by e-Xstream engineering, a MSC Software company. It not only provides engineers with an innovative micromechanical modeling approach for optimal and predictive design of composite parts, but also bridges the gap between injection molding and structural simulation analyses.

Moldex3D Digimat-RP is a collaborative technology developed by Moldex3D and e-Xstream engineering teams with the aim of including the important process-induced properties, such as local fiber orientation, residual stresses and temperatures predicted by Moldex3D’s analysis into Moldex3D Digimat-RP for an accurate description of the local composite behavior and ultimately achieving a precise FEA structural analysis using all the major FEA softwares on the market today.

Dr. Roger A. Assaker, CEO of e-Xstream engineering and Chief Material Strategist of MSC Software states, “With the extensive list of advanced capabilities, Digimat is today the market standard for modeling the thermo-mechanical behavior of reinfoced plastics structures taking into account the key effects of injection molding process on the final part performance. Today, e-Xstream is very pleased to join forces with CoreTech System to make Digimat-RP available directly from within Moldex3D, offering our common customer bases the ability for concurrent engineering of the molding process and part design for optimal performance.”

Furthermore, providing an integrated framework that streamlines the performing simulation technologies available in the current market is a prevailing trend for the plastic engineering industry. Dr. Venny Yang, the President of CoreTech System (Moldex3D) further stresses on the importance of this joint integration, “On top of the current Moldex3D and FEA integrations, Moldex3D Digimat-RP acts as an enhanced link between injection molding process and FEA structural simulations. We believe our users will greatly benefit from this collaboration and enjoy a seamless CAE simulation workflow which ultimately helps them design better fiber reinforced plastic parts in a faster and more robust manner.”

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Moldex3D R13.0 Announced

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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), announced the release of Moldex3D R13.0. The software has plastic validation and optimization applications for industrial design and manufacturing, with customer-driven improvements on functionality, workflow, computing efficiency and user experience. Moldex3D enables part designers and mold makers to optimize decision making in the plastic injection molding process. This will allow them to manufacture high-quality products in form, fit and function, reduce costs, and shorten time-to-market.

Moldex3D has been the plastic simulation standard in many industries, including automotive, digital electronics, medical and consumer products. Aimed at eliminating molding defects and increasing production efficiency on plastics, Moldex3D enables customers to visualize the melt front behavior inside the mold cavity and predict potential molding problems before manufacturing. It also helps users validate design or process changes to work more efficiently. It greatly reduces the time and money from repeated mold trials and fixes. It also helps users achieve specific industrial or environmental targets, such as lightweight design for automotive frame structure or carbon fiber material applications.

“Quality and cost are two of the most significant success factors in product development and manufacturing. In addition to conventional plastic applications in the industries, the emerging market demands also require quick response manufacturing. The release of Moldex3D R13.0 has emphasized back-to-basics problem analysis and troubleshooting capabilities. This is helping our customers tackle critical molding issues to reach optimal production efficiency. Quality assurance and cost management that can be achieved effectively in a short time period,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System.

Building upon the capabilities of past releases and improving innovation for performance and functionality,Moldex3D R13.0 offers the following benefits and enhancements:

Rapid Modeling and Meshing
Improved user friendliness for pre-processing work and a wide variety of powerful tools to help anything from geometric modeling to meshing.

  • Gate Location Advisor - Gives advice on the optimal gate location based on part geometry before running an analysis. Improves flow balance and minimizes repeated validation for filling issues, such as short shots or weld lines.
  • Various Runner Design Applications - Better design geometry-based runners and compose a more realistic plastic feeding system applied in the industrial molding process. Enhance modeling flexibility and improve melt front advancement.
  • Conformal Cooling Channel Designer - Defines and create conformal cooling channels automatically based on the contour of the part. Save time in building highly complicated cooling systems that increases cooling efficiency.
  • Automate Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) Creation - Reinforces meshing capabilities to generate high-resolution solid mesh for complex geometric features. Support industry-specific molding simulation and computation.

Heat and Cool Management
Simulate melt front behavior and visualize thermal variations in heating and cooling processes. Improve heating transfer and cooling efficiency to enhance part quality and shorten cycle time.

  • Plastic Filling and Packing Simulation - Users can visualize melt front and sprue pressure variation with reference to screw ram position in the filling and packing processes. Increases interior welding surface prediction, helping users check potential welding defects and mechanical strength weakness inside the cavity. Also, supports valve gate switch controls during the packing stage to provide more realistic valve gate simulation.
  • Cooling Channel Simulation - Allows one to analyze more complex cooling channel designs with multiple coolant inlets and outlets. Supports the Mold Preheat Analysis and allows one to visualize mold temperature variation during the mold preheat stage. This enables users to reduce the number of short shot parts produced before steady cycles.
  • Advanced Hot Runner Simulation - Boosts the computing speed of temperature variation analyses in hot runner simulation. Visualize the temperature distribution in each hot runner metal component and support switch on/off controls when using clipping or slicing functions. User can validate heating rod and coil designs and evaluate heating efficiency.

Enhanced Plastic Applications to Meet Market Demands
Expands the troubleshooting capabilities in injection molding simulations. Allow users to obtain more accurate visualizations of the molding results. This gives users the ability to predict and eliminate potential manufacturing defects much more effectively.

  • Part and Mold Deformation Simulation - In the warp analysis, users can visualize in-plane shrinkage due to PVT distribution and out-of-plane warpage due to different temperature effects across thickness. The software optimizes mold compensation or packing path design and coolant temperature controls to eliminate part deformation. Uses the stress analysis function to simulate mold deformation behavior from pressure and mold thermal loading effects in the filling and cooling stages. Evaluates potential process-induced mold defects.
  • Fiber-reinforced Plastic Simulation - Provides fiber length prediction and fiber concentration distribution when considering screw-induced fiber breakage and shear-induced fiber migration behaviors in the molding process. Users can better evaluate the quality and strength of their plastics using fiber-reinforced materials.
  • Compression Molding Simulation - Improves kernel capabilities and supports compression molding simulations with 3D hybrid mesh models. These are automatically generated in Designer. Users can visualize charge distribution and calculate the volume filled by the plastic flow for each charge. Indicates compression charge contribution and control charge size and position.
  • MuCell® Simulation - Enables users to define more realistic process parameters and enhances simulation accuracy by bringing filling simulation to the packing stage in the microcellular injection molding process. Supports the core-back molding process simulation, in which cell size and cell density are improved to lighten part weight and enhance surface quality.
  • Advanced Structural Assessment in Connection with FEA Software - Increases the integration of the Micromechanics Interface with Digimat and Converse. Supports more output options for analysis results from Moldex3D, such as volumetric shrinkage, temperature distribution or residual stress. Uses FEA software for advanced structural assessments, including ANSYS, ABAQUS, Nastran, Marc, LS-DYNA, Radioss, etc.

User Interface Optimization in Post-processing
Provides an overall better user experience and improves the efficiency of simulation and validation. Makes it more intuitive and more convenient to setup process conditions and visualize analysis results

  • Reality-Simulation Molding Machine Database - Supports the properties of widely applied molding machines for use in injection molding simulations, such as screw diameter or injection pressure. Improve simulation accuracy with reference to real mold trials
  • More Display Applications for Result Visualization - Improves the visualization of simulation results, helping users observe melt front behavior and evaluate potential defects in depth. This includes dense or sparse distribution of fiber orientation on the part’s surface, melt front variation due to screw ram position, clipping or slicing part and mold inserts within the show and hide switches.
  • Report Generator Optimization - Increases user-defined output options in XY curve results. The report wizard enables one to export analysis results in HTML, PPT or PDF formats. Compare up to 4 different runs in one report. This helps users compare result changes due to design and process optimization and decide the optimal molding factor mix.

Comprehensive Material Databank
Supports more than 6,500 thermoplastic and thermoset materials to enhance simulation accuracy. Uses the built-in filter to quickly select property-identified materials and evaluate the properties for use in injection molding simulation.

Improved Model Surface Rendering Kernel Efficiency
Enhances the model surface rendering kernel and boosts the rendering efficiency for graphic performance by 2 to 5 times, which leads to better and smoother model displays.

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Molding Innovation Day 2013

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In the fast pace world of manufacturing there are many factors that companies have to consider in order to gain a competitive edge in the market. A major component of being competitive today is the ability to “Think Innovative”, not just from the product design phase but all the way through development and physical manufacturing.

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) is hosting “Molding Innovation Day 2013” in collaboration with MATSUI on April 16, 2013 at Marriott Troy. The event will bring together the world’s top industry leaders sharing their cutting-edge insights on enabling powerful manufacturing process solutions, including: MuCell®, Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM), Cavity Pressure Technology, and 3D CAE Injection Molding Simulation. These state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies help organizations see the benefits of being innovative by reducing unnecessary production costs, improving process efficiency, and maintaining sustainable business. Don’t miss out this great opportunity to learn the latest industry trends and network with industry fellow peers. Register today to Unleash Innovation to Increase Business Efficiency!

Featured Technologies:

- Lower part weight, lower production costs and increase design freedom
- Maximize weight reduction and reduce fuel consumption

Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) Technology Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) Technology
- RHCM technology as the most effective way to improve surface quality
- Eliminate weld lines, obtain high gloss surface, prevent from exposure of glass filler and improve surface texture

Cavity Pressure Technology Cavity Pressure Technology
- Effectively control product quality
- Reduce time and costs associated with manual part sorting

Mold Design and Verification in SIEMENS NX 8.5
- Easily perform plastic flow simulations within the NX environment
- Help designers efficiently achieve higher quality and lower costs

3D Injection Molding Simulation 3D Injection Molding Simulation
- True 3D CAE for investigating and optimizing advanced green manufacturing processes
- Lead designers and manufacturers to better validate and optimize product designs

For more information or to register, visit:

Moldex3D announced its leading mold filling simulation technology has been integrated with the latest release of NX™ software. NX EasyFill Analysis will enable the innovative and professional mold filling simulation technologies to further enhance the mold design-to-manufacturing process for users of NX 8.5. Siemens’ PLM software business unit started distributing and supporting NX EasyFill Analysis globally with the release of NX 8.5.

“We are very happy to incorporate Moldex3D filling analysis capabilities in NX to offer designers a more accessible and easy-to-use injection molding solution,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of Moldex3D, “Predicting and preventing manufacturing defects in the earliest design phase of plastic injection-molded product development will become more efficient and cost-effective, and help companies avoid unnecessary waste of time and money on repeated mold trials and fixes.”

“NX has been a global leader in the design of high-end plastic product and mold tooling in a wide variety of industries. We believe that incorporating Moldex3D CAE technologies will further enhance our customers’ ability to validate designs upfront and solve design bottlenecks. The EasyFill Analysis in NX 8.5 demonstrates our commitment to bringing integrated design and manufacturing simulation solutions for plastic parts to our customers,” said Jim Rusk , Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software.

NX EasyFill Analysis enables designers to easily check potential manufacturing defects without leaving the NX design environment. It helps users tackle significant molding issues more efficiently to optimize gate number/locations, material selection, or process conditions. Additionally, Moldex3D provides more advanced capabilities in its “eDesignSYNC for NX” to support packing, cooling, fiber orientation and warpage predictions. It allows NX users to visualize more critical molding factors and evaluate the results, such as sink marks, overpacking, or thermal displacement and part shrinkage.

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CoreTech System (Moldex3D) and OPM Laboratory Co, a world leading manufacture in laser sintering control programs and conformal cooling applications, announced that they have partnered together to leverage the two companies’ technologies and expertise in conformal cooling process.

In the past few decades, several novel injection molding techniques have been developed in pursuit of better quality and cost savings. Cooling is the most dominant stage in injection molding in terms of quality and cycle time. Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to proven success in part quality enhancement and cooling time reduction. However, compared to other conventional cooling techniques, conformal cooling channel design is an intricate and complicated matter, and mold inserts used in a conformal cooling system are more costly. Therefore, designing and verifying an effective conformal cooling system have been critical for its users.

As Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System (Moldex3D) said in an interview, “It is our core mission to listen to our customers, and develop a useful tool to help simulate and validate their product designs and production processes. Applying simulation in conformal cooling process has been highly desirable in the industry. We saw the need in the industry; thus, we developed its simulation technology, and debuted a 3D conformal cooling analysis in Moldex3D R11.0 early this year.”

Striving to improve our simulation capabilities in conformal cooling process, the new partnership of Moldex3D and OPM Laboratory is created to integrate the two companies’ technologies on conformal cooling design and simulation together in hope of developing an easy-to-use and multi-functional interface for conformal cooling users. “With this development, it is anticipated to bring a seamless workflow from design to simulation to the users of conformal cooling, and we are very excited about our partnership with Moldex3D,” said Mr. Kazuho Morimoto, the CEO of OPM Laboratory Co., Ltd. “…I firmly believe that with the alliance with OPM now, our development on conformal cooling simulation technology will be greatly furthered and enhanced…,” Dr. Venny Yang further added.

CoreTech System (Moldex3D) and OPM are jointly establishing a detailed plan and specifications for further development and validations. The enhanced capabilities are expected to be available in the near future.

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Moldex3D is collaborating with the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, along with several molding technology vendors, to host a technical seminar “Molding Innovation day”. This will be held on September 4-5, 2012 at the Lower Locks Room, UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center.

During this two-day seminar, specialists from different molding applications are invited to give presentations on the latest innovative technologies in “Green” concepts, including Conformal Cooling, MuCell®, Hot Runner and Sensor Technology. Discussions will include these advanced plastic molding technologies in the context of real cases and how they can be applied in your industry to improve product quality. Come join us and be part of this educational event. Help make a difference in resource conservation. We are looking forward to receiving you in UMass-Lowell campus!  Seats are limited.

September 4-5, 2012 09:00 – 03:30

Lower Locks Room, UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center
(50 Warren St. Lowell, MA 01852)

Agenda Highlights:

  • MuCell® Injection Molding: Unique Process Solutions for Plastic Parts
  • Mold Thermal Management: Conformal Cooling
  • Hot Runner
  • Highlights of Latest Simulation Capabilities

For more information or to register, visit:

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Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 SP1

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CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the true 3D CAE simulation solution innovator, today announced the new release of Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 Service Pack 1, the quick design verification and optimization tools embedded in mainstream 3D digital design software, including Creo, NX, and SolidWorks. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC provides industrial designers with easy-to-use, multi-functional, and cost-effective solutions that enable synchronize design changes with simulations and evaluate manufacturability directly in their familiar design environments. Designers are able to predict and avoid potential molding defects in the earliest phase of developing plastic injection-molded products.

Building upon the capabilities of past releases and adding innovation, Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 Service Pack 1 primarily offers three user-oriented innovative features:

Gate Wizard

Moldex3D Gate Wizard supports nine widely-used gate types, including pin gate, sprue gate, edge gate, fan gate, etc. With a simple click on a target location of a model, users can build different gate types more easily and setup related diameter and attributes quickly. The intelligent parameterized user interface significantly lightens users’ burden to create ideal gate types depending on their individual demands.

Runner Wizard

Automatically generating a runner system for the gates, Moldex3D Runner Wizard automates and simplifies the runner system design process. When users assign single or multiple gate locations and dimensions on a model, the Runner Wizard will directly calculate appropriate runner size, shape, and layout. It also offers options with which users can specify runners, sprues, and Cold slug wells. With the support of Moldex3D Runner Wizard, users can design runner systems with any degree of complexity more efficiently.

Auto-Trim Capability on Solid Cooling Channels

If users build solid cooling channels with inlets and outlets outside the moldbase faces, the Auto-Trim capability will automatically cut the channels as with the moldbase faces. Users no longer need to cut the channels manually through several operation steps.

Additionally, the Advanced Hot Runner module is supported in Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 Service Pack 1. Before running a cooling analysis, users can define hot runner components, including manifold, nozzle, and bushing, further setting computation parameters in Moldex3D Project. The 3D visualization of runner and moldbase temperature distributions helps hot runner designers evaluate the temperature control system and achieve optimization of hot runner systems.

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 Service Pack 1 is now available on Creo, NX, and SolidWorks.

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Matsui, the world leader company in Conformal Cooling Technology, and CoreTech System (Moldex3D), the world's largest ISV of injection molding simulation invite you to attend a joint seminar “Molding Innovation Day – Towards Green Manufacturing and Sustainability” on July 19th, 2012 at Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel.

In this one-day seminar, experienced industry leaders are invited to give talks on the latest innovative technologies with “Green” concepts, including Conformal Cooling, MuCell®, Hot Runner and Drying Technology. Discussion will include these advanced plastic molding technologies with successful real cases and how they can apply in your industry to improve product quality. Again, we would like to invite you to be part of this wonderful event to help make a difference in earth conservation. We are looking forward to meeting you in Novi very soon!

Featured Topics:

Green Molding and Heat & Cool Molding Technology Expand Potential of Injection Molding
- Heat & Cool (RHCM) technology as the most effective way to improve surface quality
- Eliminate weldlines, obtain high gloss surface, prevent from exposure of glass filler and improve surface texture

Drying Technology and Optimization
- Explain and evaluate common resin drying methods and advanced drying technologies
- Optimize the drying process and reduce the waste of energy

MuCell® Injection Molding: Unique Process Solutions for Light Weighting Automotive Plastic Parts
- Lower part weight, lower production costs and increase design freedom
- Maximize weight reduction and reduce fuel consumption

Optimizing Conformal Cooling, Hot Runner and Variotherm Processes
- Improve part quality within a reasonable cycle time
- Reach an excellent balance in product performance and production cost

Highlights of Moldex3D R11 New Capabilities
- True 3D CAE for investigating and optimizing these advanced manufacturing processes
- Lead designers and manufacturers to better validate and optimize product designs

Date: July 19, 2012
Location: Novi, MI, USA
Venue: Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel

For more information or to register, visit:

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the true 3D CAE simulation solution innovator, today announced Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0, the latest release of quick design verification and optimization tools embedded in mainstream 3D digital design software, including Creo, NX, and SolidWorks. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC provides industrial designers with easy-to-use, multi-functional, and cost-effective solutions that enable synchronize design changes and evaluate manufacturability directly in their familiar design environments. Designers are able to predict and avoid potential molding defects in the earliest phase of the plastic injection molding process.

CAE simulation solutions have been conventionally considered to assist mold makers to discover the optimal process conditions more efficiently. However, scenarios usually occur where design revisions are ultimately required to solve molding defects much more effectively than spending time and costs on process condition optimization. “The integration between design and simulation brings a high-performance design platform that allows designers to examine and optimize part and mold designs seamlessly. It will enhance product quality and reduce the costs of building common communication knowledge through each phase of the design-to-manufacturing process,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System.

Building upon the capabilities of past releases and adding innovation, Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 offers the following features and benefits:

Pioneering CAD Interface Integration

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 has integrated with the most newly-developed releases of 3D digital design software, including Creo 2.0, NX 8, and SolidWorks 2012. This support will provide designers with real-time professional simulation capabilities and results, which leads users to identify and solve potential molding problems accurately and efficiently.

Flexible Feeding and Cooling Creation Tools

Designers can use native CAD tools to draw lines and set attributes as runners or coolant channels. It is more flexible and simple for users to design complicated feeding and cooling systems depending on their needs. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 supports heating rod designs and enhances user friendliness in cooling design management. Designers now can separate coolant channels into several groups and specify inlets or outlets, and they can even setup advanced properties, such as flow rate or temperature.

Mesh Layer Assurance

When designers select this new function in Moldex3D analysis settings, the meshing kernel will automatically check and guarantee enough number of mesh layers around critical regions of a model. It will improve mesh resolution, which helps users acquire more accurate simulation results.

Sharing Results Across Departments

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 allows designers to generate analysis reports in HTML or PowerPoint format. Designers can easily share their ideal designs and performance with executives, suppliers, and customers. It also helps build better communication channels between designers and mold makers, which will reduce the costs of repeated process condition verification and model modification.

More Convenient Analysis Management

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 supports to create multiple analysis runs in one project. Designers can put design changes into simulation directly with the same process conditions and compare the results more efficiently. Designers also can specify a new project, which will be listed under the previous project. The tree management for multiple comparative analyses will allow users to better decide the optimal model design.

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC R11.0 is now available.

For more information, visit:

CoreTech System, the “True 3D” CAE simulation solution innovator, announced the latest release of plastic design and analysis software for high-end injection molding simulations, Moldex3D R11.0. This release brings several breakthrough new features and enhancements that lead designers and manufacturers to better validate and optimize product designs with advanced 3D simulation results and high-speed processing capabilities at every stage of industrial molding processes.

When facing severer molding challenges and cost competition, global enterprises are always seeking for more accurate and more efficient solutions. Moldex3D R11.0 has been developed to help customers overcome this kind of difficulties between ideal market demands and physical manufacturing factors. “The core value of Moldex3D is to provide our customers accurate, high-performance, and attentive service. We have re-positioned Moldex3D R11.0 as four solution packages, including eDesign Basic, eDesign, Professional, and Advanced, to satisfy more exclusive needs from our customers in every level of process complexity,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System. Moldex3D R11.0 offers industrial users the most complete injection molding simulations. It also adds innovation for better user experience and faster computing capabilities. The ability to have professional simulation results and predictions will encourage more effective product cycle management and increase profitability, which brings companies greater global competitiveness.

Building upon the previous releases and the powerful simulation capabilities, Moldex3D R11.0 provides new features and enhancements including:

Advanced Support for Pre-Processor

Moldex3D R11.0 adds several friendly tools that enable users to design various feeding and cooling systems depending on individual needs more easily. It also highly improves the quality of mesh generation, which will help users better portray unique model features with complicated geometry and acquire more accurate simulation results.

Improvements on Accuracy for Simulations

This release supports a venting analysis that helps users solve potential incomplete fills in cavities more effectively. It also supports a core shift analysis to simulate the deflection results of part inserts due to imbalanced pressure in the filling process. Additionally, the Standard Cool solver adds visualization of 3D coolant flow in cooling channels for evaluation of baffle, bubbler and conformal cooling designs. The expanded Transient Cool analysis improves predictions of cooling inefficiency problems and can directly benefit conformal cooling circuit design. As for reactive materials, Reactive Injection Molding (RIM) modules support PVTC models for more accurate warpage and volumetric shrinkage predictions. For encapsulation projects, users now can analyze wire crossing models and identify related troubles. Moreover, Gas-Assisted and Water-Assisted Injection Molding modules allow users to define an overflow region, which will lead to more realistic process simulations. Finally, FEA Interface modules increase transferable file formats and data distributions into structural analysis software.

New Simulation Capabilities

Moldex3D R11.0 also introduces several new modules, including Advanced Hot Runner, Co-Injection Molding, Microcellular Foaming (MuCell®), and Underfill Encapsulation (Underfill), to accurately simulate the 3D molding phenomena in these special injection molding processes. Key process parameters can be investigated, and major molding defects can be predicted for design verification and process optimization. Another useful module is Expert. It uses the Design for Experiment (DOE) method to help users evaluate optimal analysis results systematically instead of using the conventional trial-and-error method.

Enhanced Efficiency for Simulations

Improving user friendliness and efficiency has also been the major focus in Moldex3D R11.0. We redesigned the user interface of Process Wizard as the real control panel on an injection molding machine. It will guide users to define and setup process conditions more easily and intuitively. Moldex3D Project adds predictions of gate contribution for users to measure the flow field from each gate as a reference for optimizing gate location designs. At the same time, it supports more result displays on surface, including velocity vector and volumetric shrinkage, which allow users to evaluate 3D analysis results more conveniently. Moreover, users can compare XY plots from different selected run results and import or export these data curves as a CSV file for further discussion. In parallel to the release of R11.0, a brand new result visualization tool, Moldex3D Viewer, is ready for beta testing. Users are able to export selected result items with a very compact file size for sharing design and simulation knowledge over Internet among the team, suppliers and customers.

High Performance Computing

Moldex3D R11.0 employs Intel® MPI Library as the parallel processing communication protocol. Its computing speed will increase by 5-10% in comparison with that in Moldex3D R10.0 under the same CPU cores. At the same time, it also adds support for the parallel processing capability of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). It can accelerate the computing speed by 10-20 times for a Standard Flow analysis and by 2-4 times for an Enhanced Flow analysis.

For more information, visit:

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the largest independent CAE software provider for injection molding process, is pleased to announce its attendance at PLASTEC East 2011 in New York, USA. The exhibition will take place from June 7th to 9th, 2011 at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and Moldex3D would like to invite plastic industry professionals to visit at booth #142.

PLASTEC East, an international trade fair, offers a wide range of plastics processing solutions for manufacturers of automotive, electronics, packaging, aerospace/aviation, consumer goods, and more. It showcases the latest advances in primary processing machinery, computer-aided design and manufacturing, production machinery, materials, molds and mold components, automation technology, and etc. PLASTEC East is viewed as a must-attend regional event in the Middle East and North Africa region.

With a mission of helping product and mold designers identify potential problems and solutions as early in the design phase as possible in order to reduce development cost and production cycle, Moldex3D is going to offer a solution, Moldex3D/eDesign, to the attendees at PLASTEC East. Moldex3D/eDesign, like a virtual injection machine, empowers designers see through the whole process to evaluate possible issues in injection molding process, such as weld line, air trap, short shot, warpage, heat accumulation, and etc. Given the synergy of true 3D capabilities, automatic meshing kernel, parallel computing technology, and user-friendly workflow, Moldex3D/eDesign enables users verify and further optimize designs with 100% confidence in just a short time.

To create more values for the designers, Moldex3D/eDesign can be accessed from within CAD software through Moldex3D eDesignSYNC. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC is an easy-to-use and multi-functional interface fully embedded in CAD software to bring a seamless workflow from design to simulation. With the complete support of Moldex3D/eDesign, designers can create CAD models, setup the pre-processing conditions, and directly run professional injection molding analyses for design verification and optimization in their familiar CAD environments. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC is available on Creo Elements/Pro, NX, and SolidWorks.

For more information visit: or

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the “True 3D” CAE simulation solution innovator and a member of the SolidWorks Solution Partner Program, has released a new interface for SolidWorks® software, the flagship digital product design software from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for SolidWorks serves as the bridge allowing designers to synchronize design changes with the great analysis power of Moldex3D/eDesign in the familiar environment. This partnership and integration between SolidWorks and Moldex3D creates value for both users of two world-class products.

“Moldex3D eDesignSYNC is developed to bring True 3D plastic injection molding simulation to the desktop of every industrial engineer,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System. “As the market is demanding high-function designs with a variety of features, complete molding solutions have become more essential than ever.”

Moldex3D/eDesign is a suite of advanced injection molding simulation software for plastic part validation and mold optimization. It offers complete analysis functions such as filling, packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation, insert molding, etc. With Moldex3D eDesignSYNC, designers are able to take advantage of these professional capabilities for digitally verifying design changes and solving manufacturing difficulties more effectively and more efficiently. It also seeks to provide a user-friendly interface for every user to access to Moldex3D simulation more easily. The release of Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for SolidWorks will benefit the mutual users of SolidWorks and Moldex3D with a more flexible simulation-driven design platform.

Moldex3D eDesignSYNC is now available for SolidWorks. For pricing and detailed product information, please contact our local offices and resellers. Further technical information also can be found at

SolidWorks World 2011 is the annual event held by SolidWorks, and it will bring together 4,000 SolidWorks end-users and resellers. At booth #116, Moldex3D will show its true 3D simulation technology and “eDesignSYNC for SolidWorks”, a SolidWorks-embedded interface that enables users to verify their design more efficiently. We truly look forward to seeing you at SolidWorks World 2011!

1. What is Moldex3D?
Moldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastic injection molding industry. With the best-in-class analysis technology, Moldex3D can help you to in-depth simulate the widest application range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product ROI. Among the Moldex3D product lines, eXplorer is a SolidWorks-embedded product that allows SolidWorks users to perform quick filling analysis for designing better plastic parts; eDesign is suite of tools that helps you to simulate your entire mold design before manufacturing begins; Solid/Shell is a complete series of advanced engineering simulation tools for in-depth analysis and optimization of the most advanced molding processes.

2. Why should SolidWorks World attendees visit Moldex3D booth?
Our latest product, eDesignSYNC for SolidWorks, serves as the bridge allowing SolidWorks users to access Moldex3D/eDesign from within the SolidWorks platform, which provides seamless work flow from design to simulation. Moldex3D/eDesign has been widely adopted as the standard design verification and optimization tool by leading manufacturers globally. It offers complete analysis functions such as filling, packing, cooling, warpage, fiber orientation, insert molding, etc. With the task-oriented and easy-to-use SolidWorks interface, SolidWorks users are able to easily access the professional analysis functions and capabilities of Moldex3D/eDesign, which will improve modeling and simulation interpretability, and encourage design changes for product optimization.

We are also proud to announce a live demonstration of our “Cloud Computing” system. Moldex3D’s private cloud provides a comprehensive solution for users to build their own centralized, high-security, and high-flexibility network for design engineers and plastics specialists that use Moldex3D software. It enables users to quickly submit, schedule, prioritize, and monitor analysis jobs which can be accessed from the local client’s computers to the remote computing network. Completed jobs will automatically download on the clients end. It also helps users to easily adjust computing resources to daily business operations accordingly. Furthermore, this brand-new SAAS-based solution offers businesses a flexible and reliable way to increase the computing power of Moldex3D quickly and efficiently as needed without having to expand into additional investments to achieve the same results.

3. What are the key features of Moldex3D software and how can it help make SolidWorks users’ life easier?

* Reliability - Pioneering 3D technology delivers reliable results
* Efficiency - Parallel computing achieves high-speed calculation
* Capability - Complete analysis modules for design verification and optimization
* Teamwork - Enhance cross-department collaboration

4. How can customers connect with Moldex3D at, before and after the show?
Moldex3D will be at booth #116 in the Partner Pavilion. You can also contact us at:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We look forward to seeing you at SolidWorks World 2011!

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