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In January 2013, Mitsui Seiki will open the doors of a new Turbine Technology Center located in the company’s Franklin Lakes, NJ facility.

“Our existing and potential OEM and supply chain customers in the turbo machinery industry will be able to conduct test cuts, apply different processes, experiment with cutting tool designs, and prove out CNC programs,” says Tom Dolan, Vice President. “They will also be able to try different integrated in-process quality control devices and software. The Center’s resources will help them determine the best strategies and solutions for their specific needs in their own factories.”

Likewise Mitsui Seiki will use the Center to further enhance its significant aero and powergen turbine knowledge and applications expertise. Engineers will use the center like a lab to research and develop new, relevant technologies as they become available. The company will also use the Center to refine its own machine designs.

“Our goal is to become our clients’ most responsive source to present, demonstrate, and evaluate new solutions so they can machine their turbine parts more efficiently and effectively,” says Dolan.

The 3000 sq. ft. Mitsui Seiki Turbine Technology Center will have three dedicated 5-axis machining centers that can accommodate small and mid-size turbine components including blades, blisks, and impellers.  Additionally, other related work such as fuel system, disks, vanes, and ancillary parts can be processed. The new Technical Center will be staffed by senior applications engineers with several years of experience in turbine component machining. The company is also in discussion with certain industry and academic collaborators to participate in the Center to contribute to its knowledge base and systems approach in the areas of CAD/CAM, tooling, inspection, and productivity software.

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Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc. has developed a specially-designed, 5-axis CNC vertical machining center for the production of turbine blades from forgings, castings, bar stock, or solid billets of titanium and stainless steel.  It will be officially introduced to the metalworking industry at the International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 10 – 15 in Chicago. According to the company, several customers provided design criteria, including a reasonable capital cost per part, small machine footprint, the ability to rough and finish parts in competitive cycle times, and improved part accuracy and surface finish. “In other words,” says Tom Dolan, VP of Mitsui Seiki, “the total machining center package had to be smaller, faster, more accurate than what they had been using – all at an affordable price.” After about 18 months in development, the new Vertex 550-5XB machine is the result.

Key specifications include a footprint of approximately 65 sq. ft., an X, Y, Z working envelope of 550mm x 600mm x 500mm, and rapid traverse rates in all linear axes of 48m/min.  A and B axes are represented in a rotating/tilting table. A-axis tilts from +45 to – 90 degree angles, and the B-axis features infinite positioning points. The engineering of the rotary axes offers a new, non-traditional approach, which Dolan says enhances manual and automatic load/unload operations, such as the integration of a robot and cellular manufacturing capability. Further, Mitsui Seiki has incorporated its proven spindle configuration in the new Vertex 550-5XB, ideally suited to cut hard titanium and stainless steel grades. It also is directed by the latest and most advanced Fanuc control system.

Mitsui Seiki’s tradition is to build rigid and ultra precise metal cutting and grinding machines. The Vertex 550-5XB’s geometric accuracy is carefully monitored in the tightest temperature-controlled factory environment in the world.  The machine features a cast bed which provides an ultra rigid machine structure. A unique “box in a box” design provides superior rigidity and stiffness that typically is not available in a machine of this size.  All guide way mounting surfaces are hand-scraped, achieving very high volumetric accuracies, which would be impossible to achieve on surfaces that are simply machined and /or ground. This engineering and construction concept, coupled with a newly designed machine, provides users with competitive advantages over traditional, similar purpose machines.

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With the continuing evolution of machining requirements to satisfy new power generation production needs, Mitsui Seiki has introduced the HU63-T 5-xis CNC Machining Center. Typical applications include critical rotating components (Blisks, Impellers, & Turbine Disks) for gas turbine power generation systems.

New features and specifications for the HU63-T include up 800 mm (31.5”) work diameter capacity on its vertically oriented table, 300 kg (660 lbs) work / fixture weight capacity, variety of increased axis stroke options, high torque spindles (1081 Nm – 800 lb-ft continuous), tuned structure for heavy cutting in hard metals, and latest Fanuc 30iM control with enhanced features for 5-axis simultaneous machining. The X, Y, Z working envelope is 900 mm x 800 mm x 800 mm (35.4? x 31.5? x 31.5?). The rapid federate in X, Y, Z axes is 32,000 mm/min (1260 ipm). Accuracy is the hallmark of any Mitsui Seiki machine. With the HU63-T, positioning accuracy in X, Y, Z axes is 0.001 mm (0.00004?), positioning repeatability is 0.001 mm (0.00004?). On the B axis, positioning accuracy is ±4 arc seconds; repeatability is ±1.5 arc seconds.

The driver for the energy industry boom is fuel efficiency, achieved by lighter weights, excellent heat tolerance, and smaller packages. For a machine tool builder such as Mitsui Seiki, this is a fortunate evolution as more sophisticated machine tools are required to machine these new materials and complex precision parts cost-effectively. Mitsui Seiki has a long history developing dedicated machine tools for the energy industry. The company has been particularly active in the ground-based gas turbine market developing new projects for high speed machining of air foils, heavy-duty machining of engine cases, and high precision machining of gearboxes. The advancement of its HU-T product line has become important to this energy market segment. Likewise, with other products, the company is gaining ground in the wind market, helping windmill manufacturers make their gearboxes faster and more precisely.

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The opportunities for titanium machining work are growing. As such, Mitsui Seiki USA, Inc. is hosting “Titanium Machining Technology Days” on June 15 and June 16, 2011. These one-day technical events will provide valuable insight into machining this hard metal. Speakers from Sikorsky, Boeing, Kennametal, Apache Aerospace, Fanuc, and Mitsui Seiki will present the critical aspects to consider along with the latest practical experience surrounding this topic. Machining demonstrations are also planned. The presentations will be held at the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel in Mahwah, New Jersey. The machine demos will be held at Mitsui Seiki’s facility in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

There is no charge to attend Titanium Machining Technology Days’ presentations and demonstrations. Special event hotel room rates have been arranged at the Sheraton Mahwah Hotel. Space is limited. To register and for more information, including an agenda and accommodation details, visit or call 201-337-1300.

Mitsui Seiki’s new 2500 mm HU100A-5XLL Horizontal Machining Center is now available and designed for machining large, complex, and heavy (up to 6600 lbs.) hard metal parts. “We built several custom engineered machines with similar configurations and attributes; it made sense for us to add the HU100XLL to our standard product line,” says Mr. Thomas Dolan, Mitsui’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “The custom engineered machines were supplied to primarily aerospace, power generation, refrigeration, and mold and die parts manufacturers as all of these industries have fundamental common requirements for machine rigidity and stiffness for low frequency machining and high accuracy,” adds Mr. Dolan. “We expect demand for this type of rugged, 5-axis equipment to accelerate over the next five years.”

The HU100A-5XLL offers an X, Y, Z working envelope of 2500mm x 1750mm x 1400mm (98.4 in. x 68.9 in. x 55.1 in.). The A and B tilting and rotating trunnion table axes represent the 4th and 5th axes of motion. The standard spindle offering is a 50 taper, although many manufacturers taking extra heavy roughing cuts in titanium and tough steels could opt for the HSK 100 or HSK 125 spindle with extra high torque – 3332Nm (2457 lb.-ft.). The FMS-ready machine has a pallet size of 1700mm x 1000mm (66.9 in. x 39.4 in.) and accommodates weight up to 3000kg (6600 lbs.). The automatic toolchanger accommodates 360 tools with lengths up to 500mm (19.6 in.), diameters to 305mm (12 in.), and weights of 30kg (66 lbs).

As with all Mitsui Seiki’s machine tools, the high accuracy and ultra rigidity of the new HU100A-5XLL come from the builder’s close monitoring and analysis of its 3D Finite Element Designed structure, its craftsmanship and methodology of hand scraping all castings for geometry and frequency tuning, and its use of hardened and ground steel box ways. Further, all critical components for the new machine are designed, manufactured, and quality-controlled in-house at one of the world’s most advanced machine tool factories.

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