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Custom engineered heated air knife blow-off systems for drying machined metal, cast or stamped parts faster than using compressed air only are being introduced by Malcom Company, Inc. of Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Malcom Hot Air Knife Systems can be custom configured with one or more hot air blowers, specialty deflectors, air nozzles or tunnels and various control options to blow up to 1,000ºF heated air at pressure up to 4.5 psi. Suitable for drying machined metal, cast or stamped parts, the combination of hot air and pressure allows faster conveyor line speeds, claims the firm.

Available for new and retrofit applications, Malcom Hot Air Knife Systems can fully dry metallic surfaces to prevent corrosion and prepare them for subsequent processes. Providing adjustable heat from ambient up to 1,000ºF, they incorporate self-contained heat guns, can be custom designed for simple and complex installations, and are scaleable.

Malcom Hot Air Knife Systems are priced according to configuration and installation requirements. Price quotations are available upon request.

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