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Lightworks, the world's leading supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce that the latest release of TurboCAD® Pro software features significant enhancements based on the Lightworks Author product.

Lightworks Author – the company’s integrated rendering source – provides customers with a broad and well established product suite to enable the creation of a wide range of rendering solutions for all types of market and application. This structure means that customers can select the product set that satisfies the exact needs of their market, enabling the creation of powerful and easy-to-use CAD applications for their users.

TurboCAD Pro 18 is the latest release of software from IMSI/Design, a global leader in the retail CAD sector. IMSI/Design has long integrated Lightworks technology as the rendering engine within its TurboCAD software, one of the first products to offer powerful 3D modelling in an easy-to-use application. This new release incorporates significant Lightworks enhancements offering TurboCAD users greater rendering performance within their application. Lightworks Multi-threading support takes advantage of multi-core processors to speed up renderings, and updates to the integrated Lightworks Author rendering engine include progressive, ray-traced rendering which improves the user’s workflow whilst also enabling a faster generation of images.

Bob Mayer, COO of IMSI/Design commented, "TurboCAD Pro 18 is our strongest release yet and we’re particularly pleased with the high performance enhancements which Lightworks gives on the rendering side of things. We believe that these will be welcomed by our loyal user-base and will help them to generate even greater photorealism within their designs."

Dave Forrester, CEO at Lightworks added, "Our customers are seeing great results from our Lightworks Author technology. As a long-standing customer of Lightworks, this TurboCAD release is testament to our continued focus to provide the type of product enhancements that our customers need to help them remain competitive within today’s CAD marketplace."

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