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Kubotek3D announced the V15.5 release of the Kubotek line of CAD/CAM products including KeyCreator 3D CAD software and leading CAD comparison and translation validation utilities. This release provides updates to six CAD file translators and a new internet-based login license authentication option. KeyCreator drafting features see view creation performance advances and dimension editing enhancements. Additionally, a new free viewer program named KeyCreator Viewer has been spun off from the Spectrum Multi-CAD Viewer product.

Updated CAD Translators

Interoperability with other CAD/CAM software across all V15.5 Kubotek software has been updated with the latest versions of six major CAD file formats:

  • ACIS SAT 2018 1.0
  • Autodesk Inventor 2018
  • Parasolid X_T v30
  • PTC Creo 4.0
  • Siemens NX 12
  • SolidWorks 2018

Starting with the V15.5 release customers with stand-alone licenses on active maintenance now have the option to use a program login for license authentication. Login authentication is an alternative to the standard method of temporary activation of a license onto a specific PC through a check-in/check-out process. With login authentication the process of making the license available for another PC is simply exiting the program and can also be handled remotely from the customer’s support account.

Chris Boivin, Kubotek3D Technical Support Manager, said “Login authentication will provide additional licensing flexibility for customers working on PCs with internet connections. The remote logout feature also allows customers to more quickly recover from situations when a PC running the software is lost or disabled.”

KeyCreator 2017 V15.5 includes three improvements aimed at improving productivity in drawings. Multi-processor support has been expanded in the Advanced Precise Hidden Line Rendering system allowing views containing large numbers of solids to draw faster. The Move function has been enhanced to allow quick repositioning of dimension extension or leader lines. Last, a new function has been added for quickly changing arrowhead type on selected ends of dimensions.

The V15.5 release separates the Kubotek Spectrum product line into two products; KeyCreator Viewer and Spectrum Multi-CAD Viewer. KeyCreator Viewer is a free program that provides read-only viewing access to all KeyCreator CKD files and also CADKEY PRT files. KeyCreator Viewer replaces past products known as Spectrum Lite, Spectrum KeyCreator, and Spectrum CADKEY.

Free trials of Kubotek software are available.

Kubotek Creation Engineering announces the immediate availability of its KCM geometric modeling kernel. KCM solves the CAD interoperability problem and supercharges compute intensive 3D modeling applications. KCM is available for integration into current and existing CAD/CAM, ray tracing, robotics or other 3D modeling applications.

Software developers using KCM can now take full advantage of multiprocessor technology available on all modern computers. The KCM modeler is written from the ground up to be truly thread-safe, unlike older modelers whose thread-safety measures were added after multi-core processors became the norm.

Older modelers programmed their thread-safety after the fact by using mutexes, severely limiting the speed at which the computer can utilize multiprocessor capabilities. Mutexes severely limit data flow while ensuring integrity of data in a multiprocessing environment. With KCM’s mutex-free thread-safe code, one customer’s application achieved an almost 100% increase in speed for every processor added to its application, boosting their application's speed by 10x. This has given the company a significant competitive advantage in its market.

Paul Stallings, PhD., Vice President of Development at Kubotek, and Chief Architect of the KCM geometric modeler, compares mutexes to the classic gas station bathroom key: “Imagine a service station that serves hundreds of travelers per day, and in that service station, there is only one restroom available.  In order to access that restroom, you must wait in line for the key to unlock the door. And of course, the line grows longer during peak times. The frustration and discomfort felt by the travelers waiting in line is the same as software users who need to wait for their data to compute. Anyone using software powered by KCM will need not a key because data will flow freely, quickly and safely.”

Interoperability has been a decades-long problem in the CAD industry. As the only modeler architected with the express goal of working with other people’s data, Kubotek’s KCM solves this issue for CAD developers. As a variable precision modeler, it works exceptionally well with other CAD file formats, even if the file formats haven’t been written to that format’s exact specifications. This means when other modelers fail to import foreign geometry KCM will succeed. And in the rare case where there is an issue, the KCM translators provide application developers clear feedback on the points of failure.

Stallings says “Parasolid® and ACIS® have served the CAD and 3D software communities well over the last 20 years. They are solid, mature modelers and were great for their day. It is now time for the KCM modeler to bring software developers to new levels of speed, interoperability and a future of new possibilities. KCM is the next generation modeler.”

Kubotek is also announcing KCM options that can be purchased with, or separately from, the KCM modeler including:

  • CAD Translators, including these read/write options: ACIS®, Parasolid®, IGES®, STEP®, STL, OBJ, and read-only options of CADKEY®, CATIA®, Inventor®, ProE®/Creo®, KeyCreator®, NX®, SolidWorks®
  • KCM Display to create display views for the KCM modeler which supports different rendering modes and creation, selection and modification of objects and view manipulation, and
  • KCM Dialog – a very simple yet powerful way of creating dialog box interfaces in a cross-platform environment.

The KCM geometric modeler and options are available immediately.

For more information, visit: www.KCM3D.com

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 12:32

Kubotek Releases KeyCreator 2015

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Kubotek USA has officially released KeyCreator 2015. As the sole remaining independent Direct CAD solution available, KeyCreator 2015 continues to add functionality and customer-driven enhancements to give its users unmatched productivity and flexibility for an efficient design-to-manufacture process.

KeyCreator 2015 now includes the KeyCreator Compare module as part of the standard package of KeyCreator 2015. The inclusion of this unique CAD comparison technology makes KeyCreator able to import, edit and compare dozens of native CAD files produced from other systems. This CAD comparison technology expands the use of KeyCreator's proprietary pattern recognition technology to provide users with an easy way to graphically identify, automatically organize and communicate changes to model data via automated PDF reporting.

CAD comparison can be used in numerous ways to help designers and manufacturers, including but not limited to: is/was comparisons for quoting manufacturing jobs and changes, design collaboration with customers, and revision management for design updates. KeyCreator CAD comparison users will also find it easy to document and share their own value-add design work to customers through automated PDF reporting. This technology will continue to change the way manufacturers work with CAD data to ensure data accuracy, product quality and improved communication of designs.

When asked why CAD comparison technology is now a standard part of KeyCreator Direct CAD, Matt Carr, Vice President of Sales & Support responded, "Because we can. This technology was developed a few years ago as a natural extension of our already powerful feature and pattern recognition technology. KeyCreator is all about openness and making collaboration between internal and external customers easy.   We can work with anyone's CAD data effortlessly, so why not provide another industry-leading tool to help KeyCreator users not only improve their productivity, but also their bottom line."

Other notable features in KeyCreator 2015 include animation enhancements for rack & pinion constraints, universal joint constraints, point-on-curve constraints and intermittent motor dialogs.   Users can also capture the animation replay and export it as a movie file for use in presentations, collaboration or for marketing purposes. These animation updates continue to provide users a simple, fast and straightforward way to diagnose any issues with an assembly model and then very quickly solve problems with the simplicity of Direct Modeling.

KeyCreator Artisan, the affordable photorealistic rendering module also includes improvements in the release of KeyCreator 2015. KeyCreator Artisan users will enjoy an updated user interface, as well as being able to export standard KeyCreator light sources into the Artisan package. Users can quickly generate high quality photorealistic images for digital prototyping, design reviews or for marketing purposes.

KeyCreator Analysis, will receive significant improvements and performance enhancements in upcoming KeyCreator 2015 releases. An improved mesher will provide simpler and more robust performance. The next iteration of Sefea™ technology will make the updated solver faster and more accurate than ever before.

Free trials of KeyCreator Direct CAD or any of its optional modules are available from Kubotek USA.

For more information, visit: www.kubotek3d.com

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If you're new to Direct Modeling or KeyCreator Direct CAD (or just have a voyeuristic tendency toward examples of Direct Modeling greatness), join us for this free webinar.

You'll see numerous ways in which Direct Modeling can help you win at:

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Thursday, 14 June 2012 10:00

Kubotek Announces KeyCreator 2012

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Kubotek USA, pioneers of direct modeling, announces the immediate availability of KeyCreator 2012. The release of KeyCreator 2012 solidifies KeyCreator as the most complete 3D Direct Modeler available to manufacturing and design professionals everywhere.
The KeyCreator 2012 release includes scores of user driven enhancements. These enhancements are found within many of the functions users use every day, providing not only better control, but even greater visualization, accuracy, performance and CAD file interoperability. In addition to the new improvements, KeyCreator 2012 also boasts continued powerful surfacing and extremely flexible assembly capabilities, as well as sophisticated detailing and drawing creation.
KeyCreator 2012 is the only Direct Modeling CAD software to include a multitude of powerful engineering tools and capabilities in one complete package, including three fully integrated add-on modules. The modules include KeyCreator Machinist integrated 2-3 axis NC milling, KeyCreator Compare CAD validation and comparison, and the brand new KeyCreator Analysis multiphysics simulation software powered by Sefea Technology.
The availability of the KeyCreator Analysis module in KeyCreator 2012 marks the first shipment of this next generation simulation software. The ease of use of the analysis software working in conjunction with the simplicity of direct modeling means everyday users can bring analysis into their design process further upfront, creating more optimized designs.
"KeyCreator is a very versatile tool that would fit the needs of 90% of CAD users out there, and possibly even more now with the new KeyCreator Analysis add-on," says Joseph E Szpak of Szpak Manufacturing. "KeyCreator has long been vital to my business because I can work with nearly any CAD platform and tackle designs with ease. New features in KeyCreator 2012 quickly became invaluable to me, allowing me to do in 5 minutes what would normally take me an hour at the very least." Joe adds, "In the end, however, it all comes down to the tremendous amount of power I have available to me in my day-to-day work, and it just keeps getting better."
Request a free trial of KeyCreator 2012 to see the power, speed and versatility of the industry's most complete direct modeling software.

For more information, visit: www.kubotekusa.com/products/keycreator.html

Kubotek USA, pioneers of direct modeling and developers of industry leading geometric comparison technology, has published a new white paper which stresses the benefits of modern, automated approaches of comparing design change CAD model information.  The white paper contrasts traditional methods of identifying product design changes, highlighting the challenges users face in comparison to consistent, computerized methods.

Kubotek's unique geometry differencing engine is widely recognized to be the most accurate and reliable CAD comparison technology available. That technology helped to produce a new generation of CAD Comparison tools to help users quickly and accurately identify and communicate any changes in design files.

“Product design methods might have improved greatly in the last two decades, but little has been done to improve the way engineering change orders are implemented,” says Jim Gordon, Vice President of Development for Kubotek USA.  “Engineers or technicians typically overlay the old and the new parts and look for differences between them. This process is time-consuming and often has to be repeated several times throughout manufacturing and quality control. The most worrisome part is the potential for missing changes which could result in making bad parts or could even cause a recall.”

To download the white paper, visit: info.kubotekusa.com/new-generation-of-cad-comparison-tools-confidently-identify-and-communicate-change

Kubotek USA, makers of the pioneering KeyCreator Direct CAD software, announce the launch of KeyCreator Compare. KeyCreator Compare is the leading edge CAD Comparison technology that gives users a graphical representation of changes in CAD models along with exact dimensional changes. KeyCreator Compare lets users confidently identify, edit and communicate changes, and is built solely for use with KeyCreator.

By taking advantage of two powerful technologies, KeyCreator Compare makes identifying changes and editing models quick and easy.  KeyCreator Compare uses a unique differencing engine to accurately pinpoint changes that occur from one design version to the next.  Differences between two CAD parts are designated by the use of color; differences in assemblies are highlighted via the Difference Tree.  Any edits that need to be made can be done in real-time directly with KeyCreator Direct CAD.  

KeyCreator Compare gives job shops and contract manufactures much needed speed in identifying design changes, both intended and unintended.  If any changes are detected, they can be quickly communicated throughout the manufacturing organization. KeyCreator Compare will save many hours from manually checking of designs and will eliminate the possibility of missing revision changes before going into production.  This of course means that job shops and contract manufactures can better their time to market, increase quality and improve profit margins.

KeyCreator Compare is an add-on technology available only in KeyCreator 2011 V10.5.

For more information, visit: www.kubotekusa.com/products/keycreator_sub/compare.html

Kubotek USA has officially released its latest version of 3D Direct CAD software: KeyCreator 2011, the most robust direct modeling system available.

KeyCreator 2011 now supports 64-bit architecture, new and improved dynamic editing and a fully re-engineered IGES translator that imports files quicker and more accurately than previous KeyCreator versions, as well as in comparison to a widely used History-Based modeling program.

With the 64-bit version, KeyCreator 2011 can work easily with more data and larger files giving users even more productivity power, especially with today’s complex assemblies. KeyCreator 2011 file size is only limited by the amount of memory available on the PC.

According to Don Bedwell, Thorncreek Engineer, LLC, “As a longtime Kubotek customer, we can honestly say the KeyCreator 2011 64-bit version has unleashed our equipment and imagination. We draw what we want to draw, we render what we want to render and we serve customers in the time frame that they should be served in. Equipment RAM is used to its fullest and software lag time is almost none.”

“As Masters of Geometry, we believe that all geometry contained in customer files is valuable and our mission it to be able to help companies to use, reuse, validate and compare their geometry seamlessly. Our new IGES translator is an important step in achieving our vision,” states Mark Parent, COO, Kubotek USA.

KeyCreator imports the most common CAD file types and works with them as if they were created within KeyCreator. Based on Kubotek’s market surveys, IGES is one of the most widely used file formats for KeyCreator customers where non-native data is shared between companies. Updating the outdated IGES format, therefore, became high priority for Kubotek customers.

Importing IGES files gained significant speed thanks to new technology written solely by Kubotek USA. More importantly, however, the re-engineered IGES technology provides better overall accuracy and better stitching and healing to produce solids compared to other IGES products on the market. In addition to easily supporting IGES modeling, KeyCreator 2011 also provides IGES file detailing and Product Management Information (PMI), and even exports references as an assembly.

New dynamic editing features include Dynamic Free Array and Linear Array functions to quickly copy and locate components and features throughout a model or assembly. These tools add ultimate flexibility for model transformations.

More productivity and usability enhancements can be found in the KeyCreator 2011 What’s New document.

KeyCreator 2011 is available for customer download on the Kubotek USA Customer Portal. Users interested in trying the software for the first time can also request a trial version of KeyCreator 2011 online.

For more information please visit www.kubotekusa.com

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