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Software design firm InfiniteSkills Inc. this week released its "Learning Autodesk Inventor 2013 Video Tutorial," an introductory course designed to establish a foundation for professional mechanical design using Autodesk's mechanical solid modeling program.

Autodesk Inventor is a 3D mechanical solid modeling design software application used to create 3D digital prototypes in mechanical design. Inventor's Digital Prototyping capability enables users to produce accurate 3D models for the design, visualization, and simulation of mechanical products.

InfiniteSkills' Learning Autodesk Inventor 2013 Training Video - DVD teaches all the important skills, tools, and concepts new users need to begin using the program in a matter of hours.

Course author Andrew Warren is a designer and software consultant specializing in training and implementation for CAD and data management software. He has more than 15 years' experience with Autodesk products, having worked with several industrial applications of digital mechanical design, including retail store fixtures and environmental engineering. He holds professional certifications in both AutoCAD and Inventor.

"From the beginning, Autodesk Inventor was designed to be very intuitive," Warren says, "but now it is also one of the most powerful parametric modelers on the market."

In Learning Autodesk Inventor 2013 Training Video, Warren's industry and training experience combine to create a powerful and efficient introduction to mechanical modeling with Inventor. Using the included work files, students learn by actually performing essential tasks hands-on, unlocking the Inventor's capability for enhancing their own design projects under Warren's guidance.

After beginning in a basic introduction to Inventor's work environment and user interface, Warren goes into the basic techniques for sketching in Inventor, teaching how to create 2D drawings using geometric shapes and patterns. Warren then moves into more complex design components, covering essential topics like the details of shape design, working with design components, and how to interact with and manage assemblies.

Other key chapters include instructions on how to annotate drawings using dimensions, sheets, borders, and title blocks.

"The course is designed to ensure that all students, whatever their prior level of experience, will come out with the basic skills necessary for professional design in Inventor," Warren says.

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A new 11-hour video course on DS Solidworks 2011 offers a practical introduction to solid modeling and 3D computer-aided design using the popular software. Developed by Infinite Skills Inc, the course features 96 lessons targeted toward beginners, demonstrating installation, configuration and a complete range of fundamental design techniques that can be applied to real world projects.

Infinite skills - Solidworks 2011 Tutorial Videos

“Whether you’re using the program on its own or with one of its many plugins and validation extensions, Solidworks lets you visualize your design plans at a crucial early stage and plan accordingly,” said Colin Boyd, sales director for Infinite Skills. “These lessons focus on the core skills that will let users quickly get started with their own inventions and designs.”
Written and narrated by Solidworks enthusiast and community educator Alex Ruiz, these Solidworks tutorials follow a logical progression, starting with product installation and moving through interface tips, file management, and essential sketching techniques and solids geometry.

Viewers learn about using reference measurements, constructing various parts and assemblies and utilizing display states and visualization methods to control how each project is viewed. Finally, the later tutorial videos go through export, printing and sharing with colleagues and clients, including how to generate a usable bill of materials.
“Solidworks is a go-to tool for designers and engineers in many different fields,” said Chris Johns, content development manager with Infinite Skills. “We’ve created a course that offers a basic introduction to Solidworks tools that is ideal for beginners and professionals looking to migrate from other systems.”
Because Infinite Skills uses leading experts and established authors for its training titles, the tutorial video content is comparable to classroom and seminar-style courses costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars more, Johns said.
The complete Solidworks 2011 Training Video package can now be ordered on a Mac and Windows compatible DVD-ROM or as a direct digital download from the Infinite Skills website. The course includes usable work files that correspond with the examples featured by the instructor onscreen.

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