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Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT) and ICAM Technologies Corporation (ICAM) announce an agreement to develop a series of seminars designed to educate and train local Connecticut-based manufacturers on advanced numeric control (NC) post-processing and simulation software and best practices.

ICAM develops leading manufacturing software and services specializing in NC post-processing solutions that support the most popular CAD / CAM systems (Mastercam, CATIA and SIEMENS NX), computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools and controllers for successful manufacturers around the world.

The first seminar will be on December 12 from 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in East Hartford, Connecticut. The seminar, “Intro to Advanced NC Post Processing,” will offer an introduction to ICAM Technologies’ graphic post-processing solution. Participants will learn how the same graphic post-processor can process toolpaths programmed in both NX and Mastercam and how to use CAM system dialogs to enable or disable post-processing optimization features. They will execute various post-processors with completely different machine tool kinematics without having to change any programming strategies.  

The collaboration with ICAM supports CCAT’s efforts to provide technology infusion for small and medium-sized manufacturers by providing exposure to advanced NC manufacturing technologies.

“CCAT’s goal is to help our manufacturing customers grow their businesses through advanced technology, training and increased productivity,” states Elliot Ginsberg, CCAT president and CEO. “By working with ICAM, we will further our efforts to provide additional support for our customers.”

ICAM’s product suite includes CAM-POST® for NC post-processor development with the option for integrated machine tool simulation using Virtual Machine®. ICAM also supports G-code verification driven with Control EmulatorTM inside Virtual Machine or CATIA.

ICAM’s customers benefit from dramatic improvements to CNC machine optimization, NC programmer productivity and manufacturing process efficiency. ICAM's unique technology and services provide its customers and industry partners with the competitive edge that their business operations and customers demand.

“Manufacturing efficiency and productivity is vital for North American companies to remain competitive on a global scale,” says John Nassr, ICAM president and CEO.  “With the collaboration with CCAT, ICAM will now be able to provide hands-on training and support services for its integrated NC post-processing, G-Code verification products to manufacturing professionals in the Connecticut and Northeast area.”

Deadline for registration is December 5, 2012.

To learn more about the ICAM Seminar and register, go to: www.etouches.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=52296

Thursday, 17 March 2011 08:07

ICAM Ships CAM-POST V19 to its Users

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ICAM Technologies Corporation is pleased to announce the shipping of CAM-POST® V19, the latest version of its NC post-processing development software, to its user community. Version 19 of ICAM’s Integrated PSE product suite is also being shipped to current users.

Integrated PSE includes CAM-POST®, Virtual Machine® and Control Emulator™ and provides a unique environment for Post-processing, Simulation and Emulation inside a single software platform.

Integrated PSE interfaces with the most popular CAD / CAM / PLM systems, CNC controllers and machine tools and provides the means to compute in-process stock geometry to identify, list and display surface gouges, excess material, inaccessible areas and rapid-motion collisions at any time during the post-processing and verification phase.

Building on its advanced “forward-looking” features such as path planning and rotary axes pre-positioning / winding, developed to enhance the machining process while avoiding dwell marks, over-traveling and rotary repositioning, Integrated PSE V19 offers an array of new features to its end-users including:

* Mill / Turn Simulation with Material Removal
* Built-in support for Mill / Turn sub-spindle or back spindle
* Probing Simulati on
* RTCP and LCS Support
* New flexible GENER & CeRun user interface layout
* Windows XP, Vista and 7 compliant installation and operation

“Version 19 of CAM-POST, Virtual Machine and Control Emulator provides our customers with a powerful software tool allowing for post-processing and simulation with G-code verification for advanced machining applications including Mill / Turns,” says Brian Francis, ICAM’s Director of Research and Development.

For more information visit: www.icam.com

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