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Thursday, 20 September 2012 08:00

GstarCAD MC Free Edition is Now Available

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Recently, GstarCAD announced that GstarCAD MC free edition can be downloaded from App Store for users to experience the free mobile CAD software.

GstarCAD MC, which is developed by GstarCAD, can be installed on iPad, iPhone and android platforms. Users can check, edit, share and save drawings on a mobile device. Especially in some places that are inconvenient to use a computer, such as on the construction site, in a meeting room or outdoors, users can communicate, revise and mark the CAD drawings with GstarCAD MC easily. It has received a wide acclaim from users.

This GstarCAD MC free edition has a significant functional innovation based on its previous versions. This edition removed the problem that users need to convert the CAD drawings before reading. Now, you can read DWG files by GstarCAD MC directly, without any conversion. It practicality has been improved greatly.

GstarCAD MC free edition maintains its advantages of previous editions, such as powerful off-line function, good compatibility, etc. With the help of GstarCAD MC, users won't be limited by the poor off-line applications of other CAD software. No matter how the environment of network, users will read, edit and save CAD drawings freely and get a perfect experience of CAD application.

At the same time, GstarCAD releases a professional edition of GstarCAD MC. GstarCAD MC PRO not only can open DWG files but also can save the modification, annotation and drawing of the file. The switch of layers is another feature of GstarCAD MC PRO edition. It will meet the advanced need of designers.

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GstarCAD, the 2D/3D CAD software provider today proudly announced GstarCAD MC 1.3 for Apple’s IOS. Users will find it very convenient to deploy this new software on Apple’s new tablet at the places where desktop PCs and laptop computers are unmanageable.

Apple’s new iPad makes many apps including CAD software that developed on the old versions come across some problems, such as low-quality pictures, incapable of full screen display, etc. since these apps are customized for a resolution of 1024×768. To make users handle their drawings smoothly on iPad3, Gstarsoft updated its old version to GstarCAD MC 1.3, highlighting with high resolution.

GstarCAD MC 1.3 inherits the advantages of its previous versions, including functions of viewing, opening, creating, editing, accessing attachments in email and cloud storages, etc. With this advanced software, users can also experience the amazing visual enjoyment on the go brought by high resolution of up to 2048×1536 and wide color gamut of 3.10 million pixels of Apple’s iPad3.

The good combination of GstarCAD MC 1.3 and high resolution of new iPad enables users to see the detailed information of their drawings more clearly. No matter the lines or the texts are showed properly without ambiguity. What’s more, GstarCAD MC 1.3 adopts TTF calculation to display the texts more clearly compared with other similar software.

In addition, GstarCAD MC 1.3 adjusts the display style. The display performance of GstarCAD MC 1.3 has been doubled compared with GstarCAD MC1.2, offering higher speed to process drawings. In future, Gstarsoft will continuously optimize its products to maximize users’ benefits.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 11:53

GstarCAD MC 1.2 Officially Released

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With the release of GstarCAD MC 1.1 for Apple’s IOS last year, this free Mobile Client has attracted users all over the world with its features and received high praise. As the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, Gstarsoft today proudly launched GstarCAD MC 1.2, the latest upgrading version.

Compared with the previous version, GstarCAD MC 1.2 has been enhanced a lot. The highlight of this version in functionality is the capability of opening attachments in the email and sending email as well. After downloading the attachments from the mail, users can view and edit the .ocf format attachments in the GstarCAD MC 1.2 directly. Unlike the previous version that the converted .ocf files have to be transmitted to iPad & iPhone and iTouch through iTunes and data cable, this version supports email manipulation which brings more convenience. What’s more, sharing drawings becomes faster in this way.

In addition to the attachments in the email that are accessible, the .ocf files in various storage applications such as webpage, network hard drive and cloud computing storage are also approachable. Users can download the .ocf files from their storages, for example, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Baidu Network Disc etc. What’s more, users can also set up a synchronous path in their computers. The .ocf files can be synchronously transmitted to their storages as long as these files have been copied to this path.

The next version is also in development and will be released soon. Some powerful functions will be included in this version, such as operating on the new iPad which has high resolution, layers view, three-dimensional shading, etc.

For more information or to download the free app, visit:

GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today officially released its free GstarCAD MC (Mobile Client) application on the Android platform, aiming at bringing flexibility and convenience to wider range of mobile users.

GstarCAD MC for Android inherits all advantages of the previously launched applications for iPad, iPhone and iTouch. Functions include viewing, creating, annotating, editing and sharing CAD files directly on an Android device are still available. However, this application features with some new added functions and advancements.

Users can experience practical new functions with GstarCAD MC on Android. GstarCAD MC on Android is capable of remembering the recently used documents, enabling users to search their operation history more convenient. Besides, users can manipulate their drawings more flexible by using the menu of the application. In addition, users can directly exit from the program in one step, avoiding tedious procedures and saving a lot of time.

Advancements include local documents management, saving, zoom and pan functions, etc. Users are not only allowed to save their drawings, but also to specify the path. With this function, the management to the local files becomes more convenient. In order to exit from the full screen view, users will shake their mobile devices with the previously released applications, while with GstarCAD MC for Android they can approach this by pressing the menu key. When it comes to zoom and pan, GstarCAD MC on Android still supports operation with two fingers, but it also realizes this through the volume control key.

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Gstarsoft has built PDF2DXF functionality into a tightly integrated add-on to GstarCAD2012 called PDFtoDXF. This function significantly expands the scope of the applicability by enabling users to convert Adobe PDF format drawings directly into .dxf in GstarCAD2012.

PDF2DXF is an ideal function developed by Visual Integrity for users who frequently need to convert PDF-based vector CAD drawings into .dxf format, which can be opened as well as edited in GstarCAD2012. Once opened in GstarCAD2012, the .dxf file can be easily saved as .dwg format file.

All CAD entity types such as text, diagrams, images, and so on can be accurately extracted with high fidelity without errors. For raster PDF file, the function can also generate exact image which can be used as a tracing layer in the target application such as GIS and mapping. What’s more, by applying built-in batch mode, users can quickly and easily convert multiple PDF files to .dxf format at one time.

In addition to the powerful functions and high performance of GstarCAD2012, PDF2DXF will help users to expand the applicability of GstarCAD, bringing more convenience and flexibility to design and drawing.

GstarCAD is fast, powerful, .dwg-compatible CAD software for the AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, survey and mapping industries. The world-class 2D/3D CAD software platform is based on IntelliCAD technology.

GstarCAD's powerful functions, .dwg compatibility, and programming platform, are built on a cost-effective solution with an easy to user interface. Gstarsoft ensures that your design inspiration comes true.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 09:50

Gstarsoft Officially Releases GstarCAD 2012

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GstarCAD, a leading CAD provider today announces the official release of GstarCAD2012.

Based on mature GRX technology, GstarCAD 2012 is a significant leap ahead in areas of operational stability and performance.

Customers will appreciate the exceptional new features, such as dynamic blocks, 3D lofting, polyline Booleans, and object hide/isolate. These highlight the design-oriented nature of GstarCAD 2012, thereby bringing more convenience and greater flexibility to 2D drawing and 3D design.

Exciting New Functions

The highlight of GstarCAD 2012 is the new block editor environment. The BEdit command allows users to create and edit dynamic blocks. When placed in drawings, dynamic blocks are easily modified to be longer or shorter, or look completely different.

Other practical functions in GstarCAD 2012 include the ability to attach DWF files as underlays, and to spell-check drawings in eight languages. New commands in this release include Superhatch, block attribute manager, object hide/isolate, and 3D loft. These functions make it more convenient for users to complete designs, and to maintain a high level of compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD.

Unique Design-oriented Plug-ins

Another group of new functions is unique to GstarCAD, and so is available only with this release. These include Boolean operations on polylines, CAD sheet to Excel sheet conversion, incremental text copy, on-line text, and extra commands for working with layers.

These exceptional tools were developed for the needs of customers in industries as varied as manufacturing and AEC (architecture, engineering, construction). Unlike the general functions found in other CAD systems, these tools offer a more practical approach, are design-oriented, and are available only with GstarCAD 2012.

Functional Enhancements

There are dozens of other enhancements in GstarCAD 2012, such as the remarkable improvement in performance of drawings with large, high resolution raster images, along with improvements to plotting, 3D hide and shade visualization, hyperlink settings, and system memory control. All these enhancements make GstarCAD 2012 a better platform for designing and drawing.

Improved APIs

The highlight in this release for APIs (application programming interface) is the addition of the IDE (integrated development environment) for LISP. The new IDE makes it more convenient to program and debug LISP code. In addition, a number of VBA functions have been rewritten and optimized in GstarCAD 2012.

Stability and Performance

More than 500 improvements and bug fixes have been integrated into GstarCAD 2012, making it the most stable version since Gstarsoft first introduced its GRX technology. By continuously optimizing the GRX core, GstarCAD 2012 improves its performance in processing design data, as compared to previous versions.

GstarCAD2012 is available for 30-day  trial and can be downloaded for free! In addition, the relevant special offer for straight upgrade to GstarCAD2012 is still available until February 28, 2012.

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GstarCAD, an industry leading 2D/3D software provider has newly launched GstarCAD MC 1.1 for Apple's iPad, iTouch and iPhone, 3 weeks after its early release of GstarCAD MC 1.0 for iPad.

The new version of GstarCAD MC aims at wider range of iPhone customers. iPhone's better portability and stronger communication functions enable users to access drawings via GstarCAD MC on more special occasions, which bring more convenience and flexibility.

In addition, some very practical functions like full-screen display and customized GUI setting are added on the base of GstarCAD MC 1.0. Taking GUI setting as example, GstarCAD MC 1.1 allows users to customize the user interface, e.g. background color, size and location of Magnifier, maximum number of selected entities, to fit their operational habits. The settings are able to be saved and recalled without repetitive work. Moreover, the enhancement in performance is another highlight of GstarCAD MC 1.1. GstarCAD MC 1.1 inherits the powerful functions of GstarCAD MC 1.0 and ameliorates them. The improvements ensure the finger-operations smoother and quicker, comparing to other applications.

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GstarCAD, an industry-leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, today officially launched GstarCAD MC for iPad, complete with functions for viewing, creating, annotating, and editing drawings. Users will find it convenient to deploy the new software on Apple's popular tablet at construction sites, on manufacturing shop floors, and in other locations where desktop PCs and laptop computers are unmanageable.

GstarCAD MC enables users to create, edit, mark up, and share CAD drawings directly on the Apple iPad. The new software works with OCF files, which can be converted from DWG and DXF files quickly using GstarCAD for Windows running on desktop or laptop computers. The OCF format has been optimized to display CAD drawings accurately and quickly on iPads, as well as to ensure that fonts are never missing. OCF files are conveniently transferred from PCs to iPads through Apple's iTunes software.

GstarCAD MC offers many useful functions for editing drawings, creating new ones, and saving them by different names. Included in this first release are drawing functions for creating and editing lines, clouds, rectangles, circles, arcs, and other objects. Editing can be carried out through deleting, copying, moving, and other actions. Auxiliary functions provide undo and redo mechanisms, the creation of layouts, and much more. In all, these useful capabilities make GstarCAD MC the most convenient software available today for mobile drawing communications.

"It's great to have GstarCAD on my iPad," said an engineer who worked with the beta version of GstarCAD MC. "The multitouch capabilities of the iPad are put to great use in GstarCAD MC, and I'm eagerly waiting for the first release to come out."

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GstarCAD, an industry leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, today announced that it attended "Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) 2011" in Japan from June 22 to June 24, together with its distributors Taiyo System Technology Co., Ltd and Gazeru Co., Ltd.

DMS is one of the largest professional and traditional exhibitions in the field of production systems, aiming to provide diverse solutions such as CAD, CAE, ERP, etc. Many visitors from design, development, manufacture, production engineering and information system departments are attracted to this exhibition every year to do business with enterprises in this field. DMS 2011 was the first major exhibition in Tokyo since the big earthquake on March 11, 2011 and the number of visitors increased by 15% compared to last year.

During this exhibition, Taiyo System Technology Co., Ltd and Gazeru Co., Ltd introduced GstarCAD 2011 to customers through live demo and the designs which were accomplished by this CAD software at the same time answered customers' questions. Many customers spoken highly of this CAD software and showed great interest in the unique functions of GstarCAD especially the featured Ribbon interface and improved highly enhanced 3D Functions. The newly added Ribbon GUI provides stylish and customizable menu appearance and enables users to find well-used commands more quickly and directly, while the highly enhanced 3D Functions includes Profile of 3D Solid Model which creates projectional profile of 3D solid model in paper space and Shaded Plot in Layout which is available to preview, print or publish object set in viewport. In this 3 days' exhibition, Huang Meiyu, vice-president of Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd also attended this exhibition and communicated with customers and partners.

GstarCAD's appearance in this exhibition aroused great concern in the industry as well as among users. Ueda Takeshi one of GstarCAD users said: "Facing of the fierce competition in global market, it's very important to choose CAD technology with high performance and low cost for manufacturing enterprises. GstarCAD is just the prior selection for us." Zhou Runqiang, the president of Gazeru Co., Ltd exclaimed: "GstarCAD has been introduced into Japan for two years and now more and more customers turn to apply GstarCAD due to its high quality and full functions which benefit a lot to them. We are very confident in GstarCAD and we will further strengthen our partnership in future to contribute more to the CAD market of Japan."

For more information, visit:

Gstarsoft proudly announces the release of a new and improved version of GstarCAD, a popular CAD platform. The product can be used for developing industrial or business-specific CAD applications using convenient and user-friendly CAD API's (GRX, VBA, Vlisp, SDS, Autolisp) and is known for its outstanding performance, stability and ease of integration with third-party solutions. GstarCAD features an object-oriented development environment and a C++ APIs that dramatically facilitates interaction with external systems and customization.

A powerful application programming interface (API) with improved GRX (GstarCAD Runtime eXtension) is one of the key advantages of GstarCAD 2011. A single code base supporting both GstarCAD and AutoCAD substantially improves GstarCAD/AutoCAD compatibility and allows users to work with familiar programming languages to create the functionality their company needs. Over 360 Lisp/VLisp functions, comprehensive VBA support and several integrated editors with code highlighting make development and design on GstarCAD as easy and hassle-free as possible. Further unification of GRX API allows users to port advanced ARX applications developed on AutoCAD into GstarCAD with unprecedented ease.

One of the best examples of successful AutoCAD/GstarCAD porting is CADprofi, a powerful parametric CAD application that facilitates design operations. With over 150 thousand lines of code, this is one of the most massive ports to date utilizing the power of GRX and a number of GRX extensions. A convenient and user-friendly interface makes it really easy for new users to start taking advantage of its advanced tools, including CADprofi Architectural, CADprofi Electrical, CADprofi HVAC & Piping and CADprofi Mechanical.

GstarCAD is a perfect alternative to traditional CAD solutions that takes flexibility, performance and ease of design and development to a whole new level.

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GstarCAD, one of the world leading providers of 2D/3D design software, today announced highly enhanced Application Program Interface (API) with improved GRX in newly launched GstarCAD 2011, more compatible with AutoCAD up to 2011.

"GstarCAD 2011's AutoCAD-compatible GUI and data format (DWG/DXF) will ensure users design easier and faster." Huang Meiyu, Vice President of Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd. said, "Meanwhile sophisticated APIs, especially the improved GstarCAD Runtime eXtension (GRX), one set of source codes which can support two platforms (AutoCAD and GstarCAD), greatly boosts the compatibility with AutoCAD at application development level ; thus we believe that GstarCAD will broaden the application range for users in various industries and fields as well as deepen the cooperation with the application developers around the world ."

GRX is the latest package designed for application development and transplantation based on both AutoCAD and GstarCAD platforms. GRX provides the object-oriented development environment and application programming interface. It's the source-level compatible with ARX applications developed on the AutoCAD platform. Based on GRX technology, application developers can visit CAD database of GstarCAD, interact with CAD editor, support multiple document interface (MDI), and build complex applications, etc. Transplantations from ARX to GRX can be easily and quickly carried out via a few simple configuration of compiler connector without modifying source code, which has the great advantages of saving time and costs of application developers. One of Industrial CAD application developers, CADProfi has successfully transplanted its ARX-based product line to GstarCAD via GRX. CADProfi 7.15 is now available and works with GstarCAD 2011, perfectly fits GstarCAD new Ribbon interface, providing modules of Architectural, Electrical, HVAC & Piping and Mechanical in 22 languages.

In GstarCAD 2011, compatibility and reliability of Lisp and Vlisp are further strengthened and 4 classes of VBA are newly added as well, such as GcadHyperlinks, GcadHyperlink, GcadPlot and GcadTable to meet diversified needs in wide range of industries and fields.

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GstarCAD, a leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software, was invited as the only enterprise from private sector to attend and make an important speech at the Regional Training of Trainers Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Support Institutions organized by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in cooperation with the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka (NIPO) and the Japan Patent Office (JPO) on March 7 to 10, 2011.

This training program is aim to improve Intellectual property (IP) awareness and enable formulation and implementation of policies, programs and strategies for all member States of WIPO, in accordance with WIPO's mission of promoting the protection of IP rights worldwide and extending the benefits of the international IP system.

As GstarCAD's continuous efforts have been highly evaluated by Chinese government and WIPO, it was rewarded with the WIPO Award in the category "Utilization Award" on Nov.18, 2010 and this time Huang Meiyu, Vice-President of Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on Strategic Use of IP at Gstarsoft at the training conference, sharing the experience of how GstarCAD ensures self-owned IP of all developed software products being protected via copyright and trademark registrations, and promotes the use of GstarCAD software with legal copyright by providing innovative solutions but much lower cost, complying with related laws and regulations at home and abroad. The speech was highly evaluated as a very practical case study by the organizers and attendants of other countries.

After over 10 years of great effort in IP protection and application, Gstarsoft has become a famous 2D/3D CAD software provider in China; in this year, GstarCAD 2011 with optimized GRX technology, enhanced performance and newly added functions is aiming at overseas market. "Although Gstarsoft is faced with different economic, commercial and legal environments as a growing-up enterprise for international business," Huang Meiyu said, "GstarCAD have made great achievements and is set as a case study of IP protection; thus we believe that GstarCAD will attract more and more global attention and continue to blossom in the IP protection and application."

For more information visit:

GstarCAD, a leading provider of 2D/3D CAD software and a recent WIPO Award winner, has announced the release of GstarCAD 2011 version. The powerful yet intuitive computer-aided design solution has been improved to provide compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and AutoCAD and ensure increased productivity for its users.

Developed to facilitate speed drafting and design, GstarCAD is based on IntelliCAD technology. The software platform offers its users a comprehensive solution allowing them to reduce costs, boost productivity and help a designer make the most of his time. To increase user satisfaction the developers enhanced the latest version adding full compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, AutoCAD from R2.5 to 2010, and other AutoCAD apps.

The new version offers a number of new features including transformation from 3D model to 2D drawings, advanced Drawing compare, text field and more. GstarCAD 2011 also boasts the new sophisticated and convenient Ribbon user interface providing easier and faster access to its extensive functionality.

Meanwhile, GstarCAD's achievements in the field of intellectual property use and protection have been officially recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). At the WIPO Award Ceremony which took place during the Third China International Copyright Expo the company was given WIPO's Utilization Award for its continuous promotion of software copyright protection.

For more information visit:

GstarCAD, one of the world leading providers of 2D/3D CAD software, today announced the pre-release of GstarCAD 2011 version for public evaluation on Nov.30. Designed to be fully compatible with Windows 7 and AutoCAD from R2.5 to 2010 and communicate with other AutoCAD applications, GstarCAD 2011 runs faster and makes users work more easily and efficiently.

The performance enhancement is the most competitive advantage of GstarCAD 2011, delivering new ways to speed drafting and design. In addition, GstarCAD2011's sophisticated and stylish Ribbon user-interface makes user more easily to access functions and get work done quickly. Besides, transform from 3D model to 2D drawings, text field and other newly-added functions, and enhancements like improved drawing compare and shade plot in layout space definitely increase the productivity and bring remarkable new experience to users' in their design process.

For details of GstarCAD 2011, please download now and take a free trial!

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or local distributors if you have any questions or advice.

GstarCAD, one of the world leading providers of 2D/3D CAD software, today announced the release of the significant functions of GstarCAD2011—a group of 3D solid model commands—SOLPROF, SOLVIEW and SOLDRAW. Relying on these commands, designers can quickly and automatically generate plan, elevation and section drawings of a 3D model, enjoying an unprecedentedly new experience.

SOLPROF greatly expands users’ visual effect for real-time operations and practical exercises. As numerous plan, elevation and section drawings of a 3D model are frequently drawn, architects, engineers and designers in the field of architectural and mechanical industries, can place the visible contour profile, invisible contour profile and so on of a 3D model in the different layers and can set different view directions such as front view and plan view in the model space by SOLPROF.

SOLVIEW completely achieves success in transforming all the 3D solid models to 2D engineering drawings. By using SOLVIEW, designers can use orthogonal projection to create new viewports, and automatically generate new layers for visible lines, hidden lines and section lines in the viewport, setting proper view orientation and scale. What’s more, real-time section views of user-defined shear planes of the model are created and filled with patterns, thus realizing the visualization of 3D model section and forming the complete projection views.

SOLDRAW makes designers easily create 3D solid model contour profile and section views. Different from SOLPROF, SOLDRAW is only able to be used in the viewports generated via SOLVIEW.
As a whole, with these three commands, designers can easily reap the benefits of GstarCAD2011 by obtaining the wireframes, 2D engineering views, local views and section views from a 3D solid model, as well as facilitating dimensioning, which dramatically improves drawing efficiency and enhances drawing flexibility and convenience.

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