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3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) Geomagic Solutions has announced the 2014 release of its new, comprehensive reverse engineering, inspection, design and 3D modeling software line. This release includes updates to the newly integrated Geomagic products. This includes: Geomagic® Design™ X, Geomagic® Design™ Direct, Geomagic® Verify™, Geomagic® Control™ and Geomagic Freeform® and also announces the availability of new Dynamics and Simulation tools for Geomagic® Design™.

Dynamics for Geomagic Design and Simulate for Geomagic Design provide engineers an arsenal of simulation tools to fully prove-out their designs. Dynamics for Geomagic Design is a rigid body kinematics and dynamics simulation tool that lets customers build and test functional virtual prototypes of their designs on the computer and simulate the full-motion behavior of those designs. This includes complex motion types such as conveyor belts, pulleys, ropes, and bushings. Users can also create keyframed animations.

Simulate for Geomagic Design adds the power of finite element analysis with Stress, Strain, Deflection, Vibration, Buckling, and Heat Transfer analyses. Customers can perform FEA on parts by defining the boundary conditions manually, or can utilize the integration with Dynamics for Geomagic Design to automatically transfer the boundary conditions from a motion analysis, including dynamic contact, into the FEA simulation.

Geomagic Design Direct (formerly known as Geomagic® Spark) integrates leading-edge reverse engineering tools with a direct-modeling CAD platform. The newest release delivers improved and easier-to-use 3D mesh alignment, intuitive preview of solids prior to fitting and wider support for scanning devices. Geomagic Design Direct is now outfitted with a Probe Sketch tool as well. Probe Sketch allows users to create sketch profiles, which can be used to generate solids or surfaces, using only a hard probe device.

Geomagic Design X (formerly known as Rapidform® XOR) provides legacy CAD users with the fastest path from scan data to their existing CAD software. That path has gotten even faster with a host of new enhancements that make for a more streamlined, easier user experience. Geomagic Design X 2014 delivers enhanced LiveTransfer™ functionality to support all the newest versions of SolidWorks®, Siemens® NX, Creo® (Pro/E™) and Inventor®.

Geomagic Verify (formerly Rapidform® XOV) provides users the power to inspect first articles with a number of contact and non-contact scanners so they can fix manufacturing problems quickly. The 2014 version makes part verification more effective and intuitive with improving the general inspection process, calculation methods, data management and user interface. In addition, Geomagic Verify includes an exciting improvement to sheetmetal inspection; this improvement includes intelligent methods that allow various hole-type geometries to be inspected more effectively. Geomagic Verify also now has the capability to inspect real physical parts or 3D scan data in cases where nominal CAD may not exist or be available.

Geomagic Control (formerly Geomagic Qualify®) delivers advanced customizable automation and inspection functionality for repetitive, large-scale metrology. The 2014 version delivers command availability via Python scripts allow even more powerful customization and automation, with add-in scripts being available as buttons in the ribbon command. 2D and 3D dimensions can be automatically created, and support for the MantisVision scanner is now available.

Geomagic Freeform is the leading multi-purpose design platform for creating complex, sculptural, manufacturing-ready 3D models. The main focus for improvement in the 2014 release of Freeform has been to provide enhanced workflows when using polygonal files, e.g. scan data. In fact, Freeform 2014 has gained a number of convenient features – hole filling techniques, automatic mesh repair, and feature fitting and alignment – all in an effort to more fully integrate scan data into Freeform’s unique modeling environment.

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Geomagic® announced the 2013 release of its leading 3D metrology and inspection software, Geomagic Qualify® and Geomagic Qualify® Probe.

The 2013 versions build upon Geomagic’s robust inspection capabilities, delivering improved automation, GD&T and hard-probing functions. The combined new features will make it even easier to quickly measure and verify manufactured part size and perform automated inspection and measurement in quality checking and assurance processes.

Geomagic Qualify is the industry’s most comprehensive, robust and accurate 3D metrology solution and automation platform for use with both probe and scan data. Geomagic Qualify Probe, on the other hand, makes Geomagic Qualify’s wide toolset available in a simpler, probing-only measuring environment. Innovative, flexible and extraordinarily customizable, the Geomagic Qualify products deliver reliable and innovative solutions that save customers time and help them consistently manufacture top-quality products.

“Today’s manufacturing environment demands not only the best metrology toolsets, but it also needs to be automated and customized for some very complex processes,” said John Alpine, vice president of engineering, Geomagic. “Geomagic Qualify 2013 delivers a comprehensive set of tools for advanced Python scripting which allow customers to create inspection workflows that meet their specific needs – and save time This release delivers a really full set of probing and reference data creation tools, plus CAD-free workflows that will continue to meet their evolving needs.”

Improved Feature tools and advanced GD&T functionality

The Geomagic Qualify products have been enhanced to deliver more intuitive interactivity between the engineer and the software, especially in the QuickFeature™ and QuickProbe™ toolsets.

Features (i.e., reference data) form the core functionality of any measurement system, and significant advances have been made in this area to enhance the workflows for engineers. The new QuickFeature enhancements include CAD-less feature creation and fast, intuitive creation of features using the new pre-selection highlight. The QuickProbe functions now include better probed feature editing with relative measurements; improved fitting statistic readout for each probed point, with the ability to exclude and automatically refit; and audio feedback when probing, which indicates real-time out-of-tolerance conditions without the engineer having to watch the monitor.

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) enhancements have resulted from the improved feature editing and include definition of nominal geometry without a CAD model; improved prompts to probe test data to satisfy callouts in walkthrough mode; and a more detailed Measure Features command that delivers measured and nominal features plus deviations. Enhanced annotation tools provide better appearance, content and customizability of annotations.

Expanded automation platform and command line-driven applications

Automation and custom development, especially of complex and massive metrology workflows, is becoming more important to many customers. Python scripting tools were initially released in the Geomagic Qualify 2012 platforms, and they have been enhanced significantly in the Geomagic 2013 releases. Inspection functionalities, including constrained alignments, CAD model access, reporting, and more, are now available in the platform toolset. These tools enable rapid creation of custom functionality and automation of previously labor-intensive processes.

In addition, a major new feature of Geomagic Qualify 2013 is the access to a version of the software that enables command line-driven versions of the applications, execution of macros, and scripts to be run without using the additional computing resources required by a GUI.

“The automation platform in Geomagic Qualify enables us to quickly automate any inspection process, no matter how complex, with industry-standard Python scripting,” said Bill Greene, CEO, Level 3 Inspection, expert practitioners in automated 3D scanning and computer aided inspection technologies. “Geomagic Qualify gives us massive power for the manufacturers wanting to dramatically improve productivity through highly automated Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI), while saving time to market and improving product quality.”

Improved alignment controls with QuickAlign™

The new alignment commands work with and without a probing device and enable quick alignment of the 3D data through matching features or geometry. Now engineers can align with just a few clicks, and these tools are flexible enough to handle simple 3-2-1 or more complex feature-driven alignments. In addition, N-point alignment allows for dissimilar objects to be aligned using point pairs.

Additional improvements in the Geomagic Qualify interface include a new Connect button to initialize digitizers and keep them connected. Geomagic Qualify 2013 also boasts a 20% faster start up time, and improved handling of compensation vectors is now available in the probing functions.


Geomagic Qualify 2013 and Geomagic Qualify Probe 2013 will begin shipping to new customers, and will be available for maintenance customers to download at the end of January 2013.

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Geomagic Announces Freeform 2013

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Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, debuted its newest version of Geomagic® Freeform® 3D modeling software at today’s EuroMold 2012 exhibition (Hall 11. C132, November 27 - 30, 2012). Now including subdivision modeling, Freeform 2013 is the only system that gives product designers the freedom and flexibility to combine four different modeling representations – voxels, NURBS, subdivision surfaces and polygons – in the same model. With Freeform 2013, designers can create highly differentiated products that can be produced in volume using traditional manufacturing processes or customized products that can be produced using newer additive manufacturing methods.

Geomagic Freeform is a unique touch-enabled solution that facilitates fast 3D modeling of highly detailed, organic shapes, which are easily combined with geometric forms, for prototyping or manufacturing. Its integration with Geomagic’s Sensable® Phantom® haptic 3D input devices and its robust modeling environment clearly differentiate Freeform from other 3D modeling programs; users can quickly and intuitively design with virtual clay as if sculpting by hand.

The 2013 version of Freeform enables dramatically more creativity, streamlined workflows, increased productivity, better designs, and faster time-to-market. Because Freeform incorporates different modeling approaches in one integrated modeling environment, users can efficiently create a broader range of forms while reducing the number of software modeling tools required, cutting the time required to learn them, and eliminating unproductive time spent importing/exporting models. With Geomagic Freeform 2013, designers can choose the best modeling approach for each part of the job. They can then create detailed, organic models that can integrate with traditional CAD workflows, and go direct to CNC machining or additive manufacturing.

The addition of subdivisional (SubD) modeling to Geomagic Freeform takes this modeling and sculpting tool even further than any other product on the market. Subdivisional surfacing allows designers to achieve progressively greater surface detail by applying a refinement scheme to polygon mesh surfaces. SubD technology allows users to easily create very smooth forms with good transitions between hard edges.

“Subdivision modeling is an awesome addition to an already powerful toolset,” said Kyle Houchens, president of The Outside Digital Art and Design, a high-tech digital product design consultancy. Kyle is a product and automotive designer specializing in all areas of industrial design, including building hundreds of diecast cars for the toy and entertainment industries. “Most of the models I create are insane organic shapes with areas of miniscule intricacy. They combine elements of automotive-smooth surfaces with jewelry-level detail. With the new subdivision modeling tools in Freeform, I will have the best of both worlds: the blazing speed and gorgeous surface smoothness of SubD with the detailing, texturing and bulletproof rapid prototyping Freeform is already known for. No topology to worry about, no concerns about data transfer or making RP parts. With Freeform 2013, you can dream it, sculpt it, prototype it and tool it all from the same package."

In addition to Geomagic Freeform 2013’s expanded modeling environment, the new software also includes:

Enhanced integration of Geomagic’s geometry engine:

  • Geomagic Freeform is now seamlessly unified with Geomagic’s powerful AutoSurface component, which automatically converts voxels and mesh data into high-quality NURBS surfaces. Once converted, these solid models can be automatically combined with other solids and/or exported in IGES format for use with software tools that demand surface data.

  • Global registration enables automatic alignment of separate data sets. With this new functionality in Freeform 2013, doctors, for example, could rapidly align a CT scan of a patient’s skull with an intraoral scan of the patient’s teeth. It could also be used to quickly change a digital 3D model based on modifications made to a scanned physical prototype, a process that is especially helpful when designing hand-held ergonomic products.

Adding complex patterns to 3D models in record time

  • Users can create patterns along one or two curves, or across broad areas. In seconds, designers can add details, such as zippers along a single curve, or laces between two curves to make realistic designs.

  • Users can also easily pattern existing 3D geometry across a surface, with controlled degrees of randomness. This can be used for adding feathers, scales, spines and other repeating patterns in 3D form.

Texture capture

  • This feature provides a new way to easily create customized textures by automatically converting a sculpted Freeform digital clay model to a bitmap, which can then be used with any of Freeform’s texturing tools.

Easy annotation of models

  • Designers, clients and manufacturing partners using Freeform can each add pointers, comments, image links and web page links to models, thus streamlining collaboration throughout the design and production workflow.

Tools that deliver convenience and speed

  • Geomagic Freeform 2013 includes additions to workflow wizards, new 2D Lattice Deform, enhanced measurement tools and more.

“Today’s product designers need fast, flexible 3D modeling to create highly differentiated products in ever-shorter production cycles,” said Joan Lockhart, Geomagic’s vice president of marketing. “Geomagic Freeform 2013 lets designers switch seamlessly between different modeling representations and provides all the right tools to prepare and output models for today’s varied manufacturing techniques. With this release, designers can really have it all: fast multi-representational modeling, precision, control, texturing, integration with CAD, the tools to create moldable designs, and the output options needed for virtually any type of production.”

Geomagic Freeform 2013 is scheduled to ship starting at the end of January 2013. Customers with current maintenance contracts will receive their software update either from Geomagic or their local reseller. Customers without software maintenance should contact Geomagic online or call 781-939-7457 for options to upgrade their software.

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Geomagic Sponsors Keynote Address at COFES 2013

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Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the keynote address at the upcoming Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) 2013, which will take place in Scottsdale, Ariz., April 11-14, 2013.

Now in its 14th year, COFES, presented by Cyon Research, provides an unmatched, participatory venue for discussion and debate on issues that affect attendees’ businesses and their investment in engineering technologies. During this premier event, invitation-only participants get exclusive access to a diverse array of industry experts, analysts and high-level executives, including representatives from Geomagic, with the goal of helping participants understand the current state and outlook of engineering technologies. Focusing on “Design for Resilience in Product and Strategy,” COFES 2013 will explore flexibility as a strategic consideration in a constantly fluctuating modern world. Further, while businesses must be optimized for specific conditions, COFES 2013 challenges attendees to contemplate what the prudent balance is between optimization, efficiency and resilience.

Given Geomagic’s mission to benefit humanity through the use of 3D technology, the company is proud to align with events, like COFES, that drive both the evolution of technology and the paradigms through which the industry views it. Geomagic’s customers – engineers, designers, manufacturers, innovators, artists, medical device designers, researchers and academics – are those who must continuously consider resilience in their work. Geomagic aims to facilitate that consideration by providing advanced 3D applications, among them the new versions of Geomagic Studio®, Geomagic Qualify® and Geomagic® Freeform®, which are all set to release in January 2013.

Sponsored by Geomagic, COFES 2013’s keynote address will feature Alexander Rose, the Executive Director at The Long Now Foundation. With Rose at its helm, The Long Now Foundation is actively combating shortsighted thinking by fostering long-term consideration within the framework of the next 10,000 years. Rose’s address, titled “Designing for Longevity,” will discuss the design process and current construction of the 10,000 Year Clock, The Long Now Foundation’s impressive engineering project, which is now under construction at a remote desert site.

In addition to a full roster of events, COFES 2013 will feature the Design and Sustainability (DaS) Symposium, a unique subset of the overall congress that specifically explores design and sustainability software. Choosing to affect systemic rather than isolated change, DaS Symposium participants seek sustainability issues that are best tackled by the industry as a whole. Given the theme of COFES 2013, DaS plays a more important part than ever in the congress’s overall message, accentuating the sustainability theme even further.

“We’re delighted that Geomagic has once again made it possible to bring brilliant and relevant keynotes to COFES. The primary goal of The Long Now Foundation is perfectly aligned with the COFES 2013 focus on resilient thinking,” said Brad Holtz, President and CEO of Cyon Research. “We thank Geomagic and its founder, Ping Fu, whose support has been instrumental in making COFES the valuable and unique event it has become over the past 14 years.”

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Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, announced that its CEO Ping Fu will spotlight 3D printing and its promise to revolutionize daily living as well as design and manufacturing processes at the Techonomy 2012 annual event next Monday, November 12 in Tucson.

The exclusive gathering tasks the world’s top innovators to explore how they can apply digital technologies to massively transform the global economy. As part of the “What’s On YOUR Printer?” panel, Ping Fu will join acclaimed 3D printing industry leaders Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways, and Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC, a Xerox company, to discuss the role of 3D printing as an engine of economic change. Accompanied by a variety of 3D printed objects including a 3D printed guitar, personalized prosthetics, iPhone cases, shoes and more, Ping will discuss the transformative effect of additive manufacturing, from the Space Shuttle to fashion, consumer products, building products and biocompatible organs and food. She’ll survey the ‘personal factory’ where customized objects can be created as easily as mass produced objects using new scanning and additive fabrication methods – and its impact on everyday life.

Ping Fu was honored by Inc. Magazine as “The Entrepreneur of the Year” and has been active in setting national policy as member of the White House’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and its National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) initiative on additive manufacturing. Coming straight to the US from China, where she had been imprisoned during the cultural revolution, she became a computer scientist and initiated the first Internet browser, and went on to co-found Geomagic in 1997. Geomagic’s industry-leading software is used to process scan data into digital models for design, engineering, analysis and inspection. Ping’s latest book, Bend Not Break, (Penguin Books), will debut in January 2013 and can be pre-ordered now.

Techonomy 2012: Panel on “What’s On Your Printer?”
Monday, November 12, 2012 at 4:45 pm PT
The Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain, Marana, Arizona

Ping Fu, Founder & CEO, Geomagic, joined by Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways and Stephen Hoover, CEO of PARC, a Xerox company, and moderated by Paul Sloan, Executive Editor, CNET

Geomagic is a global company dedicated to advancing and applying 3D technology for the benefit of humanity. Different from CAD, Geomagic offers specific products to create 3D content from imaging the real world and real people, verify dimensional quality by comparing a master design to as-built products, and simulate touch sensations in digital environments.

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Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, has announced with Solutionix, a worldwide developer and distributor of 3D digitizing technology, today announced a distribution agreement in which Solutionix will exclusively provide Geomagic scan software with its Solutionix Rexcan CS Plus scanning systems.
The agreement allows scanner customers to quickly get started with complete, accurate and easy-to-use 3D scanning solutions for both metrology and reverse engineering, at a reduced price.
Rexcan CS Plus scanner users can now enjoy full integration with Geomagic Qualify, a leading 3D metrology software platform, and Geomagic Studio, which delivers easy-to-use tools for processing scan data into usable 3D polygon, surface and CAD models. From a 3D scan, Geomagic’s powerful and straightforward software makes it simple to integrate data into CAD, export models for 3D printing, transfer models to animation platforms, perform first-article and production inspections, manage quality and more.
“Geomagic and Solutionix both want to make 3D data and modeling workflows more accessible and simple, so the partnership is a natural fit, and the bundle is a game-changer for any engineer’s processes,” says Len Chamberlain, VP of Sales, Geomagic. “Customers get top-notch equipment along with the best 3D reverse engineering and inspection software. The system is quick, adaptable and affordable. That’s a win for everyone.”
The Solutionix Rexcan CS Plus, the company’s latest scanning solution, is a complete, accurate system that features automatic scanning, calibration and alignment of scan data. In desktop applications, users can simply set an object on the integrated 2-axis turntable and, with a single mouse click, begin scanning. For larger objects or in workspace applications, the scanning head can be removed and mounted on a tripod. Upon its release at the TCT Live 2012 conference, the fully automated CS Plus system impressed visitors with its scanning volume flexibility, which is delivered through interchangeable lens sets.
“Rexcan CS Plus employs a new process where full automation is implemented into a structured-light 3D scanning system. Through integration with Geomagic, a global leader of 3D metrology software, we’ll be able to provide users with automation, convenience and high accuracy, in a reasonably priced, single platform solution,” says Jet Kim, Director of Sales, Solutionix.
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Geomagic® is showcasing innovative, digitally designed facial prostheses, implants and surgical guides at this week’s International Congress on Maxillofacial Rehabilitation in Baltimore, Md. Made by Geomagic customers, these medical designs are used to rebuild and restore the facial features of cancer, tumor and trauma patients. At this annual meeting, Geomagic’s exhibit will feature real 3D models from a variety of patient cases. Additionally, a workshop will illustrate digital design workflows for custom implants and prostheses that restore disease- or injury-impacted areas of the anatomy.

Geomagic Freeform® and Geomagic Studio ® deliver precision design and 3D processing capabilities, allowing researchers and doctors to easily convert scan data into usable 3D models. Geomagic’s toolset also includes intuitive, flexible sculpture tools to quickly design perfect custom-fit prostheses and implants for better patient treatment and repair.

A workshop titled “Craniofacial Reconstruction: Scan, Plan and Manufacture,” being held at the event on October 29, 2012, will offer hands-on experience with the Geomagic® Freeform® Plus modeling system, a Geomagic product widely used in prosthetic and implant design and manufacture.

“The advances made possible by using the right software in the digital workflow are astonishing, and they eliminate patient discomfort while enabling better fit and aesthetic results,” said Dr. Dominic Eggbeer, Research Officer at Cardiff Metropolitan University and member of the Centre for Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery (CARTIS) in Wales. “Geomagic Freeform has become the centerpiece of our process because it lets us sculpt our designs into the perfect fit and appearance, and it lets us work faster without needing the patient to be present,” added Eggbeer, whose patient work will be showcased at the event.

“Geomagic Studio has the easiest and most accurate tools for registering models,” said Nancy Hairston, president of MedCAD, a biomedical device manufacturer in Dallas Tx.  Registration is pivotal when users merge multiple scan files of patient data. “In seemingly difficult registrations, it finds the right topology between different pieces to register perfectly.”  

One particularly complex piece, a silicone partial facial prosthesis covering 30% of the patient’s face, was designed and produced by CARTIS and will be profiled in Geomagic’s booth, #3. In this particular case cancer treatment required the removal of the patient’s eye, orbital bone, and nose; at the same time, radiotherapy compromised the shape and depth of the remaining bone. Compounding this already-difficult challenge, the prosthesis also needed to match the patient’s wrinkles, skin texture and dimples, a task that typically defies the capabilities of conventional CAD software.

Using Geomagic Freeform, CARTIS eliminated two clinic visits and cut in half the time required from initial visit to final fitting.  Instead of requiring the patient to endure three clinic visits including painful and messy fittings with silicone impression material, CARTIS was able to work from a 3D surface scan and CT scan data. CARTIS technicians then used Geomagic Freeform to view and analyze the anatomy in 3D space from multiple angles, obtaining a wound’s-eye view of bony protrusions or concave areas, and noting damage that otherwise was hidden. The CARTIS team built up facial structures on the prosthesis to match the patient’s face and designed an area where a glass eye could be inserted.

Geomagic Freeform software also allowed subtle detailing of skin folds and textures along with ultra-thin 40-micron edges required to achieve a pressure fit. Once the design was finalized, CARTIS digitally designed the molds in Freeform. The finished silicon prosthesis was then color and texture matched for a natural look.

“Through the Maxillofacial Unit at Morriston Hospital, we’re routinely delivering prosthetic ears, noses, orbital areas and implants for jaw or cranial replacement sections using scans and digital modeling in Geomagic Freeform so that the patient looks natural even down to the wrinkles,” Dr. Eggbeer said.

“The examples showcased by our customers at this event provide a reminder that 3D software truly has the power to change lives,” said Joan Lockhart, VP of Marketing, Geomagic. “We applaud the work of organizations such as CARTIS, MedCAD and others for showing that 3D scanning and design solutions, and new additive fabrication technologies, can be used in transformative ways for the betterment of humanity. I’m proud our solutions played a part in these remarkable examples.”

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Geomagic used to design 45,500 h.p. vehicle

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Geomagic® announced that legendary racer Ed Shadle will detail the epic 12-year effort of his group, North American Eagle, in a bid to recapture the world land speed record with the help of 3D software from Geomagic, during sessions at the International Manufacturing and Technology Show.

In public talks as well as private media interviews, Shadle and co-founder Keith Zanghi will relate the backstory of how they adapted a F-104 fighter jet to take a run at the world record of 763 miles per hour set in 1997 by the British. Shadle, who holds personal auto racing records from the 1980s, will explain his inspiration for the project, and his engineering gotchas that challenged the project from the start.

Mixing tales of what it feels like to drive a rocket across the ground, with the engineering challenges that involves, Shadle will explain how Geomagic Studio software helped the team shape the design of the rebuilt jet so it had aerodynamically-perfect contours. By converting the point cloud data that emerges from 3D scanning into surface data, Geomagic Studio created the watertight 3D data that enabled the complex engineering analyses essential to rebuilding the 45,500 h.p. vehicle.

Throughout the event, Geomagic will be delivering demonstrations of the industry’s most advanced 3D inspection and reverse engineering software. Geomagic Studio is the industry’s most easy-to-use, intelligent solution for transforming 3D scan data into highly accurate polygon and native CAD models for reverse engineering, product design, rapid prototyping and analysis. Working alongside Geomagic Qualify, a metrology product which delivers measurement and comparison of as-built data to original design data, these industrial-grade products deliver productivity, process and quality improvements to manufacturers worldwide.

Visit the Geomagic booth (E-5422) at anytime during the event to see how advanced 3D scanning and inspection software can help your manufacturing operation. The North American Eagle Team will be available with Geomagic at the following times:

  • Monday, September 10 at 1:00 p.m. CT
  • Tuesday, September 11 at 9:00 a.m. CT
  • Wednesday, September 12 at 1:00 p.m. CT
  • Thursday, September 13 at 9:00 a.m. CT

Individual media interviews are available by appointment

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Geomagic® announced promotions and appointments to its executive team, following record sales during the fiscal year which ended June 30, 2012.  These include the promotion of Tom Kurke, the company’s chief operating officer to the position of president and COO; the promotion of Len Chamberlain from sales director to vice president of worldwide sales; and the appointment of Joan Lockhart, who joined Geomagic via the company’s April acquisition of the Sensable® 3D design and haptics businesses, to vice president of marketing. Additionally, Karl Matthews, formerly vice president of product management will serve as vice president of the newly acquired Sensable Group from its offices in the Boston area.
Ping Fu, Geomagic’s co-founder, continues as the CEO and will expand her visionary role in the 3D technology industry, her national service fostering entrepreneurship, such as the White House National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the National Council on Women in Technology, and serve as a spokesperson on breakthrough technologies in sensor-enabled 3D digital reality and the makers’ movement. At a time when the additive manufacturing industry is experiencing “accelerated growth”  and longstanding gaps in the digital workflow are being streamlined, the executive appointments give Geomagic an exceptional foundation from which to capture expanding market demand and to deliver transformational solutions.

“I am incredibly pleased with the leadership team we have built at Geomagic, one with diverse talents and skills, and proven understanding of the challenges and the opportunity facing our users and the industry,” states Ping Fu, CEO. “In the last three months, our teams not only delivered exeptional performance and value for Geomagic’s scanning and metrology solutions, they also have successfully integrated Sensable’s 3D modeling and haptic businesses, which resulted in growth for the Sensable business, good will with employees, customers and partners, and tremendous momentum. The new leadership team will position us for greater performance in the coming years as we develop new products that will democratize 3D capture, modeling and interaction.  The challenge is no longer about access to data; it is about extracting intelligence from it and doing smart things with it to benefit humanity.”
Executives’ Backgrounds

Tom Kurke, president and COO, joined Geomagic in 2009 from BentleySystems, where he was instrumental in growing that company’s annual revenues to over $500 million and managing the global software subscriptions business that represented nearly 70% of the company’s revenues. In his added role as Geomagic’s president, Tom will continue to drive global sales while maximizing operational readiness throughout the company for expanded growth and the launch of new products. He will continue to work closely with CEO Ping Fu to drive the company’s 3D technology and marketing strategy.  A former practicing attorney with a mechanical engineering degree, Tom is himself a frequent industry speaker and blogger on digital capture, additive manufacturing and intellectual property rights.
“I am confident that Geomagic will achieve an outsized impact on the way people capture and interact with 3D content in the coming months,” said Tom Kurke. “I’m proud to be a part of the Geomagic family of employees, users and partners and feel especially fortunate to work with the members of this leadership team.”
Len Chamberlain, vice president sales, has been with Geomagic since 2006, most recently serving as Sales Director: Americas, Asia & Strategic Partnerships, where he developed OEM channels and also managed direct sales teams. Len brings 20 years of design, operations, development and sales experience to his new role at Geomagic. A mechanical engineer by training he has held senior positions with Konica Minolta, Image Guided Technologies (acquired by Stryker), Gambro andMedtronics.  
Joan Lockhart, vice president of marketing, joined Geomagic during its acquisition of the Sensable 3D design and haptics businesses, where she served as vice president of sales and marketing for the past 6 years. She has 20 years of executive experience, concentrated in marketing at companies such as GeoTrust (acquired by Verisign), RSA Security, Avid (IPO), PictureTel and MCK (IPO).  She will continue to be based out of Geomagic’s Sensable Group office in Boston.
Karl Mathews, vice president, Geomagic Sensable Group, has been with Geomagic for four years, previously serving as vice president of product management. For ten years prior to Geomagic, he was with Adobe Systems overseeing product strategies and marketing for several business lines. While retaining responsibility for the Company’s customer support and training functions, Karl has relocated to Geomagic’s Sensable Group office in Boston to drive the continuing integration of Sensable’s business operations into Geomagic as well as to lead the Sensable Group’s team.
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Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, announced that it has released two new versions of software from its Sensable Group’s 3D modeling product lines – Freeform® v12 SP2 and Claytools® v4. These new releases are the first since Geomagic’s April 2012 acquisition of Sensable Technologies, Inc., and the Freeform Plus release is the first instance of incorporating Geomagic technology into a Sensable 3D modeling product.

Freeform v12 SP2 is an update release to v12 which shipped earlier this year with key features and usability enhancements that allow customers to save significant time and effort when designing highly detailed and complex organic models. It adds support for 3D Connexion’s SpacePilot Pro and SpaceMouse Pro, which can be used in addition to Sensable’s force feedback haptic device, to allow for enhanced 3D manipulation. Additionally, Freeform Plus users now have advanced auto-surfacing capabilities, incorporated from Geomagic Studio. Autosurfacing is used to convert Freeform’s voxel or polygonal models into solid and surface models, so they can be imported into traditional CAD engineering programs such as Dassault’s SolidWorks®, PTC’s Creo®, or into CAM products for tool path generation.

"I am impressed with the way that Geomagic's surfacing capabilities are now incorporated into Freeform Plus," said Nancy Hairston, principal of SculptCAD in Dallas, Texas. "This combines the industry's best surfacing product with the world's best organic sculpting product. It's fast and produces excellent results, especially on thin objects and highly detailed areas which can be difficult to handle." She adds, "It's a fantastic combination making Freeform that much stronger and efficient. We look forward to seeing additional integration of the Sensable and Geomagic products lines moving forward."

Claytools v4 is an exciting new release of the organic 3D modeling software targeted at sculptors, prototypers, model makers, jewelry designers and digital content creators. New features make it even easier to achieve complex, organic designs, including:

  • Curve Spheres – replicating the sculptor’s real world armature, allows designers and sculptors to quickly create volumetric models controlled by an underlying curve skeleton. Allowing quick volume studies, fast re-posing and base model generation.
  • New Mesh tools, such as Mesh Division, allow a toy designer, for example, to take an animated character model that is highly faceted, and in 1 or 2 clicks replace the facets with a smooth surface ready for production.
  • Paint – ability to paint models and project or map imported images onto models
  • Enhanced Carving tools, a new Pipe tool, improved capabilities for modeling with curves
  • Hot Wax Tool – replicating more subtle techniques, this allows sculptors to gain a finer control when sculpting, as well as combining multiple tools into one for a faster, more natural workflow.

“We are creating new ways of working -- where previously impossible tasks are now possible, and new technologies are changing the way products are created and manufactured,” said Joan Lockhart, vice president of sales and marketing, Geomagic Sensable Group. “Products like Freeform and Claytools make it faster and easier to design great products digitally – freed from the constraints of conventional CAD – and produce them using new additive fabrication methods, or just as easily import them into traditional CAD/CAM formats when needed.”

Both versions are currently shipping on new products and available to customers on active maintenance contracts through their reseller channels.

For more information, visit:

Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology for digital reality, today announced its expansion into India to support the growing needs of the country’s expanding design and manufacturing industries.

Geomagic’s local presence will enable Indian engineering and manufacturing operations to more easily buy and learn Geomagic 3D scanning and imaging, 3D inspection and touch-enabled modeling solutions, to build more productivity and efficiency into their operations, as well as create digital workflows that reduce waste.

“There is a strong demand for Geomagic solutions in this region, with manufacturers seeking to utilize digital technology to build greater efficiencies into their manufacturing operations,” said Tom Kurke, president and chief operating officer, Geomagic. “Local representation remains a highly important component of Geomagic’s growth strategy, by building relationships with its partners and customers.”

Geomagic’s software and hardware tools enable ease-of-operaton in 3D lean manufacturing operations, allowing significant productivity improvements through using real world 3D data, interactive and organic design, and accurate measurement of manufactured parts. This works within the scope and aim of India’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan draft, for 2012 – 2017, prepared by the Government of India Planning Commission, which addresses the need to innovate and produce products more efficiently. “…India needs more “frugal, distributed, affordable innovation” that produces more “frugal cost” products and services that are affordable by people at low levels of incomes without compromising the safety, efficiency, and utility of the products...”

Geomagic teams in India can now deliver hands-on demonstrations of Geomagic Studio,® Geomagic Qualify™ and its other 3D imaging and metrology tools, as well as provide local support to partners, resellers and customers. These software solutions deliver 3D scans into MCAD formats, including Autodesk Inventor®, CATIA®, SolidWorks® and Creo® (formerly Pro/ENGINEER.) The products also support all standard industry 3D formats for neutral file interoperability, and the latest 2012 releases deliver improved probing, PMI and GD&T tools in inspection and metrology, and improved handling of medium-range data in the 3D imaging field.

Geomagic’s newly acquired Sensable product lines, which include Freeform 3D Modeling and Claytools, as well as the Phantom Haptic device product lines are available for demonstration and purchase through the Geomagic Sensable Group and VCreate Logic Private Limited, located in Bangalore.

For more information, visit:

Geomagic®, a global company providing 3D technology solutions for digital reality, today announced it will showcase best practices and output from its customers’ digital orthopedic product workflows at this week’s OMTEC 2012 event in Chicago beginning Wednesday, June 13th. As orthopedic implant manufacturers work to apply the latest technologies to their patient-specific implant processes, Geomagic’s customers demonstrate the results that are made possible when medicine meets 3D capture, touch-enabled design, 3D inspection and digital manufacturing technology.

Speakers and exhibits at OMTEC 2012 will depict the use of Geomagic’s products in the latest materials for the ultimate in personalized fit, form and function.  For example, Level 3 Inspection’s Bill Greene will outline the advantages of Computer Aided Inspection for orthopedic implants as a way to deliver better patient-specific forms, faster, with fewer iterations, less waste, and lower cost.  Bill will be presenting at the conference on Thursday June 14, at 10 am CT.  

Geomagic will be demonstrating its Freeform® Modeling System for organic design and preparing files for manufacturing.  Level 3 Inspection also will join Geomagic and demonstrate its scanning solution using Geomagic Qualify for inspection and analysis.

“Advanced software is allowing us to solve clinical problems we couldn’t even begin to touch before, and Geomagic’s solutions are at the heart of the innovation,” said Barry Fell, president of Thermoplastic Products Corp. in Hummelstown PA, who designs and prototypes custom orthopedic implants.

By using Geomagic’s suite of 3D solutions, including Geomagic Studio® to capture real world data, Freeform to develop designs, and Geomagic Qualify™ to inspect and check manufactured products, medical manufacturers are moving to successful mass custom manufacturing through 3D digital reality.  Innovative orthopedic products created using Freeform, Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify on display at OMTEC include:

  • Implant designs by almost every leading orthopedic implant manufacturer
  • The Smart Inspection System (SiS) for robotic Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) with automated measurement and reporting
  • Custom implants by university hospitals, medical service bureaus, small manufacturers, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Air Force Base, and other major names.
  • Custom prosthetics, implants and surgical guides from ProPrecision, Medical Modeling and MedCAD
  • Surgical planning models from Thermoplastic Products Corp. and Walter Reed Military Medical Center
  • Educational models from GPI Anatomicals, Protowerx, The Chamberlain Group, and others

“Digital reality, like the digital economy, is a fact of life today, allowing art and science, and in this case medicine, to achieve breakthrough results that are not possible without our technology,” said Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic. “A good example is the use of additive manufacturing in exciting new ways.  What was previously utilitarian, and perhaps cast or vacuum formed with standard parts, now can be designed more elegantly, ergonomically and aesthetically – and printed in new bio-compatible materials.  It’s a new era for the practitioners and patients in the orthopedic industry.”

Geomagic is exhibiting in booths 831-833 at OMTEC, which takes place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Road in Chicago, on Wednesday June 13 from 9 am – 6 pm CT, and Thursday June 14 from 9 am – 12 noon CT.

For more information, visit:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for capturing, creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today completed an acquisition of Sensable Technology Inc.’s ® 3D design and haptics businesses. Sensable®, of Wilmington, Mass., is a leading developer of volumetric CAD/CAM solutions, and the inventor of Phantom® force-feedback haptic devices that simulate the physical sensation of touch in the virtual world.

This acquisition expands Geomagic’s vision to advance and apply 3D technology for the benefit of humanity.  “Geomagic specializes in capturing digital data from the real world and real people. Now we can add the sensation of touch as well; Sight and feel are two major human sensibilities that enhance the design experience.” Said Ping Fu, CEO of Geomagic.  “For Geomagic customers, Sensable solutions are a natural extension for modeling and enhancing the scan data from Geomagic; for Sensable customers, starting with a scanned model rather than blank screen makes it far easier and faster to start a design, requires less time to sculpt the 3D model, and the finished designs can be exchanged into CAD surfaces using the Geomagic family of software. The synergies will be a tremendous value to existing and new customers.”

“Geomagic is the best home for Sensable technologies and employees. Innovative companies need scale to grow, I am happy that the combined company under the Geomagic umbrella will have that scale.” says Marcus Lovell Smith, the former CEO of the company.

Sensable has a range of voxel-based 3D design software including the FreeForm® and ClayTools® solutions. The combination of voxel-based software and haptic input creates an intuitive, tactile and precise user experience for sculpting “virtual clay.”  Some of the Sensable 3D design solutions also include powerful tools for preparing digital models for manufacturing (particularly for mold and casting production methods) including draft analysis and complex parting line creation.

Geomagic software creates digital models from physical parts to be used in design and engineering workflows, archiving and the visual arts. Inspection tools from Geomagic lead the market in accurate, automated measurement and quality control of manufactured parts. The products from the combined companies encompass much broader design-to-manufacture workflows with added freedom to allow product designers, engineers and innovators to design in very natural and intuitive ways.

The customer-base of the combined company includes almost every major worldwide manufacturer resulting in a strong installed base of users, many of whom already use both Geomagic and Sensable solutions. Medical research customers and OEMs are also a significant segment of the Sensable haptics customer base.

Geomagic will continue to support Phantom haptic input devices, further develop Freeform design and manufacturing solutions, and the developer’s API for haptics research.  Geomagic will retain Sensable’s operations and employees in the Boston area giving the company a strategic Northeast location where we plan to hire additional employees. “Customers and partners of Sensable can continue to expect the same high quality service, support and product development they have always received, which will now be infused with the innovation and investment in R&D for which Geomagic is renowned,” says Tom Kurke, President and COO of Geomagic.

In addition to the product portfolio, Geomagic is also acquiring the majority of Sensable’s considerable patent portfolio, which extends across haptic device designs and applications and voxel-based modeling.  Sensable’s dental products are not included in this acquisition.

For more information about the acquisition, visit:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today announced the first service release of the Geomagic 2012 product lines. The Geomagic 2012 SR1 product line builds on the innovations that were introduced in the initial 2012 product release, with a focus on even faster and more robust processing of large data sets, expanded availability of embedded CAD importers, and increased accuracy.

Enhancements to the products affect Geomagic Studio®, Geomagic Wrap®, Geomagic Qualify™ and Geomagic Qualify Probe ™, industry-leading products for reverse engineering, 3D imaging, inspection, measurement and metrology.

This latest release implements Tech Soft 3D’s Hoops Exchange v5.0 software, which enables CAD interoperability into the Geomagic Qualify products.

Improvements include:

  • Updated CAD format support including Dassault Systems’ CATIA V5 R21 and SolidWorks 2012, plus NX 8, and Solid Edge ST4 from Siemens PLM

  • New PMI support for CATIA V5 R21, as well as JT and STEP files

  • Native support for PTC’s Creo files

This widened format support delivers greater freedom for customers to natively import 3D CAD data files of their choice into Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Qualify Probe for immediate comparison to inspection and measurement data in quality workflows.

Enhancements to the Geomagic platform technologies which form the backbone to Geomagic applications enable faster and more intuitive user workflows, especially with large data sets. Users can now align data at low resolution, and quickly apply the transforms to the original, high resolution data. More robust processing for noise reduction, and global registration means that large data can be turned into usable 3D faster and more accurately.

Improvements to the QuickProbe function enable more intuitive feature creation as a part is being measured by customers in an inspection workflow using a portable CMM. In addition, the ‘Best Fit’ alignment for probe data delivers users greater confidence that the nominal model and probed data are perfectly aligned for measurement and comparison.

Commented Kevin Scofield, Senior Product Manager, Geomagic, “While the 2012 product launch delivered game-changing functions for customers last November, this release reaffirms and strengthens the products for even faster and more accurate functionality.”

Geomagic 2012 SR1 is available now for Maintenance customers to download at no charge. Please visit the Geomagic portal for more information.

All versions of Geomagic products are available for free 30-day trial versions at:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today announced that CEO, Ping Fu, an expert in 3D imaging technologies, will be leading a presentation on Technology and Fashion at SXSW 2012, March 9-13, 2012 in Austin TX. Joining Ping for the presentation will be three leading clothing innovators: Alison Lewis, founder of Agent of Presence, Janet Hansen, Chief Fashion Engineer at Enlighted Designs Inc., and Sheridan Martin, senior UX designer at Microsoft.

This engaging session will show the language of art and design expressed through the intertwining of technology and fashion. Actual examples of wearable technology will be on display during the event, which use recent and new technologies to make amazing clothes: face masks that are a perfect fit using 3D scanning, 3D printed shoes, clothes that display carefully designed lighting as art and 'print' words from Twitter and other sources interactively on the fabric. This session highlights a few of the amazing things that can be done when technology is combined with creativity. The Technology and Fashion presentation will debut at 11:00 am at the Driskill Hotel Ballroom on Monday March 12, 2012.

Janet Hansen of Enlighted Designs specializes in the artistic integration of electronic lighting with fabrics, using LEDs and EL wire as decorative elements. A former rocket scientist, she has been creating custom illuminated clothing and costumes for nearly 15 years. Her pieces are used by a wide range of professional entertainers, including pop stars, DJs, dancers, magicians, and team mascots.

Alison Lewis recently founded Agent of Presence, an innovative and intelligent fashion design firm based in Silicon Valley. To showcase how data can be used to connect us and be beautiful, she is presenting a dress that lights up with the wearer's heartbeat. Her prior work includes a blog site that features many DIY and instructional articles on how to create electronically infused fashion and home accessories, showing how technology can be harnessed to ignite a tech spark in the DIY and fashion design communities.

Sheridan Martin will be showing a beautifully crafted “Printing Dress” which displays LED signals as well as lit words from a Twitter account or other sources across the dress. In this dress, everything is functional from buttons to the hem. (

Perfect-fit 3D face masks, arm pieces and 3D printed shoes will also be featured by Ping Fu, demonstrating the power, potential and beauty of the 3D ‘capture, modify, make’ environment that has been evolving in recent years.

“This presentation is about understanding how far technology has come and how it already affects our environments in beautiful ways,” said Ping Fu, CEO, Geomagic. “But it is also about the future, the potential. How the impossible is becoming possible and can be expressed through many artistic forms including fashion.”

“Electrically infused fashion used to be exclusively for stage shows and special showcases,” said Alison Lewis, Agent Of Presence. “By making electronics part of the aesthetics of fashion, we can make it available for the masses to enjoy and use. The future is changing so that we can all fit in this new space.”

Ping and her co-presenters are coming together for the first time to deliver an eye-popping demonstration of current technologies and a glimpse into the future. At the same time, they hope to inspire females into design, engineering and science fields through their work.

Continued Ping, “This presentation shows that engineering and science technology can be used to successfully create beautiful expressions of art just like you will see during this event, with presenters who embody fun, technology, art and fashion. We hope it will encourage more people to consider how technology can be used in creative, compelling ways.”

Geomagic is also a founding member of the Entrepreneurial Alliance of the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) which is hosting events throughout SXSW at the Moonshine Grill in alliance with Turner Broadcasting Inc. NCWIT is a community of over 300 companies, universities and non-profits throughout the USA that work together to increase diversity in IT and computing fields. Attendees will be able to see and talk with Ping Fu at the NCWIT location as well as find out more about how diversity in engineering and scientific fields can strengthen companies’ performance.

The Technology and Fashion presentation will debut at 11.00 am at the Driskill Hotel Ballroom on Monday March 12, 2012.

For more information, visit:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, will be the technology behind the Kinect®-to-3D print app that is part of 3D Systems’ launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012), January 10th--13th 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. This application, at an early stage of development, will demonstrate the automated process of 3D imaging and 3D printing for consumers. For CES it enables an instant 3D image of visitors at the event to be automatically turned into a 3D model and printed out on a 3D printer during the show.

3D Systems plans to unveil, a vivid 3D create-and-make experience with intuitive 3D apps, rich 3D printable content libraries of games, puzzles and collections. turns any mobile device, tablet or Kinect device into a powerful, digital canvas that unleashes creativity and brings ideas to life in 3D. Compelling content creation, capture and customization apps make it simple and fun to personalize creations and print them at home on a new Cube™ 3D printer or have them printed using 3D Systems’ online Cubify service. Now everyone can unleash their creativity and earn money by marketing their own 3D creations or by developing new apps for

Geomagic’s Kinect-to-3D print technology is fresh out of Geomagic’s R&D division, as an application built on top of Geomagic Studio®, Geomagic’s flagship software best known for its simple user experience and powerful processing tools for taking 3D scan data into design and fabrication. 3D data taken using this method can also be used for other purposes including design, testing, innovation, archive and prototyping.

Come to watch the Kinect-to-3D print in action, and get a model of yourself at CES at the 3D Systems’ booth # 13345.

More information on this developing technology will be available on Geomagic’s blog at:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today announced the release of its innovative 3D imaging products: Geomagic Studio 2012, Geomagic Wrap 2012, Geomagic Qualify 2012, Geomagic Qualify Probe and Geomagic Wrap OEM Edition. This powerful suite of software delivers the latest technological advancements in 3D scan and probe data transformation, precise polygonal imaging and 3D inspection and metrology, all of which work to increase manufacturing efficiency, productivity and product quality.

Geomagic 2012 products offer affordable, fast and precise solutions for engineers, quality inspectors, industrial designers, artists, movie makers and more. The user-friendly products deliver new and optimized commands for significantly faster creation of usable 3D models. With enhanced performance and speed, these products streamline manufacturing, design and production processes for cost-effective results. These latest releases add to the earlier announcement of the new Geomagic Qualify Probe product, an affordable probing-only 3D inspection product.

Geomagic Studio 2012

Geomagic Studio 2012 is the leading solution for transforming scans of physical objects into precise 3D models. Geomagic Studio delivers this data into polygon, surface and CAD models for use directly in reverse engineering, product design, art, rapid prototyping and analysis. The data can also be transferred directly from Geomagic Studio as history-based parametric models into popular MCAD systems. Providing the most efficient means of 3D scan data conversion with new and enhanced features, Geomagic Studio revolutionizes the digital content modeling and manufacturing process.

The latest version delivers an even more robust user interface that delivers simplified commands for complex processes, as well as precise surfacing, powerful automated point cloud data clean-up, and rapid surface repair of models. Geomagic Studio 2012 has been enhanced to deliver better sketching and patching tools, a new Scripting environment for automation of functions at the command level, and improved handling and viewing of mid- to large-range data. The software brings significantly increased processing speeds and has been optimized to handle much larger point cloud data files which assist in both mechanical and BIM scanning workflows.

“We have already been using Geomagic Studio 2012 in pre-release form because it is so robust,” stated Spike Milligan, of Mimic Studios – a reseller of Geomagic and a beta tester of the new version. “The huge point and polygon models from our Surphaser system now work very well in this latest version. The new Patch tool is extremely useful too, and has already saved us a ton of time a few times a week.”

Geomagic Studio 2012 supports direct output of 3D parametric data into major MCAD platforms including Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, CATIA and Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER). With this new release, integration with SpaceClaim has been added to deliver access to this powerful direct modeling platform.

Geomagic Wrap 2012

As Geomagic continues to revolutionize digital design, Geomagic Wrap 2012 leads the industry with a solution that precisely transforms scan, probe and point cloud data into usable 3D polygon data. Providing peak performance of automation and instant downstream usability, Geomagic Wrap continues to raise the bar with the addition of new and enhanced tools to include intuitive, intelligent processing of mid-range and probe data, automated and precise remeshing of imported 3D polygon data, increased data handling performance, enhanced sketching tools, and the addition of a new scripting environment for advanced automation of key commands.

This robust, yet affordable software has the ability to export superior 3D data from scan data into all industry-standard polygonal formats, enabling rapid use in design, visualization, art, prototyping and archive, thereby improving productivity.

“Geomagic Wrap 2012 is by far the most high performance version ever, and it delivers even easier tools for using medium- to long-range data, greater power of processing scans and more exact sketching tools,” said Lori Collins, Research Assistant Professor and Director, Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies. “Geomagic has always been the easiest to use and learn. Now it is even more powerful with no loss of the inspired interface and usability of the products.”

Geomagic Wrap 2012 will also be available to many scanner users in the form of Geomagic Wrap 2012 OEM Edition. This software is available exclusively as a bundled solution delivered by selected scanner vendors. Geomagic Wrap 2012 OEM Edition will include many of the new features in Geomagic Wrap 2012, including the significant processing and speed improvements available in this latest version, probing and the latest walkthrough features.

Geomagic Qualify 2012

Geomagic Qualify 2012 utilizes industry-leading technology to deliver 3D inspection and metrology software with precision, speed and comprehensive reporting on the quality of as-built parts for first-article and production inspection, as well as supplier management. This innovative software analyzes highly precise measurements from a physical object and instantly draws comparisons to a digital model and now includes enhanced support for probe and scanner measurement workflows. NIST and PTB certified precision illuminates the power of this automated 3D inspection tool, which now includes airfoil analysis at no additional cost, enabling all parts in a manufacturing process to be rapidly inspected and analyzed for optimum accuracy.

With access to the enhanced capabilities of Geomagic Qualify 2012, manufacturers have the means to rapidly increase productivity and manufacturing quality, as well as identify process weakness. Additionally, comprehensive probing and scanning mechanisms provide a combination of measuring tool and rapid product inspection to create an efficient and agile production environment.

Unlike competitors’ applications, Geomagic Qualify software includes built-in CAD data importers to include native formats of CATIA, NX, SolidWorks, and Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) at no additional charge. Integrated CAD importers provide reference data in an inspection and measurement process to quickly assess deviations and eliminate reoccurrence for a cost effective end result.

Resellers and Partners of Geomagic commented on the 2012 products:

“For our customers, fast processing of the data captured using the Creaform HandyScan is of vital importance. Geomagic Qualify 2012 is very simple to use with our technologies and allows engineers to produce complete inspection reports in a timely fashion, even for the most complex projects,” said Martin Jomphe, Creaform Engineering Services.

“It is great that Geomagic Qualify 2012 provides free integrated importers for CAD software. This is a huge advantage for our customers who need to merge inspection workflows with design data,” said Zhou Zhihua, General Manager of Chengmei-Tech, a reseller of Geomagic.

Significantly enhanced probing support means that all major portable CMMs from hardware vendors such as FARO, Creaform, Hexagon, Nikon, and more, are now extensively supported in Geomagic Qualify 2012. This greater support builds further on inspection processes and workflows, giving customers more choices for capturing accurate measurements using tools of choice.

Geomagic Qualify has been optimized to deliver even greater processing speed, delivery of 3D PDF reports that utilize the .PRC format for greater compression of the data, as well as the addition of a robust scripting interface for command-level automation.

These exciting and robust products are fully supported by Geomagic’s world-class training, technical support, comprehensive online tutorials, and a rich Knowledge Base of materials and guides.

Current information, demos and free trial downloads of the Geomagic 2012 suite of products are available at:

Geomagic, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, has announced that its 3D imaging and reverse engineering software, Geomagic Studio, has been used to create the highest resolution, most dimensionally accurate 3D digital model ever of the world-famous, 5000 years old monument, Stonehenge, in England.

The project has been undertaken by surveying and 3D laser scanning specialists Greenhatch Group Ltd. on behalf of English Heritage, who are the custodians and conservators of Stonehenge as well as many other historical monuments, buildings and ancient sites across England.

Together with Atkins Mapping and Archaeo-Environment Ltd., Greenhatch used short- and long-range laser scanners from Z+F UK and Leica Geosystems, along with other survey equipment, to digitally capture all the visible faces of the standing and fallen stones, as well as the tops and faces of the lintels, to a resolution of +/- 0.5mm. Surveys of all the stone faces to this level of accuracy have never been achieved before. The surrounding landscape was also captured as part of the overall project to create the most accurate 3D digital model ever of the monument.

Precise 3D digital models

The data captured by the scanners was read into Geomagic Studio software where it was processed to create highly accurate 3D digital polygon mesh models of the individual stones and the surrounding landscape. The individual stones could then be placed digitally in their correct positions to create a highly accurate 3D virtual model of the whole monument, which in turn could be placed accurately within the virtual model of its real-world context.

The digital models are being used for a number of purposes. They provide a precise base-line to enable English Heritage to monitor the physical condition of the monument, which is subjected to daily weathering. They are also a valuable resource to anyone wishing to produce reconstruction models, drawings or images for public understanding and interpretation and to create animation sequences. This will allow experts from English Heritage to fly virtually through and over the monument from different perspectives in order to aid their studies of the stones – and for their work on the proposed new visitor centre at Stonehenge.

Commenting on the scale of the project and its benefits, Andrew Dodson, director, Greenhatch Group, said, “Many of the raw 3D point cloud files from the scans of the stones comprised up to 50 million points, or 1.5 GB of data, each. Without the advanced point cloud processing capabilities of Geomagic Studio we would not have been able to convert them into the accurate 3D digital polygon models that this project demanded.”

“As well as helping people to understand how Stonehenge was built and how it has been changed at certain times in the past”, he added, “the 3D virtual models that have been produced with Geomagic Studio hold out the promise of enabling people to find out the secrets that lie within the eroded surfaces of these ancient stones. They will therefore add greatly to the English Heritage store of knowledge of Stonehenge.”

An online version of the animation is available at:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, today announced the latest addition to its Geomagic Qualify 3D inspection software product line - Geomagic Qualify Probe™.

Geomagic Qualify Probe takes advantage of the industry-leading Geomagic Qualify technology to work with a broad range of hard probe precision measurement devices from hardware partners such as FARO, Creaform, Hexagon, Nikon and many others. With Geomagic Qualify Probe, users can use touch probes, portable CMM arms and similar equipment to quickly measure physical parts and compare them with their CAD models to determine manufacturing quality. Quality control applications include first-article and in-line production inspection, as well as supplier management.

This user-friendly software is one of the most affordable and powerful in its category. Building on lessons learned from the built-in probing capabilities in Geomagic Qualify, the new Geomagic Qualify Probe software includes redesigned device and human-machine interfaces for fast and intuitive use. Geomagic Qualify’s fast and automated reporting tools are also a key feature of the new software. Furthermore, unlike most of its competition, Geomagic Qualify Probe includes CAD data importers for the native formats of CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, NX, SolidWorks and Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) at no additional charge.

“Geomagic Qualify Probe will enable us to rapidly expand our productivity and accuracy when using hard probed data, and it includes truly outstanding reporting tools that now have ‘focus’ and ‘magnify’ functions,“  said Rus Emerick, Schneider-Electric. “The direct CAD importers now mean our inspection professionals can work directly with the MCAD models from design engineers, without having to purchase expensive additional options or asking for files to be converted to vendor-neutral formats.”

In addition to interactive, real-time deviation analysis for fixturing and quick checks for out-of-tolerance conditions, measurements collected and evaluated using Geomagic Qualify Probe can be published via integrated reporting tools, including 3D color-mapped models to illustrate deviations over an entire model, evaluation of  Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) callouts, profile curves and user-defined annotations. Reports published in PDF format can include a live 3D model so that everyone in the supply chain can easily comprehend the inspection results.

Utilizing the same user interface and with file format compatibility, Geomagic Qualify Probe users can easily migrate to Geomagic Qualify to add full scanning and point cloud handling capability when they add a scanning accessory to their compatible hard-probe equipment.

"Geomagic Qualify Probe brings a whole new dimension of productivity to the Geomagic software product line,” said Kris Bowers, application engineer, Exact Metrology. “With the broadly enhanced functionality and features like the new Quick Probe option, teamed with a very affordable price point, Geomagic Qualify Probe is poised to become a key solution for companies looking to perform tactile measurements out on the shop floor."

Geomagic Qualify Probe will be debuted at Quality Expo on Sept 20-22, 2011 at McCormick Place in Chicago by both Exact Metrology (booth # 117) and Geomagic (booth # 1046.)

It will also be given a European debut at the TCT Live event, at the NEC, Birmingham, UK., on Sept 27-29 2011.

The Geomagic Qualify Probe software will be released in early November, and pre-registration for a free trial version is available at:

Geomagic®, the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects, is this week expanding to a new office headquarters located at 430 Davis Drive, Morrisville, NC.

The move is fueled by strong revenue growth and the need to accommodate more staff as the business increases in scale. Geomagic is tripling its space footprint, and in addition to delivering more office space this will enable the company to introduce new facilities. Dedicated laboratory and exposition space is being created to showcase partner technologies and customer innovations. A new immersive training environment is being established featuring state-of-the art facilities, along with enhanced meeting space big enough to hold company meetings, with room for the entire global staff.

To foster greater cross-team collaboration and to make Geomagic an even greater place to work, other key design features include dedicated employee relaxation areas, research and library spaces, as well as a creative zone for freeform discussion and abstract thinking.  Staff will also have access to the co-located gym.

“Our new space reflects our unique company culture, and inventive and creative spirit,” said Ping Fu, CEO and president, Geomagic. “We regularly host visits from customers and partners, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to our new headquarters.”

Geomagic will be moving on Sept 9th, 2011 and will be fully relocated and ready to resume business on Monday Sept 12th, 2011.

For more information, visit:

Geomagic, the leading provider of 3D software for creating digital models of physical objects, today launched its new multi-lingual website.

The web site is designed to showcase information on the latest developments and trends in reverse engineering and inspection software and its applications across a wide range of business and industry sectors. It includes a blog which enables people to share their reverse engineering, 3D digital modelling and 3D inspection experiences and to comment on topics of mutual interest.

A feature of the new site is the Geomagic Community. This includes Geomagic Labs which provides early access to new technologies, innovation and product concepts before they appear in commercial software. It also includes a video channel where we broadcast product highlights, corporate news and interesting user stories as well as our CEO’s involvement with the President in White House. Geomagic software demonstration videos are also hosted here.

“This new web site is designed to bring Geomagic and professionals who rely on 3D scanning and imaging technologies closer together”, said Ping Fu. “Whether they are involved in the design and development of industrial, medical or consumer products, the digital reconstruction or archiving of art and archaeological finds, the inspection of as-built parts, or the creation of virtual worlds, these users will find valuable content. This is is our window to the world and our social network site that engages our users, partners and like-minded people,” she added.

“Geomagic supports a global ecosystem of design professionals and partners who help users select and implement reverse engineering and inspection solutions,” said Tom Kurke, COO, Geomagic. “I am excited about our new web presence as it highlights our commitment to support our partners and users globally with dynamic and fresh information.”

This first major phase of the new site delivers the Corporate web site, plus 7 regional sites, which communicate directly with professionals in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia/Pacific) regions.

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Geomagic® has announced that it has expanded its main European Headquarter facilities located in Stuttgart, Germany.

The new office space enables Geomagic to offer expanded training classes for its Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Wrap software products for reverse engineering and inspection. It also gives room for the company to host a partner hardware showcase for scanning and measurement on-site.

"We have doubled our office space in response to the growing market in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)," said Gerd Schwaderer, Business Development Director, Geomagic EMEA. "As the Geomagic team itself has recently expanded due to growing demand, we have seen an increase in training requests for our products. We are excited to now be able to offer more resources to our customer base."  

The new office space also allows Geomagic to showcase partner hardware products on-site. This enables prospects and customers to quickly understand and evaluate the very wide variety of scanners and measuring systems supported by Geomagic, and also to experience typical reverse engineering and inspection workflows. Current hardware available on the showcase includes scanner products from Vialux, Creaform, Faro Technologies and Artec.

"3D scanners and measurement systems are a key element to the reverse engineering and inspection process," said Tom Kurke, COO., Geomagic. "Since Geomagic supports just about every type of scanner in the market, it also makes sense to enable customers to have one location where they can correctly understand and choose the right type of scanner for their needs. This will be a key part of Geomagic's expanded facility in Stuttgart."

The expanded Geomagic Europe office will open on July 1, 2011 and is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Geomagic, a leading 3D reverse engineering and inspection software developer, today announced the availability of its Geomagic Wrap® OEM Edition software for integrated scan-to-3D solutions.

Wrap OEM Edition is a special version of Geomagic Wrap and delivers fast, professional-grade 3D polygonal models direct from 3D scan data. It is designed for inclusion with a new breed of scanning devices, creating a complete hardware and software solution for accurately producing digital models of physical objects - at a market-changing low price point.   

The software combines Geomagic's automated 3D point cloud merge and registration with sophisticated clean-up tools and rapid, accurate polygon mesh generation. After enhancement with included sculpting, trimming and shelling tools, 3D digital models can be used in downstream applications such as 3D printing and digital content creation for visualization, entertainment, archival and medical applications. Models can be exported in a variety of formats, including STL, OBJ and 3D PDF.

Six scanner hardware manufacturers have already agreed to include Wrap OEM Edition with their 3D scanners. These include Creaform, 3D3 Solutions, 3D Digital, Noomeo, Open Technologies and Vialux.

Creaform, for example, includes Geomagic Wrap OEM Edition with every one of its Gemini and MegaCapturor scanners. These scanners are used for human body scanning in medical, multi-media, virtual reality and other similar applications.

“Creaform’s Body Digitizer products allow very fast scanning of the human body, now bundled with Geomagic OEM Wrap Edition,” said Francois Leclerc, Creaform Body Digitizers product manager, Creaform. “This new package offers Creaform’s acquisition speed and reliability, backed up by the power and performance of the Geomagic software, at a very aggressive retail price.”

Vialux zSnapper digitizers, used for rapid scanning for forensic, plastic surgery and biometric industries, will also be sold as a complete solution with Geomagic Wrap OEM Edition.

“Customers are very excited about our complete zSnapper digitizer solution now that we have combined the DLP® scanners with Wrap OEM Edition,” said Roland Hofling, CEO, Vialux GmbH. “With this agreement, we can immediately provide all the tools they need to do their work.”

"With Wrap OEM Edition, we are very pleased to enable scanner manufacturers to deliver a complete hardware and software solution in a single, easy-to-buy package," said Tom Kurke, COO, Geomagic. "The new price points for these combined solutions will introduce powerful scanning and modeling technology to a new class of customer".

Over the coming months, Geomagic will also rapidly expand the number of scanner partners bundling Wrap OEM Edition with their scanners.

The end-user version of Geomagic Wrap, as well as Geomagic Studio® and Geomagic Qualify™, can be tried out on a free, 30-day trial. Visit to register.

Geomagic® announces the launch of the company’s new Technical Support Tutorial Video resources, designed to give customers even more access to information in formats they prefer at the Geomagic Technical Support portal.

The first release of the technical support videos allows customers to quickly see and review visual instructions on hot topics such as setting license keys, software installation and targeted product functions. With 50 videos already available, the amount will rapidly increase across the next few months, and will deal primarily with the most frequently asked questions by customers.

“We constantly drive to increase quality for our customers and as a result, last year, we consistently scored at least 9.1 out of 10 for our technical support in customer surveys,” said Steven Perkins, Technical Support Manager, Geomagic. “But we know that we have to work harder to deliver technical support in the formats that our customers want, so the videos are part of a strategic move to deliver greater online support that can be accessed 24 hours a day.”

The video tutorials are located at Geomagic’s Technical Support site [], and also include links to related videos and written instructions across the knowledge-base that customers can browse.

“We are committed to giving our customers the best support possible, and these videos are the latest milestone in a plan that has included investing in a new technical support infrastructure, adding a new comprehensive self-help knowledgebase, and expanding our in-person support worldwide,” said Karl Matthews, VP of Product Management, Geomagic. “In addition to helping existing customers, the videos help prospective customers effectively evaluate Geomagic technology, alongside the free trial download software available at our web site.”

Geomagic delivers online knowledge-base articles, videos and other tutorials through its technical support portal. Customers who subscribe to Geomagic Maintenance can also access live support and software upgrades. Find out more at Geomagic’s Maintenance page.

Geomagic Technical Support Help and Videos Channel, articles and other items can be located at the Geomagic website.

Geomagic Wrap, Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify are all available as 30-day free trial downloads. To register, visit

Geomagic® announced a new agreement with 3D3 Solutions as a reseller of the company’s powerful 3D scan data processing software. 3D3 Solutions is a developer of 3D scanning and visualization technologies.

3D3 Solutions develops 3D white-light scanners at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems in the market. The design of its 3D scanners follows the company’s core philosophy of flexibility­­. The scanner’s field of view can be adjusted to accommodate the scanning object and components of the system can be upgraded to further improve scanning performance. When used in conjunction with Geomagic software, users have the ability to edit, process, and optimize the 3D scan data for use in downstream applications making it especially useful for manufacturing, design, and analysis.

Bespoke Innovations, which creates innovative prosthetic limbs, is a customer of 3D3 Solutions and Geomagic. Scott Summit, industrial designer at the company, said, “After Bespoke reviewed a wide range of scanners, we found that the 3D3 Solutions with Geomagic was the easiest to use, the most reliable, and the most forgiving of user error. We even enjoy that the scanner allows users to pick and change the camera and lens component as needed, which allowed us to modify and customize it to our needs.  Working with the 3D3 Solutions team in Vancouver has always been enjoyable, and they embody the startup energy that only dedicated teams can.”

“Geomagic and 3D3 Solutions offer the complete functionality for users needing to get real world objects into usable 3D,” said Thomas Tong, President of 3D3 Solutions. “With a comprehensive range of easy-to-use tools to create accurate 3D polygons and surfaces from 3D scan data, plus parametric exchange tools, Geomagic integrates perfectly with our scanners and our customers’ needs.”

“3D3 Solutions is an exciting company to be working with,” said Len Chamberlain, Geomagic’s Sales Director responsible for strategic partnerships. “3D3 Solutions brings interesting new levels of innovation to the scanning marketplace which is a perfect match to Geomagic’s industry-leading software for turning point cloud data into usable 3D.”

Find out more about 3D3 Solutions 3D scanning and visualization technologies at Free trial software by Geomagic is available at

About 3D3 Solutions

3D3 Solutions is a cutting edge developer of 3D scanning and visualization technologies. 3D3 Solutions' mission is to offer affordable 3D scanning systems that are versatile across many applications using their expertise in white light scanning technology and the latest digital measurement advancements. For more information, please visit

About Geomagic

Geomagic ( is a leading provider of 3D software for creating digital models of physical objects.  Professionals involved in the design, reverse engineering and inspection of parts and products use Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Wrap to shorten time to market and improve quality.  Geomagic software is also used in the dental and medical markets to create customized restorations, appliances, prosthetics and treatment plans that help improve patient care.  Some of the leading companies around the globe using Geomagic software include Ford, Harley Davidson, Richard Childress Racing, Timberland, Fisher Price, Pratt & Whitney, NASA, Alcoa Howmet, Danaher and Invisalign. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and partners worldwide.

Geomagic® has announced that its reverse engineering and 3D inspection software has received a full validation from the USA’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The test verifies accuracy of features in the company’s software for a wide range of geometry used in Geomagic Studio® 12 and Geomagic Qualify™ 12. NIST is accepted and recognized worldwide as a leading indicator of accuracy for technology and in setting and testing standards for it.

“We are very pleased to receive this certification,” said Ping Fu, CEO, Geomagic. “This achievement reassures existing and new customers of our continued commitment to excellence in the field of 3D reverse engineering and inspection. It also reflects the constant advances in technology that Geomagic’s software engineers achieve almost on a daily basis.”

The evaluation covers least-squares fitting methods in both Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify. It was tested on 240 datasets representing geometry types including lines, circles, spheres, cylinders and cones. For example, results for circles and cylinders were accurate to less than 10-4 microns in position and radius and 10-4 arc seconds in angle of tilt compared to the official reference values.  More details of the NIST certification for Geomagic reverse engineering and inspection software are available for download.

Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Wrap, and Geomagic Qualify are all available as 30-day free trial downloads. To register, visit

About Geomagic

Geomagic ( is a leading provider of 3D software for creating digital models of physical objects.  Professionals involved in the design, reverse engineering and inspection of parts and products use Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Wrap to shorten time to market and improve quality.  Geomagic software is also used in the dental and medical markets to create customized restorations, appliances, prosthetics and treatment plans that help improve patient care.  Some of the leading companies around the globe using Geomagic software include Ford, Harley Davidson, Richard Childress Racing, Timberland, Fisher Price, Pratt & Whitney, NASA, Alcoa Howmet, Danaher and Invisalign. Geomagic is based in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and partners worldwide.

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