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DongleLockbox Co. announced the release of a new protective device that helps secure USB software dongles (software keys) from theft, loss and damage.

The product, which has a list price of $99, is designed for use with a single USB software key. It offers a combination lock that securely houses the software dongle which connects to a computer’s USB port via a five-foot USB 2.0 extension cable. A detachable metal cable is used to secure or ‘anchor’ the entire lock box to a stationary device.

“A number of CAM software users don’t realize the real value of their software dongle. Essentially, the entire cost of their software, sometimes thousands of dollars, is wrapped up into a small device similar in size to a USB flash drive,” stated Jerry Hiller, sales and marketing manager at DongleLockbox Co. “If a dongle is lost or stolen, it is a common practice that the software developer requires the customer to purchase a new seat of software. We believe the DongleLockbox is a reasonably priced solution to protect a company’s software assets.”

Prior to the release of the DongleLockbox, customers that wanted to protect their software dongle either secured the entire computer in a large, protective housing or purchased a computer that offered an internal USB port configuration. However, most computers only offer external USB ports so software dongles are much more vulnerable to theft, loss and damage.

“It has been my experience that most CAM software is being used on a shop floor. Since this tends to be a fast moving and sometimes chaotic environment, there is an increased chance that a software dongle can be misplaced or worse,” stated Dave Lalor, development and operations manager at DongleLockbox Co. “One of the benefits of the DongleLockbox is that it is very portable and it can easily be affixed to a NC controller or other large object.”

The DongleLockbox is available for purchase through and through specialized software VARs.

DongleLockbox Co.

Headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., DongleLockbox Co. is a developer of portable security devices for software and computer related products.

Software users globally rely on DongleLockbox solutions everyday in the metrology, CAD/CAM/CAE, digital printing, sign, digital photography, digital video and other niche software industries.

For more information on DongleLockbox products and to see a video demonstration of the product, please visit the website at

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