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Reinforced composite materials that are used in the construction of car and wind tunnel parts and components for racing teams have taken 3D printing technology to new heights to produce parts for the Bebop 2 drone.

Bebop 2 offers very easy-to-use piloting and is powerful with impressive stability and maneuverability even in extreme conditions. Data collected by seven sensors are analyzed and merged thanks to the impressive calculation capability of its onboard computer. Bebop 2 integrates a front facing camera and the pilot can digitally change the angle of the camera by 180° by just sliding a finger on the screen of the piloting device.

Parrot has developed the final Bebop 2 version with the help of Windform GT material. The first Bebop 2 structure was built with injected parts made of polyamide based glass reinforced composite material. Parrot then moved to SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology in collaboration with CRP Technology in order to optimize the structural performance without the long lead time and high tooling cost.

Parrot carried out an original development approach based on an experimental diagnosis and FE model aimed at improving the quality of the video during flight, which is usually altered by the vibrations of the drone. The structure has been mainly developed according to that target and by using smart design to reduce weight. Parrot has established that the natural frequencies of the parts made with Windform GT were quite similar to those of parts obtained by injection molding of glass fiber reinforced polyamide.

Parrot was also able to evaluate toughness of the product structure as consumer drones such as the Bebop 2 fall quite often with beginners. Windform GT proved the only 3D printing material able to overcome the accidental test falls carried out by Parrot’s technicians. Parrot highlights others advantages obtained with additive manufacturing and Windform GT material including making small production batches to provide functional products to the team and good aesthetics feature.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012 09:40

CRP Technology Announces Windform SP Material

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CRP Technology is launching a new state-of-the-art material in the field of polyamide based materials: Windform SP.  Its superior characteristics make it the ideal partner for a series of applications, not just for the motorsport industry. Windform® SP is a composite polyamide based carbon filled material characterised by deep black colour and it can be considered a “Top” level material within the polyamide Windform® materials for 3D Printing and additive manufacturing.

CRP Technology, leader in the field of 3D printing and additive manufacturing for more than 15 years, is pleased to present this new material which has excellent mechanical properties. In addition it has the advantage of increased resistance to shocks, vibrations and deformations; this material shows increases in impact strength and elongation at break. Moreover the Windform® SP retains its excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperature. On an aesthetic level, Windform® SP enhances the black colour. This aesthetic factor makes it particularly suitable for design applications too. Another important element of this material is represented by its waterproof properties and therefore its resistance to absorption of liquids and moisture.

Moreover, the new material is also suitable to create reliable prototypes and is perfect for functional applications in motorsports, automotive (suitable for example for components under the hood, such as intake manifolds), Air (components for UAV , Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and aerospace design, since it allows applications fully functional as well as dyno tests, track tests and development of pre-serie parts. The new Windform® SP is now available for the production of parts and can also be purchased directly in the powder form.

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CRP Technology, leader in the field of Additive manufacturing for more than 15 years, is pleased to present the new Windform® GF 2.0, the evolutionary new and improved substitute for Windform® GF, one of the most utilized first generation and “entry level” materials, together with Windform XT.

Windform® GF 2.0 is a composite material made of polyamide filled with glass and aluminium which is used for the production of various parts and components. In terms of performance, Windform® GF 2.0 shows a significant improvement in the HDT (almost +8%), that is, the heat deflection temperature as well as an increase in the values of tensile strength and elongation strength, therefore offering greater ductility than the previous version and excellent mechanical properties per unit of density, thanks to its lighter weight.

On an aesthetic level, Windform® GF 2.0 maintains and enhances the light grey colour and glossy metallic appearance. This aesthetic factor makes it particularly suitable for design and wind tunnel applications as its brighter look is even more evident. Moreover, of great importance, is the improvement in detail reproduction, which makes Windform® GF 2.0 particularly suitable for applications which require accurate and superior surface definition and excellent reproduction of even the finest details.

The new Windform® GF 2.0 is now available for the production of parts and can also be purchased directly in the powder form. Nevertheless, CRP Technology’s initiatives don’t end here. Among the services developed by the company from Modena, specializing in Additive manufacturing technology, we find the professional metallization and painting service for Windform prototypes. The prototyping department of CRP Technology is now able to offer an extra service to its customers. The metallization and painting create an impressive effect. Above all they are necessary for products which need to be aesthetically pleasing. The applications of these two treatments can be diverse, from the automotive industry to industrial design. The goal is to have a product with the performance of Windform materials together and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Standard production times are approximately 4 working days in addition to the time it takes to assemble the prototypes. In regards to the painting, CRP Technology has a suction bench to provide painted prototypes of a medium size (500X500mm) for presentations, product launches, exhibitions and assembly testing in general. If requested by the client and depending on the RAL color, CRP Technology is able to deliver the prototypes already painted, depending on the available RAL colors. When it comes to the painting, the applications are numerous, from industrial design to consumer products, for example childrens’ toys and in general all items produced which have an aesthetic function.

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Monday, 21 February 2011 13:59

CRP Technology launches the new Windform XT 2.0

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CRP Technology, leader in the sector of rapid prototyping with its Windform materials sold worldwide and with its Additive Manufacturing department, has developed Windform XT 2.0, the evolution of Windform XT.

Windform XT 2.0 is a polyamide based material carbon filled. It is used with the technology of Selective Laser Sintering and represents the evolution of the well-known Windform XT.
Windform XT 2.0 will replace Windform XT, the polyamide based material carbon filled, strongly recommended for its mechanical features that have made it particular suitable for high performing applications as it is required by motorsport, aerospace, and UAV.

Windform XT 2.0 can combine higher performing mechanical properties compared to Windform XT. Windform XT 2.0 retains the matte black color of the previous version and features improvements in mechanical properties: +8% in tensile strength, +22% in tensile modulus and +46% increase in elongation at break.

Windform XT 2.0 is the high-tech material for Additive Manufacturing chosen by those working in the Motorsport, Automotive (suitable for example for components under the hood, such as intake manifolds and functional cooling ducts), Air (for components UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Aerospace (useful also to create prototype satellite, such as the CubeSat) and Design, as it allows applications that are fully functional, as well as bench testing, or testing and racing on the track.

These applications are given only as an example: the product's versatility, combined with the technology used can assure users of infinite possibilities.

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