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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 11:25

Corel Introduces New CorelCAD™ 2013

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Corel® announced CorelCAD™ 2013, the latest version of its powerful and affordable CAD design solution. Adding full compatibility with the new AutoCAD® .DWG 2013 file format, CorelCAD 2013 gives engineers, designers and architects precise 2D drafting capabilities and a variety of customizable 2D and 3D design tools. The new alignment and revision tools, DGN Underlay functionality and in-place text editing, allow users to design with even more accuracy. CorelCAD 2013 also offers improved performance and speed, support for the latest Windows and Mac operating systems and a native 64-bit Windows version.

"CorelCAD 2013 continues to be one of the most cost-effective CAD solutions available for small-to-medium businesses and larger enterprises today. It's a powerful and comprehensive CAD solution with innovative tools that are easy-to-use, understand and implement for day-to-day 2D and 3D design projects," said Klaus Vossen, Product Manager for Technical Graphics at Corel. "CorelCAD 2013 is also an ideal solution for users in the architecture, engineering, manufacturing and design communities who rely on full compatibility when importing and exporting CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER file formats."

The latest version is a highly productive CAD product that has added new industry standard file support, advanced functionality, performance enhancements and intuitive tools that improve the design workflow.

Key new features of CorelCAD 2013 include:

  • AutoCAD .DWG 2013 Support: Open, work with and save files in .DWG format natively—full compatibility, support, features and CorelCAD file attributes
  • Native 64-bit Windows Support: With the new 64-bit version of CorelCAD 2013, manage and process large files with a significant increase in workflow performance
  • Enhanced Performance and Speed: Increased efficiency allows improved memory use that will expedite the loading process for large files
  • Align Viewport Tool: Easily arrange the elements of a drawing to gain better, more accurate alignment in sheets—the viewports are aligned by the geometry on the inside of the viewport
  • Revision Cloud Tool: Simplify the review and revision process by using the Cloud command to create revision clouds that highlight areas to be edited—accentuate with specific shapes or freehand clouds
  • DGN Underlay: As with PDF Underlay, you can now insert Microstation .DGN files as referenced drawing, specify layer visibility , clip (mask) DGN Underlay and align new drawing elements to objects in a DGN Underlay
  • In-place Text Editing: Edit text directly on screen to modify the definitions of components and view the changes in real-time
  • Automation Capabilities: Use the VSTA (Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications) Manager Toolbar to record, edit, and run VSTA macros that will perform repetitive tasks or automate command sequences. Plus, utilize the support for continued Lisp commands to avoid extra programming steps
  • More OS Support: The latest operating systems including Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) are now supported

"I've been using CorelCAD since it was first introduced and have been very impressed by its performance and speed. CorelCAD includes impressive features and a familiar interface that definitely makes it a smart choice for a variety of graphic users", said Scott Davis, Owner of Davis Drafting & Design. "The native .DWG support allows me to work with all of my documents and with 3D modeling, CorelCAD delivers well beyond what other, more expensive CAD solutions offer for my business."

CorelCAD 2013 is available starting today in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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Corel today announced the availability of two free updates for Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 and for CorelCAD. The updates include significant additions to extend the file format capabilities in both products, crucial application improvements related to dimension tools, improved PDF functionality and 3D Visualization enhancements. These updates, along with general usability and performance improvements, will allow technical communicators and CAD designers to produce more accurate designs with even greater ease.

"The enhancements and new features in both updates are focused around the needs and requirements of our users," said Klaus Vossen, Product Manager, Technical Graphics at Corel. "The team is committed to delivering key, industry-leading capabilities to the community to ensure they have everything they need to work in a collaborative, creative and productive environment."

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 is a complete and cost-effective solution for visual technical communications. Designed for technical illustrators and technical graphic users alike, the update adds key enhancements to precision tools, improved and enhanced support for industry standards such as WebCGM 2 and SVG, and the most recent developments in 3D visualization with an updated Deep Exploration™ CE application included.

Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 Update Highlights Include:

  • Improved SVG support for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
  • Enhanced CGM v4 (ActiveCGM, WebCGM, S1000D) Support
  • Latest version of Deep Exploration 6.5.4 CE leveraging the SAP® Visual Enterprise Author application
  • New powerful "manual explode" tool for creating exploded views of complex 3D assemblies in Deep Exploration CE efficiently
  • Enhanced and updated 3D CAD support with the optional Add-On Deep Exploration CCE including support for CATIA V5 R20, NX 7.5, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks and other updated 3D CAD file format versions

Corel announced the expansion of its award-winning graphics and technical illustration portfolio last year with the introduction of CorelCAD, a powerful and affordable CAD solution that delivers native DWG support, and the ability to seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D environments.

CorelCAD Update Highlights Include:

  • New CorelDRAW Import support enabling Windows users to refine their drafts and sketches in a seamless workflow between creative design and CAD
  • New PDF Underlay Functionality enabling CAD users to work with published PDFs as references in .DWG files
  • Enhanced STL export allowing direct connection to 3D printers for creating physical prototypes from 3D solid modeling done in CorelCAD
  • As of today, CorelCAD for Mac OS X is also now available on Apple's Mac App Store

For more information, visit: or

Corel today announced the expansion of its award-winning graphics and technical illustration portfolio with the introduction of CorelCAD™, a powerful and affordable CAD solution that delivers native DWG (industry standard CAD file format) support, and the ability to seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D environments. Optimized for the Mac and Windows platforms, CorelCAD enables engineers, designers and architects to quickly and easily customize their work environments and work with even greater speed and efficiency.

Competitively priced, CorelCAD offers small-to-medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises an affordable option for site-wide deployments, making it an ideal solution for day-to-day design projects that require a high level of precision and detail.

Improved Workflow and Compatibility Built on Leading CAD Technology
Corel has partnered with Graebert GmbH, a leading CAD developer with over 25 years of industry experience, to develop and market CorelCAD to a wide audience of users. As a result, existing CAD users will enjoy an intuitive environment with familiar command bars, aliases, menus and toolbars.  In addition, CorelCAD provides excellent compatibility, working natively with the AutoCAD® DWG™ file format and eliminating the need for an import / export process to read and write files in the industry standard format.

“The high cost of many CAD solutions makes it a prohibitive expense for small-to-medium-sized businesses. CorelCAD represents a great alternative, particularly for technical designers seeking power and precision at an affordable price,” said Klaus Vossen, Product Manager for Technical Graphics at Corel. “We’re confident that CorelCAD’s combination of price and performance will provide a compelling alternative for architects, engineers, construction firms and any enterprise seeking precision tools for 2D and 3D design.”

Powerful Feature Set Delivers New Levels of Productivity
Focused on helping users to be as productive as possible, CorelCAD emphasizes file format support, customization and ease of integration into existing design workflows. Key capabilities include the ability to:

* Open & save DWG files natively: CorelCAD™ uses DWG™ as its native file format and offers DXF™ and DWF support up to AutoCAD® 2010 file format versions (used by AutoCAD® 2010-AutoCAD® 2012). Open, work with and save files in DWG format for worry-free collaboration with colleagues, suppliers and partners. Plus, save drawings back to R12 DWG or DXF format, and recover DWG and DXF files in all format versions.
* Design in 2D & 3D: Along with a comprehensive set of 2D drawing features, CorelCAD includes a set of 3D solid modeling tools. Add 3D solid primitives to your design and use Boolean operations to unite, intersect and subtract bodies. Extrude or revolve 2D entities, sweep 2D entities along a path, or loft between 2D entities to create solid objects. Slice and intersect solids, and edit edges, faces and bodies of 3D solids.
* Customize workspaces & automate common tasks for greater efficiency: For every industry that relies on CAD tools, there’s a different workflow. To that end, CorelCAD is easily customizable to meet the needs of a variety of sectors and projects. Without any programming knowledge, you can fine-tune the user interface to your working needs. Custom workspace configurations can then be saved in user profiles and deployed throughout an organization to tailor the user interface to specific project needs and maximize productivity.

For more details on what’s included in CorelCAD, please visit:

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