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Catalog Data Solutions Inc. (CDS), creator of, today announced immediate availability of a new version of the CAD Model Search Engine the enables industrial suppliers with online CAD models/drawings to be found by design engineers.

“Based on user feedback, the new version provides an enhanced user interface (UI) with category selection and more relevant search results. As always any manufacturer or distributor can now ensure that their downloadable CAD models/drawings can be found on 3DModelSpace under whatever search terms they choose,” said John Major, CEO, Catalog Data Solutions. “For industrial suppliers’ online marketing to be successful they first need a good website, second they must ensure that their content is syndicated and found.”

“Already over a million designers and engineering are accessing 3DModelSpace each month from inside Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Autodesk Manufacturing Community, and all the general search engines. If you have invested in online CAD drawings and models for your website you should ensure that 3DModelSpace points to them and helps ensure they get found.”

Suppliers’ drawings and models stay on their own sites – nothing is copied to 3DModelSpace so nothing gets out of date. Simply give 3DModelSpace the links for your CAD drawings and models, and select the search terms under which you want your products to be found.

CAD model downloads are a proven way to lock-in your component products during the design phase and generate new sales when those products are built. 3DModelSpace was launched in 2007 as a search engine for designers and engineers to quickly find CAD models of the component products they need. For manufacturers and distributors 3DModelSpace delivers high quality click-throughs by designers and engineers at highly relevant decision points during their design/product selection process. 3DmodelSpace reaches over 2,000,000 CAD users because it is built directly into Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and is featured in the Autodesk Manufacturing Community. 3DModelSpace is a CAD model search engine, not a CAD library - it directs designers and engineers to your website where your brand is promoted, leads captured, CAD downloads generated and products sold. To have your CAD models included in 3DModelSpace visit and select ‘promote’.

About Catalog Data Solutions, Inc. (CDS)
Catalog Data Solutions, Inc. is a leading SaaS provider of product search, configuration, and online CAD solutions for Industrial Suppliers. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in San Jose, CA, Catalog Data Solutions enables Industrial Suppliers to increase sales by enabling their products to be specified into new designs, improve website conversion rates, generate high quality sales leads, and improve customer service. CDS SaaS solutions include the CDS ModelServer™, CDS Catalog™, and CDS CAD Configurator™. CDS’s highly skilled and experienced professional services team provides implementation services for the successful deployment of CDS SaaS solutions. The company’s customers include the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors in the High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing industries. For more information CDS can be reached at 408.550.8820 or by visiting

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