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Bricsys, a global provider of dwg engineering design software brought to market under the BricsCAD® brand, today announced the immediate availability of BricsCAD V13 for the Windows® operating system.

This release further extends the BricsCAD software with new 2D features and with assembly modeling for the mechanical CAD market. This functionality will also be externalized through APIs to support the BricsCAD partner community in the development of new value-added solutions.

“With BricsCAD we provide our customers with a single dwg-based CAD platform to take care of all their design needs from simple 2D drafting to advanced 3D direct modeling. No need to buy and learn new or companion products, no need for time consuming conversions … just one unified CAD solution,” said Erik De Keyser, Bricsys CEO. “Under today’s tough economic circumstances enterprises want to streamline their software purchases and are looking for vendors to deliver solid functionality and quality support at compelling prices, and that’s exactly where we excel.”

New functionality in BricsCAD V13 includes:

  • Assembly Modeling to model complex products, building on the 3D direct modeling and constraints functionality of V12:
  • Organization of .dwg files in hierarchical structures of mechanical components
  • Top-level or bottom-level components used in the drawing are automatically generated and updated in the Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Assembly Constraints allow for the addition of 3D constraints between faces and edges of different mechanical components
  • Kinematic Analysis allows for moving or rotating parts of a model to solve real-time forward and inverse kinematic problems
  • A series of new commands, functions, dialogs and features for improved 2D drafting, including sheet set manager, array dialog, several printing extensions including background printing, autocomplete for the command line, support for multi-lines including snapping and grip-editing, the worksets command for working with named groups of drawings, and the use of expressions to define 2D constraint dimensions
  • The Power dimensions module to add extra functionality for dimensioning 2D Mechanical CAD drawings
  • Support for multithreaded display generation, an important step forward for actual as well as future performance improvements

Third Party Solutions

BricsCAD is not only powerful CAD software but also a full-fledged CAD development platform, which application developers can use to create value-added solutions. A worldwide network of more than 700 Application Developers is using the standard APIs of the BricsCAD platform (LISP, DCL, VBA/COM, .NET, BRX) to develop value-added solutions targeted at specific industries or disciplines. Several hundred of these solutions across some twenty categories are now available through the Store on the Bricsys website, with many more to be added over the coming months.

Available Now

The English language versions of the BricsCAD V13 software, including the no charge 30 day trial version, are available for immediate delivery, and can be downloaded from the Bricsys website or obtained from a BricsCAD sales point in one of more than 70 countries worldwide. Translated versions in more than 15 languages as well as the 64-bit version of the software will be made available over the coming weeks.
For more information, visit:

Bricsys today announced its new International Academic Program, which gives students and educational institutions free access to all versions of Bricscad software and APIs.

For instance, Bricscad V12 Platinum, the company's flagship computer-aided design software, is now free to students. It features an instantly recognizable GUI, reads and writes native .dwg files, and offers intuitive 3D direct modeling along with 2D and 3D constraints and automatic design intent detection. This powerful CAD software is available on Windows and Linux operating systems, and is offered free of charge to the educational community worldwide.

Through its broad offering of APIs (application programming interfaces), Bricsys encourages students and instructors to dream up new and creative design functions, thereby contributing to exciting new developments in CAD and engineering software.

Bricsys plans to launch a unique e-store that enables students and educational institutions to sell their applications and inventions online to the world. Bricsys will facilitate the sales and payment procedure.

Once registered, students, instructors, and educational institutions can download the software, and then use it for 12 months. After this period, they must renew their qualification.

To join the Academic Program, visit:

Friday, 11 May 2012 10:25

Bricsys Releases Bricscad 12.2.5 Update

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Bricsys today announces the release of Bricscad 12.2.5, an intermediate upgrade with a major impact for its users. Several new features are added in this upgrade.

The long awaited dockable TOOLPALETTES functionality is now added for elements of the Block Explorer, the Hatch Pattern Palette and the Customize Dialog.

The new PUBLISH command allows to configure, execute, save and reuse batch plot sessions and the PUBLISHALLSHEETS setting is also added.

For layer management the LAYER EXPLORER is extended for layouts: columns were added for ViewPort Color, -Linetype, -Lineweight and -Plot Style. LAYER FILTERS now use expressions and layer properties to filter out sets of layers.

Also the Drawing Explorer has several new improvements: reduced footprint of the folder tree, blocks from unopened drawings in the Folders view can be browsed and inserted by double clicking them in the block overview and Drawing Explorer Options were added to configure this block insertion.

This new upgrade contains more than 80 other improvements and fixes, while for application developers another 40 improvements are added.

On average, Bricsys makes new updates for Bricscad available every three weeks, containing solutions for users support requests and fixes. With each update a release report is published with detailed information.

Users with a Bricscad V12 license can read the full release notes and download this major 12.2.5 upgrade free of charge.

For more information, visit:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 10:30

Bricsys Releases Bricscad V12 for Linux

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Bricsys NV, the developer of Bricscad for design professionals, today announced the release of Bricscad V12 for the Linux operating system. All three editions – Classic, Pro, and Platinum – bring to the Linux world powerful 3D modeling and CAD API programming equal to the Bricsys product line running on Windows. Bricsys simultaneously announced no price increase for Bricscad V12 Linux, and that it plans to release the entire Bricscad V12 suite on Mac OSX in the second half of 2012.

New in Briscad V12 for Linux

All editions of the new Bricscad V12 for Linux software feature a 2D constraint solver as powerful as that found in much more expensive CAD packages. Users are able to attach many kinds of constraints to 2D elements, including perpendicular, parallel, and concentric.

Other improvements common to all editions include the ability to trim hatches, add custom hatch patterns, define page setups, generate live section planes, and model in 2D and 3D with visual styles. An improved raster engine allows GIS applications to smoothly zoom and pan very large bitmaps.

New In Bricscad V12 Pro Edition

The Pro edition of Bricscad V12 for Linux offers powerful 3D direct modeling, the modern way to design products in 3D, together with dynamic dimensions to allow fast and accurate modeling operations. Users are able to toggle smoothly between 2D and 3D design modes – switching between familiar environments and direct modeling operations.

A new intuitive user interface element called the "Quad Cursor" allows users to create and edit 3D models with a minimum of clicks. Hovering the cursor over edges, faces, and solids highlights them instantly, and makes available at-cursor buttons for direct operations, such as push-pull, rotate, and chamfer – all in real-time. In addition, users can perform 3D operations in real-time rendered visual modes.

New in Bricscad V12 Platinum Edition

The Platinum edition of Bricscad V12 for Linux contains everything found in the Pro edition, and adds a revolutionary 3D constraint solver for .dwg-based modeling. Users are able to add 3D constraints to edges, faces, and many kinds of solid primitives. A constraint control panel lists the constraints, and users are able to view constraints in the model simply by selecting them in the panel.

In addition, the Platinum edition importantly protects users against over-constrained models. It also includes a design intent detector, which can analyze repetitive operations on elements, detect the intentions of users, and apply the appropriate operation automatically.

"Through our contacts with Linux users, we have come to understand their strong need for a professional 3D engineering solution," explained Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. "The release of Bricscad V12 Pro and Platinum makes it clear that we have made this happen.

"Together with the many APIs we released for Linux over the last twelve months, we achieved our goal of creating the building blocks for a real .dwg-based engineering platform for Linux," he added. "By bringing the powerful capabilities of Bricscad V12 to Linux users, we reconfirm our commitment to fully supporting this market."

Availability and Pricing

All editions of Bricscad V12 for Linux will be available for download in English on February 20, 2012. Other language versions are expected by the end of March. A no-charge, 30-day trial version is available to Linux users through DEB, RPM, and TAR.GZ installers.

For more information, visit:

Bricsys® announces the updated e-book “Bricscad V12 for AutoCAD Users” written by Ralph Grabowski. This free e-book is for CAD users wishing to understand the differences and similarities with Bricscad. It is ideal for offices looking to save on IT expenses by adding lower-cost Bricscad seats.

The 192-page e-book is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and covers these topics:

1. Advantages to Bricscad
2. What's missing from Bricscad
3. Comparison of user interfaces
4. Detailed comparison of drawing compatibility
5. New! Detailed comparison of object properties
6. Overview of how to customize and program with Bricscad
7. New! Working in a dual-CAD office
8. New! Issues specific to Linux
9. AutoCAD-Bricscad dictionary

The author of this e-book has dedicated a special chapter on what he calls "Operating the Dual CAD Design Office". It gives practical advice on how to run a design office with a combination of AutoCAD and Bricscad and how huge savings can be reached.

The updated book features dozens of tips and illustrations in full color. Items unique to Linux versions are shown in gray. The book also includes appendices of reference material such as AutoCAD-Bricscad command cross reference and other useful cross references.

Ralph Grabowski is editor at upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. Ralph is the author of over 100 books and several hundred magazine articles about computer-aided design.

The e-book is available free from the Bricsys Web site at:

Thursday, 13 October 2011 12:51

Bricsys® Releases Bricscad® V12 for Windows

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Bricsys today announces the release of Bricscad V12 for the Windows platform. This significant release adds powerful geometric and dimensional constraints to all three editions - Classic, Pro, and Platinum – as well as a host of other significant features. With direct modeling, design intent, and 3D constraints, Bricscad becomes the leader in .dwg-based 3D design

Bricscad V12 Classic

Bricscad V12 Classic now has a 2D constraint solver. Users can add constraints to 2D elements in drawings, such as perpendicular, parallel, and tangent.

All editions of the new Bricscad release feature an improved raster engine that allows GIS applications to smoothly zoom and pan very large bitmaps. Bricscad also sports a new PDF engine that offers very fast entities snapping in large files.

Other features common to all editions include the ability to trim hatches, add custom hatch patterns, define page setups, generate live section planes, model with new visual styles, and much more.

Bricscad V12 Pro

Bricscad V12 Pro adds powerful 3D direct modeling to the Standard edition’s 2D constraints. Direct modeling is the modern way to create product designs in 3D. Users can toggle smoothly between 2D and 3D modes, switching between familiar environments and using direct modeling operations. Dynamic dimensions allow fast and accurate modeling operations.

An intuitive new user interface element called the “Quad cursor” allows users to create and edit 3D models with a minimum of clicks. Hovering the cursor over edges, faces, and solids highlights them instantly, making them ready for direct operations, such as push-pull, rotate, and chamfer – all in real-time. In addition, users can perform these operations in rendered visual modes.

Bricscad V12 Platinum

Bricscad V12 Platinum revolutionizes .dwg-based modeling with its 3D constraint solver. Users can now add 3D constraints to edges, faces, and to several types of 3D solids. Constraints are added to the constraint control panel in a manner similar to 2D constraints. Users can view constraints in the model simply by selecting them in the panel.

Bricscad V12 Platinum protects the user against over-constrained models, and includes a design intent detector, which optionally analyzes repetitive operations on elements, detects the intentions of users, and applies the appropriate operations automatically on detected elements.

“With the introduction of these powerful modeling capabilities, we make 3D direct modeling affordable for everyone,” said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “By adding high-end technology, like design intent and 3D constraint solvers, we are strongly signaling our ambition to enter the 3D space in the MCAD and AEC markets.”

Availability and Pricing

All English editions of Bricscad V12 are available for download as of October 12, including a no-charge 30-day trial version, from:

Bricsys today announced the release of Bricscad version 11.3, an intermediate upgrade with big features that provide users with increased drafting efficiency. In addition, Bricscad announced a new features poll on Facebook, where customers can now request and vote for new features.

New in Bricscad 11.3
This update adds support for text fields and tables, the subject of many user requests. Users can now create and edit text fields and tables in drawings created by Bricscad and other DWG-based CAD systems.

The new SolProf command projects selected 3D solids onto 2D planes. This is a key element towards the interaction between 3D models and 2D drawings.

The PEdit command can now convert splines to polylines.

For application developers, the final release of the new .NET application programming interface and sample files are found in the folder named “Bricsys API.”

New Features Poll on Facebook
Bricsys takes its commitment to users seriously. Together with users, it seeks to prioritize lists of new features, and dedicates 30% of its development time to the most-requested features.

In this regard, the Bricsys Facebook page has now launched a poll for anyone to enter requests for new features, and then vote on them. Bricsys sees this as a transparent way in which to interact with the user community.

“Bricscad has now reached a new level of great stability and performance,” said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. “And so it is now entering the next stage: internally, we have a long list of exciting new feature we want to add to Bricscad.

“It is important that we listen to our user community and involve them in prioritizing functions. And so we want to report on the implementation of users’ choices transparently on a regular basis. Facebook is seen as an excellent and widely accepted communication platform for this.”

People can participate in the wish list poll at

For more information visit:

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 08:15

New .NET API for Bricscad Enters Final Beta

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Bricsys NV, the developer of Bricscad, today started the final beta cycle of its implementation of the Microsoft .NET Framework API (applications programming interface). This means that application developers can begin testing their .NET-based applications on Bricscad.

Bricscad is the powerful alternative CAD platform that enables .dwg-based applications to serve the growing markets of GIS, AEC, mechanical CAD, and civil engineering. This beta release of Bricscad pioneers support for managed client applications.

About the .NET API
The new .NET API comprises of an extensive set of managed wrapper classes that offer full access to the entire .dwg database. Basic access to the application and the .dwg editor is available now, as is the NetLoad command; the capabilities will be extended in subsequent updates. The .NET API will be available only for Windows-based applications.

“As with every Bricscad API, we ensured that this new one is 100% code-compatibility with the industry standard,” said Luc De Batselier, the chief technical officer at Bricsys. “Third-party developers can migrate their add-ons to the Bricscad platform as easily as performing a simple recompile of the existing source code.”

This final beta of the .NET API again confirms the dedication of Bricsys to the .dwg-based application community. Application developers can access all of Bricsys’ APIs; day-to-day technical support is free of charge. Bricscad-based applications receive the same state-of-the-art online support as does Bricsys’ own products. This gives Bricscad customers the most convenient engineering platform with which to work.

For more information about Bricsys, contact us through

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 08:03

Bricsys Releases Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux

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Bricsys NV, the developer of Bricscad, today announced the release of Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux. Just six months after it released the first ever .dwg-based CAD system for Linux, Bricsys now makes the benefits and power of the Pro version of Bricscad available to Linux users. This powerful update adds ACIS modeler and BRX API.

3D Solids Modeling in Linux

Bricscad V11 Pro for Linux adds the complete ACIS solid modeling engine, opening the way for powerful 3D modeling. In addition, Bricsys commits to offering more and stronger 3D functions to Bricscad for the Linux version in future releases. The SOLPROF command is added too, as well as the PC3 Editor, for editing Printer/ Plotter configurations.

"Bricsys V11 Pro for Linux reconfirms our commitment to both Linux users and the application developer community," said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. "Full 3D is now opened up for Linux, and we want to be at the forefront of 3D capabilities – ASAP!"

"With the BRX Linux SDK," he continued, "We now have quite a complete set of APIs that enable easy porting of applications from Windows to Linux. Best of all, it requires no extra investment by our application developers."

The BRX API for Linux

The Pro release also adds the popular BRX API (application programming interface) to the Linux version. This means that professional .dwg-based CAD and engineering applications will become available to the Linux community. Developers now need only a single source code to compile for three platforms: Bricscad BRX for Windows, AutoCAD ARX, and now Bricscad BRX for Linux.

The BRX Linux SDK (software developer kit) is identical to the one for Windows. The sole difference is that it contains Linux-specific link libraries, instead of ones specific to Windows. More than 90% of Windows BRX functions are now available in BRX Linux, including the BModeler, hidden-line removal, and BRep APIs. BRX will be fully completed in the coming months.

In addition to core BRX features, the BRX Linux SDK includes the Windows Platform Emulation Layer, which provides a large set of Windows API functions under Linux. This emulation layer is built into BRX and so is completely transparent to developers. The Windows emulation layer is subject for further development, as determined by the needs of developers.

A comprehensive set of documentation and user guides will assist developers as they migrate their add-ons to the Linux platform. Topics include Setting Up the Development Environment, Converting VisualStudio BRX Projects to BRX Linux Projects, and Adjusting Linux BRX Project Settings for the Compiler and Linker. They will become available in the coming weeks.

For more information visit:

Thursday, 03 March 2011 09:03

Bricsys Meeting Point Released

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Bricsys, the company behind Bricscad, the #1 .dwg CAD alternative, today announced the release of Bricsys Meeting Point, a new online communication hub for end users, application developers, and Bricsys’ .dwg specialists. This new online service provides unmatched three-way support options for applications on Bricscad and AutoCAD®.

The hub enables third-party application developers to support their customers at little or no cost. The applications can be ones that run on Bricscad or AutoCAD, and additional assistance can be obtained from Bricsys and DWG specialists, if needed.

Bricsys has rightly earned a rock solid reputation for the online support it extends to its customers and third-party application developers. Bricsys has been able to provide excellent support services for the last many years, thanks to its cloud-based system that integrates all localized Bricsys Web sites, which now number 56 around the world. Every support request and solution is stored in a centralized support database, from which registered users can refer to the complete set of communications they had with the support team going all the way back to their registration date.

About Bricsys Meeting Point

With the release of Bricsys Meeting Point, Bricsys now extends its online services to a three-way communications portal, allowing end users, application developers, and the Bricsys support team to work together. When a problem occurs with a third-party application running on AutoCAD or Bricscad, end users can now post support requests at Bricsys Meeting Point. The system automatically sends messages to the appropriate application developer. When developers post their responses, they appear in the users’ “My Stuff” area, together with the full history of all support requests. At any time, the end user or the application developer can call on the Bricsys team for help.

This process solves technical problems transparently and efficiently. Logging all correspondence for later consultation avoids misunderstandings and prevents unnecessarily repetitive communications.

Clear Benefits for Application Developers

With Bricsys Meeting Point, application developers now have access to a professional support system for their customers, no matter where they are located. For applications that run on both AutoCAD and Bricscad, developers can use the Bricsys system to also support their AutoCAD-based customers.

More than 170 professional applications can be purchased online from the Bricsys Application catalog which is fully automated through the services of RBS. Bricsys added an automated invoicing system. Application developers can use the invoicing and credit card services for a small fee of just 5% (to cover the cost of RBS and Bricsys administration).

Added Perks for Users

Bricsys Meeting Point has even more for end users: instant communications feeds for participants.

In the Community Feed section, users can communicate directly with other participants and post short messages to the community about any topic. Users can fine-tune types of content and areas of interest in the Feed Settings area.

In the Application Feed section, application developers can post short messages that are visible to those users who indicated interest in that application range. For application developers, this feature substantially extends their communication possibilities.

Bricsys offers these services at no charge to registered end users and application developers in 70+ countries and in 20 languages.

“With Bricsys Meeting Point, we are providing a solution that lets application developers support their customers professionally -- without the need for them to invest in a costly infrastructure,” explained Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys.

“For years, we have been delivering unmatched 24/7 support to our customers and application partners worldwide,” he continued. “Together with our powerful infrastructure, this experience now enables all of our applications developers to be part of it. Because it is beneficial for all – end users, application developers, and Bricsys – this is part of what we mean when we declare ‘Bricscad is the #1 .dwg CAD Alternative,’ alternative with a capital A!”

As of today, Bricsys Meeting Point is available to all registered visitors. To access to Bricsys Meeting Point, log on at A video is available at our Bricsys YouTube channel that guides you through the main features of Bricsys Meeting Point.

Monday, 24 January 2011 10:49

Free Bricscad for AutoCAD Users ebook

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Bricscad for AutoCAD Users ebook is the latest e-book from upFront.eZine Publishing. It describes the similarities and differences between the two CAD programs, and would be of interest to CAD users interested in transitioning to Bricscad.

The ebook is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, and covers these topics:

* Advantages to Bricscad
* What's missing from Bricscad
* Comparison of user interfaces
* Detailed comparison of drawing file compatibility
* Customizing and programming Bricscad
* AutoCAD-Bricscad dictionary
* Four appendices of reference material


1. Bricscad for AutoCAD Users

The Entire Bricscad Product Line, Risky Business, Bricsys Business, Bricscad Platinum, Vondle Project Management, The Advantages of Bricscad , Near-identical User Interface, Added Commands and System Variables, Multiple Operation System Support, No-charge Developer Network, APIs, Examples of Add-ons, Lower Purchase and Maintenance Pricing, It Makes More than Cents, Bricscad is Not IntelliCAD, What's Missing from Bricscad, System Requirements, Operating Systems, Linux and Mac OS X Support, Recommended Hardware, Netbook Support, AutoCAD-Bricscad Dictionary

2. Comparing User Interfaces

Bricscad User Interface, User Interface Elements, DesignCenter vs Drawing Explorer, Options vs Settings, Settings Toolbar, Changing Settings, Accessing and Changing Values, Real Time Search, User Interface Variations, Prompt Menu vs Dynamic Input, Controlling the Prompt Menu, : vs Command:, More Command Options, Properties Palette vs Properties Bar, Properties Bar, Status Bar, Mouse Buttons, Selection Sets

3. Drawing File Compatibility

DWG Compatibility, How Entities Are Tested, Problem Entities, DWG Object Support, 2D Entities Supported, Basic Properties for Entities, Text Entities Supported, Text Styles, MText Styles, Table Styles, Tolerance Editing, Dimension Entities Supported, Dimension Styles, Leader Styles, Complex 2D Entities Supported, Multiline Styles, 3D Entities Supported

4. Customizing and Programming Bricscad

Cui vs Customize, Importing AutoCAD Menus, Menus , About Copying Files , Creating New Menu Items, Macro Metacharacters, Menu Design Conventions, Diesel, Context Menus, Toolbars , Keyboard Shortcuts , Tablet Buttons and Menus, Aliases and Shell Commands, Shell Commands, Other Customizations, Fonts , Font Mapping, Linetypes and Hatch Patterns, Plot Styles, Plotter Manager, Options vs Settings, File Paths, User Profiles, Roaming Profiles, Accessing Hidden Folders, Supported Files, Programming Considerations, Porting AutoLISP to LISP, Porting DCL to Bricscad, Porting Diesel to Bricscad, Porting VBA to Bricscad, Porting ADS to SDS, Porting ARX to BRX, Porting ARX to DRX, Porting COM to Bricscad, Units, Loading Applications into Bricscad, Third-party Developer Support, Bricscad Object Model

Download at:

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 08:40

Bricsys releases Bricscad V11 for Linux

Written by

Bricsys announces the release of Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux. The new version for the Linux platform is the equivalent of Bricscad Classic V11 for Windows, released on October 18. This first upgrade confirms the Bricsys commitment for the Linux platform.

This first upgrade version for the Linux platform supports new features such as Dynamic Input and dynamic dimensions – insertion of dynamic blocks and modification through the properties bar – midpoint snap, parallel snap and a 10 times performance boost for layout switching, to name a few.

A couple of problems due to different implementation for the Linux platform are also solved: PDF export, autosave and for GTK users: set focus on command line.

The first release of Bricscad V10 for Linux, early September, has been an immediate success and confirmed that Linux users were waiting for a professional CAD software based on the .dwg file format. As a result Bricsys received many support requests: In Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux, 60 support requests sent in by users are solved and implemented. A detailed list is published in the release notes coming with the new release.

The few fixes done for LISP support were also important. These fixes lift this API almost to the equivalent of what is available in Bricscad for Windows. This LISP API was an instant success and is highly appreciated by the users and application developers. In less than three months, 10 applications running on Bricscad are already made commercially available for the Linux platform.

Bricsys has started to port its BRX API to Linux. This API, available for the Windows platform since two years, is used now by more than 500 application developers to port their AutoCAD based applications to Bricscad. They will have soon access to the Linux platform for selling their existing applications. It will make Bricscad the preferred platform for applications and brings a wide variety of choice for end users. Once more this confirms the Bricsys determination to bring together the application developers and the end users.

Bricscad Classic V11 for Linux is now available for download at A trial version allows free of charge testing for 30 days. Customers who bought already Bricscad Classic V10 for Linux can upgrade to V11 free of charge.

About Bricsys

Through its network of 70 offices, Bricsys NV is a global provider of engineering software on four continents. The product portfolio consists of Bricscad design software and Vondle, a powerful cloud application for document and data management.

Bricscad is the powerful .dwg alternative CAD platform that enables .dwg-based applications to serve the growing markets of GIS, AEC, mechanical CAD, and civil engineering. Bricsys products are available in 16 languages, with more languages in development.

Every month, Bricsys transparently reports to its customers on the status and development of its software products. Wherever they are around the globe, customers can communicate support requests directly to the Bricsys support team around the clock.

Bricsys is a founding member of the Open Design Alliance, thereby contributing to the interoperability in the engineering industry. For more information about Bricsys, visit

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