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BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance workstations and rendering systems, today announced the introduction of the 3DBOXX 8920 workstation which delivers an 80% application performance increase over its predecessor, the 3DBOXX 8520. The latest addition to their heralded 3DBOXX 8500/8900 workstation line, 8920 features dual, eight-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 series processors, along with a host of other technology upgrades that boost overall performance for VFX artists, animators, designers, engineers, and other creative professionals.

"Our BOXX is better than their box," said Shoaib Mohammad, BOXX VP of Marketing and Business Development, in response to being asked what's separates the workstation manufacturer from its competitors. "At BOXX, we understand the applications our customers employ to create, test, and modify their ideas. And we create optimized configurations using the latest Intel® Xeon® processors in order to provide the best possible user experience when dealing with complex simulations, rendering, and ray tracing applications."

The 3DBOXX 8920 features up to 16 cores (32 threads) of high-powered, multitasking performance for 3D design, animation, rendering, visualization, VFX compositing, and more. Designed to accommodate multi-threading, multiple applications, and complex production pipelines, the new 8920 has also expanded to include additional memory and up to three NVIDIA GPUs. The result is faster performance for both CPU- and GPU-based rendering, simulation, and ray tracing tasks.

"We are very enthusiastic about BOXX's new 3BOXX 8920 and its use of the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family," said Joe Curley, General Manager of Intel's Professional Workstation Group. "This processor was designed to solve big problems fast -- delivering the most compute capacity and bandwidth of any Intel® dual processor-based workstation. The Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family is capable of powering complete design suites from ISV's like Autodesk and SolidWorks. That means users can now seamlessly combine creation with analysis, simulation and ray tracing. We think with solutions like the 3BBOXX 8920 based on our Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 product family, users can potentially ask more 'what ifs?' with their design and make adjustments that may lead to optimal designs rather than just good ones."

For more information, visit:

BOXX Technologies, the leading authority on dedicated rendering and innovator in high-performance computing systems for visual effects, post production, animation, design, and visualization, today announced that the 3DBOXX 8550 XTREME, the fastest workstation in the world, and renderPRO, the personal desk side rendering option, have been selected by Intel® for demonstrations this week at both the Autodesk One Team Conference (OTC) in Las Vegas, NV and the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA. In related news, Boston Limited will demonstrate the 3DBOXX 8550 XTREME at CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany.

“The fact that BOXX has been selected as the demonstration platform at three uniquely separate events illustrates the universal appeal of this record-setting solution,” said Shoaib Mohammad, Director of Marketing and Business Development at BOXX. “With XTREME, artists, designers, and engineers are able to design, test, and visualize their ideas faster than ever before and that is what makes this the ultimate professional workstation.”

Capable of reaching 4.3 GHz, 8550 XTREME features up to 12 cores of high-powered, multitasking performance for 3D design, animation, rendering, visualization, VFX compositing, video editing, and digital intermediate. Designed to accommodate multi-threading, multiple applications, and complex production pipelines, it offers six Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series options and four NVIDIA® Quadro® FX, GeForce®, or Tesla™ GPU’s (with support for seven in all).

“Those who experience these demos will quickly realize that XTREME’s performance will enable them to create detailed designs in less time thanks to faster performance, superior image quality, and a fully integrated and optimized workflow across all professional applications.” said Mohammad.

Held February 26 - March 4 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Autodesk OTC is the most important sales and leadership event for Autodesk employees and partners, offering unique networking, informational, and business opportunities. At this event, Intel will employ the 8550 XTREME and renderPRO for satellite rendering demonstrations featuring Autodesk® 3ds Max®. At GDC 2011, the largest and most important gathering for videogame industry professionals held February 28 - March 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Intel will demonstrate Luxology’s modo 501 on an 8550 XTREME and renderPRO (booth #1702).

Boston Limited, a strategic manufacturing partner for BOXX solutions in the U.K. mainland Europe, and Indian territories, will showcase 8550 XTREME at CeBIT 2011 (Hall 2, Stand D32). Held March 1- 5 at the Hanover Fairgrounds in Hanover, Germany, CeBIT is a leading, IT solution provider event devoted to the latest innovative developments in information communication and technology.

For further information, contact a BOXX Sales Consultant in the US at 1-877-877-2699. Learn more about 3DBOXX 8550 XTREME, renderPRO, BOXX Finance options, and how to contact one of their worldwide resellers, by visiting

BOXX Technologies, an innovator in high-performance computing systems for product design, engineering, VFX, animation, advanced visualization, and post production, today announced that 3DBOXX XTREME workstations, the world's fastest single and dual processor solutions available for running SolidWorks, will demonstrate the 3D CAD software in BOXX booth #306 at SolidWorks World 2011 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, January 23-26. BOXX will also showcase the GoBOXX 2650 mobile workstation, the world's fastest mobile SolidWorks solution. SolidWorks World features the latest in 3D CAD technology from over 100 exhibitors, as well as networking and educational opportunities.

"3DBOXX workstations and GoBOXX mobile workstations are outstanding platforms for DS SolidWorks," said Nick Iwaskow, Manager, Alliances, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. "As SolidWorks users themselves, BOXX relies on years of knowledge and experience to develop professional hardware solutions that both meet our standards and result in a positive experience for the end-user."

The BOXX presence at SolidWorks World arrives on the heels of testing results published by Desktop Engineering (DE) magazine for their review of the single processor 3DBOXX 4860 XTREME. In the review, contributing editor David Cohn details how the XTREME workstation earned the highest scores, delivering "incredible performance" for SolidWorks and a host of other professional software applications.

"On the SPECviewperf test, which focuses solely on graphics performance, the results were nothing short of incredible," Cohn wrote in the January 2011 issue. "The 3DBOXX 4860 XTREME, equipped with the NVIDIA® Quadro® 5000, not only beat every system we've ever tested, it demolished them, with some results more than two times faster than those previously recorded.

With an over-clocked, six-core Intel® Core™ i7 processor capable of reaching 4.15 GHz, the liquid-cooled 4860 XTREME provides high-powered, multitasking performance for 3D product design, engineering, animation, VFX, and more. Also featured at the BOXX booth is the 3DBOXX 8550 XTREME, a performance-enhanced dual six core Intel® Xeon® workstation. The fastest workstation in the world, 8550 XTREME owns the top two spots on the SolidWorks Performance Test, a SolidWorks website feature which provides users with tests to compare their systems against others.

"3DBOXX XTREME workstations powered by Quadro graphics solutions open up creative opportunities that were never possible before," said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA. "The innovative Fermi architecture of our GPUs enables designers and engineers to perform interactive, photorealistic visualization and complex simulation on a single workstation."

The BOXX booth will also include GoBOXX 2650, a more powerful version of the record-setting mobile rated A+ by Cadalyst magazine. GoBOXX features a desktop level processor (six core Intel® Core™ i7), allowing users to create on the go without sacrificing professional workstation performance. At the NVIDIA booth #401, a 3DBOXX featuring NVIDIA GPUs will perform interactive ray tracing with SolidWorks and Bunkspeed® SHOT™, while at the Luxology booth #138, an additional 8550 XTREME along with a BOXX renderPRO, will demonstrate Modo and PhotoView 360 within the SolidWorks workflow.

Since 2001, BOXX engineers have relied on SolidWorks applications when designing BOXX hardware chassis, so as an official SolidWorks Solution Partner, BOXX is inviting SolidWorks World attendees to bring their most challenging image on a USB drive for demonstration on their solutions.

"To read about the power and record-setting performance of our solutions is only part of the equation," said Shoaib Mohammad, Director of Marketing and Business Development at BOXX. "Our unique offer provides an opportunity for SolidWorks users to personally experience why BOXX is clearly the professional's choice."

For further information, contact a BOXX Sales Consultant in the US at 1-877-877-2699. Learn more about 3DBOXX workstations and BOXX rendering solutions, BOXX Finance options, and how to contact one of their worldwide resellers, by visiting

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