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Students from Clevedon School attended an international exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany where they demonstrated how they are making use of revolutionary new technology that has been developed in the South West.

A level students Aaron Thorogood and Elliot Symes along with teacher Dave White were at the Euromold Exhibition for four days where they showed delegates how they are using 3D printing technology in the classroom.

The group were involved in a number of activities including supporting a number of German universities in a competition to assemble RapMan 3D printers from UK based Bits from Bytes, as well as explaining how they are using the unique printer in subjects such as Design  and Technology, Geography and Science. Over the course of the Exhibition Dave gave a series of presentations to the public highlighting the impact this new technology can have on the school curriculum.

A relatively new technology within the education sector, up until now 3D printing has always been cost prohibitive to schools, colleges and universities, however thanks to advances made by Bits from Bytes, educational establishments can now purchase the technology for under £800.

It means students can develop their knowledge in the area of computer aided design (CAD) and Design & Technology as well as applying it to other subjects.

Dave White, who teaches at Clevedon School and is a one of North Somerset’s Advanced Skills Teachers said: “It was a fantastic experience for the students to be at such a big event and they learnt such a lot.

“There was also a considerable amount of interest in the 3D printers we were assembling and demonstrating during the exhibition. For Clevedon School to be at such a prestigious event and showing how we are pioneering the use of this technology in the curricular was great testimony to Aaron and Elliot.

“CAD and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is a core part of the Design and Technology curriculum, yet many schools struggle to deliver the manufacturing side because to date equipment has proved too expensive.

“It’s vital that students have access to equipment like Bits from Bytes’ RapMan so that they can learn the processes that take place in industry but the cost prohibitive nature of 3D printers meant they were losing out on a key element of their learning.”

Bringing affordable 3D printing to the home, classroom and business Bits from Bytes manufactures two types of printers including the RapMan and pre-assembled BFB 3000 both of which are used as a rapid prototyper or rapid manufacturer.

Andy Mclaren, sales director at Bits from Bytes said: “Euromold is a major exhibition in the industry and it was great to have the team from Clevedon School showing how they have made the most of our technology.

“The democratisation of 3D printing means businesses, those in the education sector and hobbyists can transform their CAD based drawings into real three-dimensional models.”

Accounting for 17% of all 3D printer sales worldwide ranks Bits from Bytes second in total shipments in 2009 (Wohlers Report) of the 3D printer market.

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