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Thursday, 18 August 2011 11:01

Autodsys Releases IntelliCAD 7 Standard

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Autodsys, Inc. released IntelliCAD 7 Standard with support for DWG 2010 to 2012 files as well as many features to enhance user productivity and enjoyment.

"IntelliCAD 7 is the most significant update in the 14 year history of IntelliCAD", said Ronald Prepchuk, President of Autodsys. “With a new internal database and every command rewritten to take advantage  it offers significant advancements in performance, compatibility, and stability.” he added.

A few of the key enhancements to IntelliCAD 7 Standard:

* Teigha is now IntelliCAD's internal database for DWG files
* Support for AutoCAD 2010-2012 files
* Displays Architectural Desktop and Civil3D objects
* Support for DRX (ARX-like) applications
* Visual Styles
* Associative Dimensioning
* Xref editing
* Display of gradient hatches
* Non-rectangular viewports
* Paper-space virtual 'paper'
* Dockable Properties Pane that can be pinned or hidden
* Hundreds of fixes and improvements

IntelliCAD started as a secret project of Softdesk in the mid 1990's.  When Autodesk purchased Softdesk they were forced by the Federal Trade Commision to divest IntelliCAD which was then purchased by Visio Corp.  In 1999 Visio founded the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium to further develop IntelliCAD as an industry standard platform for CAD solutions.  IntelliCAD software is designed to work like AutoCAD and contains all of its standard features including DWG file support as well as support for industry standard commands, menu files, script files, shape files, text fonts, hatch patterns, linetypes, LISP programs, SDS/C++ programs, and VBA programs. It also contains many advanced features that make it easier to create and edit DWG files.

Autodsys is a privately held company, commercial and board member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and developer of AcceliCAD, IntelliCAD, AcceliARCH (ArchT), and other utilities to increase user productivity. Autodsys has been producing AutoCAD add-ons since 1986 and has received industry awards for its products including “Highly Recommended” and "Best Products of 2008" by Cadalyst Magazine.

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