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ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, announced today that it is making public its proprietary geometry kernel C3D as the foundation for creating computer-aided design systems and applications. The kernel is also well suited for designing computer-aided engineering (CAE) software, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs for CNC machines, and modeling of engineering processes for product lifecycle management (PLM).

Development of the geometric kernel began in 1995, and then in 2000 ASCON released KOMPAS-3D v5.9, the first computer-aided design software system based on it C3D. Since then, the company continuously updated the kernel, and today is launching it as a separate product for the CAD component market. It handles all aspects of a CAD system: 2D drawing and sketching, 3D hybrid and solid modeling, parametric constraints, and translation.

“The decision to open access to our technology was the next logical step in our on-going development of the geometric kernel,” said Maxim Bogdanov, CEO of ASCON. “We are confident in the quality of C3D. For more than a decade, it has been the basis of our own line of successful CAD/CAM software.

“We see great prospects for its use, as new players appear on the market needing components for their CAD systems,” he added. “Standard 2D systems will inevitably switch to 3D, and consequently require a fundamental change to the core of the systems — or else find a replacement. The CAD component market is changing, and so there is a place for a Russian company with 17 years experience in geometric kernel development, and whose mathematical quality is recognized throughout the world.”
About the C3D Kernel

The main feature of ASCON kernel is that it is complete. The core of C3D combines everything necessary for the development of application solutions, as follows:

  • C3D Modeler is the geometric modeler with functions for 3D solid and hybrid modeling, sketching, and 2D drawing
  • C3D Solver is the parametric constraints solver with functions for creating and solving parametric constraints on 2D and 3D geometry
  • C3D Converter is the translator module that reads and writes geometric models in all primary exchange formats

Potential users for the C3D kernel are developers of CAD, CAM, and CAE systems and related applications requiring the processing of 3D models and 2D graphics. Among them are large industrial companies who often create software for internal use. Third-party developers can use the ASCON kernel to extend functions and abilities, increase performance and reliability, quickly create 3D modelers based on existing 2D systems, and reduce cost of development of their products.

Even before C3D was released officially, an early tester was already putting it to real-world use. "We were among the first to work with ASCON’s geometric modeling kernel,” explained Andrew Lovygin, ceo of LO CNITI and the official distributor of Esprit CAM in Russia. “In just four months, we embedded a full 3D solid modeler in our CAM system. Our choice of C3D was driven by ASCON’s flexible pricing policy and quality technical support. I am confident that ASCON will achieve excellent results with its kernel on the international market.”.

C3D was first announced in early April at the Congress On the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) held each year in Arizona, USA where the world's leading players and experts in CAD and PLM traditionally make presentations. C3D kernel is available now for limited licensing based on individual requests. Full access will be opened in January, 2013.

For further information regarding the C3D geometric kernel from ASCON, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, is thrilled to again announce the annual KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest, now in its tenth year. All current and future customers are welcome to submit images of their design projects made with KOMPAS-3D, the high performance, cost effective, and easy to learn software solution for mechanical design.

The modeling contest is held annually to showcase the abilities of individuals and enterprises using KOMPAS-3D for modeling a wide variety of 3D and 2D designs. The winning results from previous years are exhibited at ASCON's online Design Gallery. This year, a new category is added, for featuring models made with the 3D surfacing features of KOMPAS-3D.

Over the last nine years, some 500 designers and and 215 design firms entered the best efforts of their work. The 3D models submitted included their latest products, newest buildings, and extensive industrial facilities. Many of the projects seen online as 3D models are now successfully implemented as machines, engines, and other products in industries worldwide.

"The first KOMPAS-3D modeling contest in 2002 immediately aroused interest among our customers. At that time, they designed the projects in KOMPAS-3D V5, just in the second 3D version of our software," recalls Maxim Bogdanov, contest founder and CEO of ASCON Group. "Now, ten years later, the contest's conditions, evaluation criteria, and users' professional level have changed considerably.

"KOMPAS also changed a lot in these ten years. Its functionality was improved and extended greatly, and, of course, our customers have become much more experienced," he added. "But interest in the contest has not waned, because designers are creators, and creators should always be recognized — along with the need to exchange experience and knowledge with peers."

This year, ASCON accepts projects in following categories:

  • 3D assembly models of products developed in KOMPAS-3D.
  • 3D models of construction projects developed in KOMPAS-3D.
  • "The most complicated shape" of 3D models developed in KOMPAS-3D using surfacing.

To participate, simply fill out the official application form, and then send it with the KOMPAS-3D project files or screen shots to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All companies and individuals using KOMPAS-3D V9 through V13 are allowed to take part. Deadline is June 1, 2012. Winners of the Tenth Annual KOMPAS-3D Modeling Contest will be awarded valuable prizes from ASCON and sponsors of the event.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 10:31

ASCON Announces the Release of KOMPAS-3D V13

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ASCON Group, a leading developer of high-performance CAD/AEC/PLM systems, is pleased to announce the release of KOMPAS-3D V13. This professional mechanical computer-aided design system is distinguished by its powerful functions in the 3D and 2D design processes, a user-friendly interface, easy to learn features, and flexible collaboration with third-party software – all enhanced by reasonable pricing.

This new release features more than 100 enhancements that permit customers to increase their productivity through better usability, simplified product development, and quicker design-to-product processes – with fewer errors along the way.

Solid Modeling and Drawing Enhancements

KOMPAS-3D V13 allows you to specify arrays from data in a table. The construction of curves is refined with options for creating cylindrical spirals, filleting curves, and editing the shapes of spline by their vertices. Conical shells can be unfolded. Faces can be extruded and revolved without needing sketches.

Advanced Surface Modeling

New types of surfaces have been added to KOMPAS-3D, which can be analyzed:

* Curve to a law
* Spline on a surface
* Outline
* Isoparametrical curve
* Group of isoparametric curves on a surface
* Curve by two projections
* Projective curve
* Contour

The smoothness of surfaces can now be verified visually through zebra striping.

BOM and Properties Reporting

The new auto balloon function inserts balloon leaders automatically in 2D drawings, details, and 3D assemblies.

Properties can now be assigned to drawings, views, details, and macro elements. The properties of object properties in models and drawings can be presented in reports. These report are associative, and can include properties of the model depicted by the drawing and its objects. Reports on graphic documents can be inserted in the document.

New Add-Ins

The new APM FEM (finite element methods) add-in is a fully integrated stress analysis solution that operates in a single window.

The new Mould and Die Design System is a powerful tool that increases the productivity of designers making moulds for the plastics industry. It increases design quality and therefore improves the competitiveness of companies producing these products.

The add-in implements the following functions:

* Analyzes the parts of 3D models
* Designs the shapes for the parts of die moulds
* Models of the moulding channeling system

The new Dimensional Chain Calculation add-in places dimension chains in drawings and details.

The new Welding Symbols library creates welding seam designations in drawings according to the standards specified by ISO 2553:1992 and DIN 22553-1997.

The new Pack and Go add-in packages project documents to a single file or folder. The package file includes documents from KOMPAS documents and related programs. The package can be used to easily transfer project documents to other computers, be used for backups, to transmit files to clients, and so on. Files are saved so that they load correctly on the destination computer with KOMPAS-3D or KOMPAS-3D Viewer installed.

Pricing and Availbility

KOMPAS-3D V13 is available now through ASCON’s worldwide network of value added resellers. Please contact them for additional details and the pricing.

To try out these new features, download KOMPAS-3D V13 for a 30-day free trial from:

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD/AEC/PLM solutions, will showcase its award-winning mechanical CAD solution, KOMPAS-3D V12, at the EMO Fair in Hannover, Germany from September 19 through 24. The high-performance 3D solid modeling system and its add-ons will be demonstrated at the company's booth in Hall 25, stand L08.

Visitors to the world's premier trade fair for metalworking technology will be able to familiarize themselves with the powerful, easy to learn, and cost effective KOMPAS-3D V12 software. They will be able to experience the rich feature set of this professional 3D modeler, 2D drafter, and add-ons. Among the add-ons available for testing in the booth will be the following products:

* Steel Structure 3D for automating the design of metal construction from rolled profiles
* Universal Mechanism for dynamic, kinematic, and static analysis of models developed with KOMPAS-3D
* APM Studio FEM for designing and calculating machine elements, mechanisms, and structures, and for performing general purpose strength analyses using FEM (finite element methods)
* Pipelines 3D for the automation of pipeline design

All the functions of KOMPAS-3D meet the exacting demands of today’s high-performance designers and engineers, at a price that is considerably more affordable than brand-name solutions of the same capabilities.

Booth Programs

We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Hall 25 Stand L08 during EMO 2011. During show hours, we will be presenting the following programs at our booth:

* Showcases and demonstrations of KOMPAS-3D and KOMPAS-Graphic software solutions for mechanical CAD
* Tutorials and training by highly qualified CAD experts
* Comparison of functions between KOMPAS-3D and other CAD solutions
* FREE trial versions of KOMPAS-3D V12 for you to take back to your office
* Presentation of the ASCON Educational Program
* Special offers for KOMPAS-3D Professional and Educational Licenses prior to the official release of the new version

For further details or to arrange a meeting with us during the show, as well as to request a FREE ticket to EMO 2011 feel free to contact us directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For more information, visit: or

ASCON Group, developer and integrator of professional CAD solutions, is presenting a new on-line training session based on its powerful, easy-learning and cost-effective solution - KOMPAS-3D V12. All the interested are welcomed to join the webinars to benefit from CAD familiarization, as well as to get support and advice in any questions regarding all the main features of the 3D and 2D modelling softwares, collaboration abilities, surface modelling, different add-ons for KOMPAS-3D and many others absolutely for free.

Here is the schedule of the upcoming webinars:

KOMPAS-3D V12 Key features. 22.02.2011

Collaboration functionality: Overview of Import and export possibilities. 15.03.2011

Part modeling: Part creation functional overview, Multibody interface, Boolean features, using parameterization, variables. 29.03.2011

Surface modelling: Advanced surface and complex shape features and functilonality overview. 13.04.2011

Assembly creation: Assembly modelling and main functionality. BOM lists. 27.04.2011

Steel Structures 3D - Steel structures design in KOMPAS-3D. 04.05.2011

Pipelines 3D: Examples of pipelines design with Pipelines 3D. 18.05.2011

Parametrisation in KOMPAS-3D: Parametrization functionality overview. 01.06.2011

Mutibody interface and boolean features: Tutorial how to work with multibody and boolean features functional. 15.06.2011

2D in KOMPAS-Graphic: During this seminar we will demonstrate all process of drawing creation: from creation of the new 2D-document and getting drawing from 3D models till printing. 29.06.2011

Sheet metal: Review techniques of sheet metal functional of KOMPAS-3D. 13.07.2011

CAE analysis in KOMPAS-3D: Examples of working with application APM Studio FEM and Universal mechanism express. 27.07.2011

To register for webinars or get additional information about KOMPAS solutions, please, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The number of participants is limited, do not miss an opportunity and register first!

Prepare for webinars and download KOMPAS-3D V12 30-Days full-functional Trial at:

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To the moon together with KOMPAS-3D

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ASCON Group, developer and vendor of professional CAD solution, KOMPAS-3D, became an official partner of “Selenokhod” team, the only one Russian participant of Google Lunar X PRIZE. The aim of the contest is to create and to send a first privately owned robot to the moon, to travel 500 meters and to transmit video, images and data back to the Earth. In the frame of cooperation ASCON supported the team with powerfull 3D modelling system, KOMPAS-3D, for lunar rover' designing.

The idea of a new lunar rover inspired and joined researchers, designers and manufacturers all over the world. At the moment the draft proposals of the project are already approved and new technologies and solutions to be used on the moon are under the testing.

“We always try to support daring engineering projects therefore decided to partner “Selenokhod” team. KOMPAS-3D software is used at the majority enterprises of rocket and space industry, so the team' specialists also chose KOMPAS-3D for their work. We wish “Selenokhod” to win the competition and hope Russian space industry again will confirm its leading position in the industry” — said Dmitry Osnach, marketing director of ASCON.

Nikolay Dzis-Voynarovskiy, “Sekenokhod” team leader: “We are very glad, that ASCON supported us with their solution. “Selenokhod” is one of the favourites at the contest and KOMPAS-3D — one of the best CAD systems for 2D and 3D Modelling. We hope the solution will increase our chances for winning the competition”.

About the contest

The Google Lunar X PRIZE is igniting a new era of lunar exploration by offering the largest international incentive prize of all time. A total of $30 million in prizes are available to the first privately funded teams to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon and have that robot travel 500 meters over the lunar surface and send images and data back to the Earth. Teams must be at least 90% privately funded, though commercially reasonable sales to government customers are allowed without limit.

Find out more about ASCON and KOMPAS-3D at

More Information about „Selenokod“ team and the contest at

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