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Alibre, Inc., developer of affordable CAD/CAM software, announced the availability of the industry-first 3D printing hardware and software bundles. Partnering with 3D Systems Corporation (Nasdaq:TDSC), the global leader and inventor of rapid prototyping and 3D printing solutions, Alibre now offers complete 3D design and 3D printing for creators, DIYers and businesses. To meet the 3D printing needs of a growing Maker community, the bundles deliver the first-ever total personal manufacturing package starting at under $1,500. This enables someone to go from idea to 3D model on a computer screen to actually holding the finished product in their hands within hours.

Alibre will be demoing this industry-first this weekend, May 21 and 22, at Maker Faire – Bay Area, expected to ‘draw’ over 100,000 attendees. The Alibre booth will be located in the Expo Hall at the San Mateo County Event Center. Makers will receive special event pricing and incentives for the launch of Alibre's complete modeling and 3D printing solutions and the company is giving away one complete package to a lucky Maker.

“Alibre’s 3D CAD software combined with our portfolio of personal 3D printing systems will allow individuals to become their own one-stop design and printing shop,” said Abe Reichental, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems. “It is an exciting time for the maker community, as these content-to-print bundles democratize access to affordable, easy to use integrated 3D solutions.”

Starting at $1,500, Makers can get Alibre Design Personal Edition™ software, which includes parametric modeling of parts and assemblies and 2D detailed drawings, plus the 3D Systems’ Rapman™ Kit, a build-your-own 3D printing kit capable of plastic modeling and rapid prototyping. Available for $4,999 and targeted at professional use, Alibre offers the Alibre Design Professional Edition™ software and 3D Systems’ BFB-3000™ 3D Printer, a pre-assembled 3D printer sized for the users’ desktop, capable of advanced multi-color prototyping with three print heads. Both bundles offer import and export capabilities via industry standard formats such as STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG as well as STL export capability that provides a direct interface to the Rapman™ Kit and BFB-3000™ printers.

“We are very excited to bring these 3D printing bundles to the Maker community at such disruptively affordable price points,” said J. Paul Grayson, chairman and CEO of Alibre, Inc. “Four years ago, 3D printing solutions cost nearly $25,000 without the 3D CAD software. Alibre and 3D Systems will allow creators, DIYers and Makers the ability to bring their visions to reality without having to outsource the printing. Makers will be able to effectively run 3D printing factories in their own homes, offices or schools for under $1,500, which has been unheard of until now.”

The bundles are available for purchase on the Alibre website. For more details regarding these complete 3D design and printing packages please visit:

WIKISPEED, the Seattle-based team developing ultra-efficient road vehicles, announced that the company will publicly demonstrate the Alibre-designed SGT01, a vehicle that can deliver more than 100 miles per gallon, at the Earth Day celebration at Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour (, which will take place on April 22, 2011 at 8415 Paine Field Blvd., Mukilteo, WA 98275. The SGT01 was designed with 3D software from Alibre, the leading global provider of cost-effective professional grade mechanical CAD, CAM, and PDM solutions.

The WIKISPEED SGT01, an ultra-light, four-passenger car that is easily configurable with different seating and body styles, shares its approach to fuel efficiency, modular engineering and composite carbon fiber exterior construction with Boeing’s own innovative, next-generation aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner. Officials from Alibre will join WIKISPEED’s founder, Joe Justice, as he demonstrates the SGT01 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. PDT.

“Alibre’s 3D CAD software is at the very core of the design and engineering of the SGT01, and this crucial technology is the key for providing the vehicle with its unique modularity,” said Joe Justice, founder of WIKISPEED. “The Alibre-enabled modular components are at the very foundation of the other four advantages the SGT01 brings to the market – ultra fuel efficiency, a 5-star equivalent crash safety in simulation, powerful acceleration and top speed, and most of all, the vehicle’s affordability. We even rely on the user community forum to help recruit designers, engineers and others interested in contributing to the ongoing collaboration that is the WIKISPEED project,” added Justice.

WIKISPEED’s SGT01 placed in the top ten in its vehicle class in the 2010 Progressive Auto X Prize, a global competition to build cars that achieved at least 100 MPGe in real-world driving. The SGT01 runs on regular gasoline, meets all road-safety regulations based on lab simulations, and is uniquely modular in design – thus delivering fully interchangeable parts and body panels including the drive train, suspension, safety structures and interior seating. The design is so flexible that even the engine can be switched from gasoline to electric in 30 minutes, and owners can also quickly switch its lightweight body from a sedan or coupe to a pick-up/SUV or even a convertible.

“We continue to be impressed with the creativity and engineering that the WIKISPEED team has demonstrated with the innovative SGT01,” said J. Paul Grayson, chairman and CEO of Alibre, Inc. “We’re pleased to be able to support WIKISPEED and other like-minded, innovative start-up teams and budding entrepreneurs alike, who continue to rely on Alibre Design™ to solve design challenges and create new innovations through our powerful and extremely affordable software. Alibre is proud to join with WIKISPEED and the other success stories in our next ‘industrial revolution,’ which gives us all hope for the future of our economy and our ability to compete in the global marketplace,” said Grayson.

Based in Seattle and led by Joe Justice, WIKISPEED is a collaborative team of over 70 experts and volunteers dedicated to offering ultra-efficient, ultra low-cost, mass-production road-legal vehicles. In 2010 the team’s SGT01 prototype placed in the top 10 in their class out of 136 cars overall in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize. WIKISPEED is entirely funded by micro-investment and donations through their website.

WIKISPEED is sponsored by Alibre Design, Ampstech, Kenworthy Machine, Mecsoft and Skunk2 Racing, with consulting donated by Lotus Engineering and Hondata. Additionally, Irish Car Hire, South Seattle Community College, and the University of Washington have contributed parts or time. The experts at Honda Racing Line have generously donated support for the power train and suspension systems, and Delta Wing Racing has contributed to the aerodynamic analysis of the body design.

For more information visit: or

Alibre, Inc. announced the results of the 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest, a competition open to the public to find the best designs created by Alibre Design 3D CAD software. Hundreds of creative submissions were received and reviewed based on a variety of factors, including model complexity, manufacturability, creativity and use of Alibre Design’s features. Competitors entered the contest simply by posting images and background information about their design on Alibre's community showcase site, Members of the Alibre Design online user group were then encouraged to vote for their favorite designs, creating an opportunity within the user community to recognize the best examples of design innovation.

With voting ending earlier this week, Alibre is proud to announce the first-place winner of the 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest, “The Pennsylvania (MM2) Tourbillon watch,” created by Benoît Barbé, Roland Murphy and Rich Baugh of RGM Watches. The Alibre-designed timepiece has captured the attention of the world’s watch making industry, as it is the first American-made tourbillon (French for “whirlwind”) in a series to be introduced and manufactured in the U.S. An extremely complicated and precise undertaking, the addition of a tourbillon to a watch ensures maximum accuracy by negating the effects of gravity in mechanically driven watches. Its intricate mechanism is often showcased prominently on the watch. This ultimate luxury timepiece has a list price of $75,000.

“The submissions received this year were of the utmost quality, with creativity reaching a new level from each of the entries,” said Paul Grayson, chairman and CEO of Alibre. “The vast variety of submissions continues to grow each year with original designs representing nearly every industry and category. From advanced building cooling systems and Star Trek-inspired chess sets to a sophisticated Tourbillon watch that rivals anything produced in Geneva, to the world’s most advanced 100 mile per gallon auto, we continue to be impressed with the collective creativity, ingenuity and design excellence from the community of loyal Alibre users.”

Additional 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest winners included:

* Runner-up (mechanical): Lunchbox Mold by Sebastian Finke of ECA Product and Mould Design CC
* Runner-up (non-mechanical): “Star Trek” or Tri-D Chess Set by Hobbyist Neil Reed
* Honorable mention: SGT02 100-mpg Race Car by Robert Mohrbacher of Mohr Composites on behalf of WikiSpeed
* Honorable mention: Pyrolysis Unit by Keith Nair
* Honorable mention: Mobile Service Rig for oil and gas wells by Travis Hagglund of Korsa Engineering

All of the winning Alibre Design Contest entrants share a pervasive theme: they solve the challenges associated with bringing high quality, innovative products to market.

To find more information about the 2010/2011 Alibre Design Contest winners and their entries, visit

Alibre Inc., the award-winning developer of the world's most affordable professional 3D design solutions, today announced a huge leap in 3D CAD design performance with the release of its latest version, Alibre Design 2011. Alibre Design 2011 now makes 3D designing easier and more robust with major enhancements, including a complete top to bottom code re-write, native 64-bit version, powerful sheet metal conversion tools, and a myriad of time saving tools and customization features. Available immediately for download at:, the highly anticipated Alibre Design 2011 release delivers dramatic improvements in efficiency and performance.

Now Even Easier for Less Technical Users & More Robust for Higher End Users

Priced thousands less than competitors, starting at only $99 for Personal Edition (PE), $699 for Professional and $1399 for Expert, Alibre Design 2011 brings the power of 3D CAD design to everyone, from DIYers, inventors, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and scientists. Alibre Design 2011's new improvements and features include a full port of the code to C#, making it the first native 64-bit version -- important for demanding users that want to create designs of enormous size and complexity.

New Alibre Design 2011 Features Include:

* New Sheet Metal Conversion Tools with Automatic Conversion - imported or natively designed solids are now able to be automatically converted into unfoldable sheet metal parts, so users can take libraries of solids generated from other applications and convert them into fully native, editable sheet metal parts. Sheet metal parts can also be designed in a normal part workspace and then converted to sheet metal later, fast tracking many common design requirements.

* Complete Code Rewrite and Native 64-bit Version for Larger & More Complex Models - Alibre Design 2011 has been completely rewritten in the C# programming language, in addition to being re-architected to support a native 64-bit version of the software. This enables Alibre power users to make models of incredible complexity and size, while providing tremendous performance benefits.

* New Faster 2D Detailing Framework Avoids Confusing Toolbars & Dialogs - 2D detailing is now incredibly fast with the new in-place editing framework. This set of tools is hyper-context sensitive, allowing users to avoid toolbars and dialogs almost altogether. By clicking on items, available options are shown directly at the mouse, and users can make edits to almost anything in real-time, without cumbersome dialogs.

"We are tremendously excited to be able to provide our customers with this release. More so than in any previous version, Alibre Design 2011 brings a wonderful complement of stability, performance, and new features that will fundamentally enable new workflows and design practices," said J. Paul Grayson, Alibre Chairman and CEO. "As usual, almost all of the enhancements were directly driven by our customers. And the feedback we've gotten from the beta program, is that people are extremely excited."

Available at Alibre Store & 80 Resellers Worldwide

Alibre Design 2011 is available for download at the Alibre Store at: and worldwide through Alibre's network of nearly 80 resellers in 41 countries and 13 languages. Available immediately, Alibre Design 2011 is priced at $99 for Alibre Design 2011 Personal Edition (PE), $699 for Alibre Design 2011 Professional, and $1399 for Alibre Design 2011 Expert. For a list of new features and explanations, please download the Alibre Design 2011 feature brochure at For more information, see

About Alibre, Inc.
Alibre is the leading global provider of cost effective professional grade mechanical CAD, CAM, and PDM solutions. Founded in 1997, Richardson, Texas-based Alibre is led by Chairman and CEO J. Paul Grayson (previously CEO of Micrografx) and other graphics visionaries who are changing the landscape of 3D mechanical CAD/CAM software. Alibre develops Alibre Design™ and Alibre CAM™, the fastest growing parametric CAD/CAM solutions on the market. A small fraction of the cost of comparable software, Alibre Design offers the same core features as SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, and other mid-range solid modeling packages at a cost that is affordable to any business or individual. Alibre CAM extends Alibre Design to provide integrated 2 1/2 to 5 axis CNC machining. Used by an immensely diverse user base, Alibre Design and Alibre CAM provide design and manufacturing solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, consulting firms, machine shops, start-ups, hobbyists, inventors, teachers and students. Alibre products are distributed in 50 countries and in 15 languages. For more information on Alibre, or for a free trial of Alibre Design and Alibre CAM, please visit


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