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Alcumet Incorporated, a lost wax castings manufacturer in New Hampshire has helped to bring innovation to a manufacturing process thousands of years old. While the lost wax investment casting process has been in use for over 5,000 years, Russell Wilmarth, CEO of the casting foundry explains that “It’s innovations like the ones we bring to the industry that keep investment casting a viable, effective, and cost efficient technology.”

By combining the time honored manufacturing technique with state of the art CAD / CAM equipment and mold makers with over 20 years of experience Wilmarth says, “Alcumet Incorporated is capable of quickly manufacturing reliable lost wax castings for high precision industries, providing everything from aircraft components to munitions casings.”

As Wilmarth explains, in addition to advanced CAD / CAM and secondary machining equipment, Alcumet has “also acquired state of the art quality control equipment that the pioneers of lost wax casting would never have dreamed of 5,000 years ago.”

This quality control equipment has allowed Alcumet Incorporated to bring an unprecedented level of quality and innovation to the lost wax casting field by using technologies such as x-ray, fluorescent penetrate inspection, and spectroscopy.” According to Wilmarth, X-rays allow Alcumet to inspect investment castings for internal defects and fluorescent penetrate inspection reveals surface imperfections invisible to the naked eye, while spectrometers analyze the chemistry of investment castings.

Wilmarth firmly believes that the acquisition of this state of the art equipment will help Alcumet Incorporated continually improve the level of quality available to industries needing investment castings.

Alcumet Incorporated is a precision lost wax casting foundry located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. They provide investment casting in a number of copper and aluminum alloys for a variety of industries across the country. For more information about lost wax investment casting and other services at Alcumet Inc., call 800.221.0419, or visit

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